Most Annoying Types of People That Comment On YouTube Videos


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61 Minion Haters

They Tell People To Kill Themselves

"Cringe! Cancer! Autism! KYS ! Watch *insert cartoon with a cringey fandom full of fetish art* instead! "

I have liked Minions since the first movie. Heck, I even fell in love with them when they first debuted in one of the trailers.

Trust me, The Thundermans (and other G-rated sitcoms for kids and families) haters feel the same way as Minion haters. Death threats because I have a soft spot for a G-rated sitcom (and a funny movie that is/was better than Frozen and Zootopia). - PhoebeThunderman

62 Kids under 13
63 People who want you to spot a difference
64 Justin Bieber fangirls V 1 Comment
65 Bronies Bronies

I mostly just look at their avatars on non-MLP videos to tell if they're bronies or not though they usually stick on their own videos - Neonco31

Dear To Whoever Added This

66 People that don't know what a joke is

Me and some other people where joking about consoles Sonic Mania will be on and some idiot comes and says "SHUT UP IT'S NOT FOR PSP IT'S DEAD" etc - QuickMan

67 Those guys who watch a top 10 video and search up the music for the number transitions and say "This is from (YouTuber's) video!"
68 People who say, "I was born in the wrong generation".

When I listen to old music on YouTube and watch the video, I always scroll through the comment section. The majority of the time I scroll through I see a bunch of kids who comment their age(12-15) and comment that they were "born in the wrong generation" and wish they were born in the 90's, 80's, etc. - Febreze369

69 My Little Pony Haters

They're Especially Awful On YouTube - JPK

70 The Ones That Insult Fanbases
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1. Opinionated people
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3. People that argue over religion
1. People that send death threats
2. Bullies
3. Beliebers that can't take even one negative comment about their "idol"
1. The "First Comment!!!!!!!" ones
2. People who fight over religion.
3. People who say "kys" or any type of threat like that.

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