Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People On the Internet

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1 Fanboys and girls

Especially weebs and Zelda fanboys.

Especially the ones who disrespect opinions, or make poor arguments in defense like many rap fans and (I must admit) some other Halsey fans. - allamassal

True, Most of fanboys and fangirls can't be quiet - Delgia2k

I'm an anime fanboy, and I admit that I'm annoying in that respect. But that's what my job is as a fanboy (I can write a book on why anime is awesome! ) - Kiteretsunu

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2 Kids who hate their own generation

Most of these people just want to seem cool in front of nostalgic 90s kids who hate the current generation, there's no need to pretend to hate things just because you want to be approved by a guy who really just misses his childhood - Gamer4life

Our generation absolutely sucks though. There is no denying it. - TheHabsFan

All these "born in the wrong generation" kids only want to go the 60's or 70's because of music.60's music was so boring and there was also racism and segregation and 70's music is also boring for the most part.There was also no internet back then so life would suck.-LitSavage

Sometimes you'll come to think that every generation has its pros and cons.

I used to be like this, but now I'm very nostalgic about my younger days that I can't forget about it and move on with my life.

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3 90s kids

I hate that most of the nostalgia of the 90s is American stuff that I have never even heard of.
Listen I'm British now some examples
Nickelodeon never had game shows.
I don't remember the Disney Channel having a science programme.
Search for nostalgia on the group Steps on Tumblr and its feet, stairs. Anyway we have search engines.
All this crap on Thanksgiving parades that I don't care about.
I don't know PBS kids and I don't care and the channel ABC was around in Britain in the 1955-1968.

Most of these really nostalgic 90s kids just need to realise 2 things,1 channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel are for kids and also don't care what a nostalgic 20 year old thinks of shows for kids. As long as kids are watching and enjoy the shows that are on their channel they are not going to take a show that is popular with kids off the channel just because a random reviewer on YouTube says that it sucks, 2 they don't miss the 90s they miss their childhood if they grew up in the 80s they would say the 80s was the best decade ever and guess what in a few years I'm sure we will have a bunch of older teenagers and young adults from the early to mid 2000s saying that the shows they watched when they were younger were better than the shows that kids of the 2020s or 30s will end up watching - Gamer4life

1. 90s kid is not a "thing" its just a decade of a persons childhood and not everyone is obsessed with the decade.
2. Just because you was born in a certain year does not mean you was a 90s kid you need to have memories of the decade or I'm an 80s kid.
What do you remember?
3. You're defense the things from the 90s carried on to the 2000s? So what many things from the 80s carried onto the 90s. I had a tape walkman very 80ish, shell-suit, reruns of 80s cartoons. Computers without the internet.

Some kids who were born in 2000 to 2003 are calling themselves 90s kids just to get popular.

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4 Haters

The polar opposite of fanboys/fangirls. Rabid haters who treat someone or something like Hitler 2.0 are just as annoying. - allamassal

LOADS of people that comment on YouTube videos are haters which is really annoying they are mostly racist and Google really needs to filter swears for the comments. - Harri666

Youtube really needs to put filters for haters...

(One of pewdiepie's 8 year old fans comments on a Danisnotonfire video which he hasn't even watched.)

PewdiepieDabest says: DANISNOTONFIRE is SOOO bad. Pewdiepie's the best and can beat anyone! - FennikenFan9

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5 Trolls

There just as bad as haters.

These people are one of the main reasons why communicating on the internet is not innocent nor is it safe. These people cause mental illness (trolls are mentally ill themselves too so this is an example of mental illness spreading), illnesses like depression, paranoia, anxiety, and anger issues. These people will drain your energy if you allow those bastards to get power over you by giving them what they want - a negative reaction, such as screaming, crying, raging, and getting very upset.

Their sarcasm and fake ignorance is very disrespectful. Trolls are also manipulative, and show narcissistic traits. If someone is a troll, they are dangerous because they are abusing the internet and are taking advantage of talking crap to people online and getting away with it. Trolls should be killed because they abuse a system that most people use - which is the internet.

If you know it's a troll, you shouldn't get pissed off. It's your fault for raging at the troll. It just makes it funny to watch, so we are rewarded and keep on doing in. If we have harvested the reactions in one place, we move on to the next field and come back when the reactions are grown again. I'm surprised that people blame the trolls. It's like blaming the piranha when you just put meat in the water. They are quite easy to get rid of. And yes, I tend to run on tangents. -Me

6 Racists

These people are number one because their premise is pretty egotistical to begin with. To be racist, you have to assume that you are better than someone else. I am glad that in the United States we were able to elect an African-American president but there has so much racism directed at him it's hard to say if it hurt or helped. Still, I'm glad we did it and I hope we elect our first female president this time around.

One word to describe the democratic party!

7 Pedophiles

Weedletwineedle in a nutshell.

Deviantart=Weeaboophile fans from anime That makes 9 yr. Characters into fetishness also please don't get too obsessed from those gagged arts.

Deviantart=Weeaboophile fans from anime That makes 9 yr. Characters to fetishness also please don't get too obsessed from those gagged arts.

I don't even need to say this, just reading the item is enough

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8 Feminists

If you want gender equality why don't you stop trying to make women look better. We all know Being a man or women can suck ass sometimes. So lets not start a war on genders.

These women complain that they're mistreated and misinterpreted, however, it's completely false. They OPENLY misinterpret men and mistreat them, complain about aceeptance they already have, think everything should be for them, and are oblivious to the fact that people are trying to help them. Did I also mention that touching them is apparently assault?

Feminism didn't die after the 1800s. It means equality not men should die. How ignorant are people nowadays.

It depends what you mean by a feminist. Some people consider those who favor equal pay for women doing equal work to be feminists. I don't, to me it just makes sense.

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9 People who like Kidz Bop


Super minecraft kid? I didn't know you were here!

Its just children covering songs. Yeah I know about the lyric changes there is a top ten list, it came to the UK last year 2017 four cute kids Ashton, Lois, Max and Twinkle and they have five albums.

Who put this here?

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10 Little children

There are 7 year olds on Facebook and Youtube!

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11 Idiots who rant about modern society

Back in my day, we'd have this payload delivered already!

I don't think they inderstand that society means people, aka the people who are living and doing stuff. So basically they're kinda insulting themselves. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

So, I went on a leaked propaganda video from North Korea (translated into English). And I went down to the comments section, expecting sympathy for N. Korea's people and such. What I got? A bunch of people ranting on how this propaganda was exactly what was going on these days. Let that sink in. A NORTH KOREAN propaganda video. An accurate representation of Western society.


12 Atheists

Revenge on the atheists Catholics forever extremists

Some of these Atheists are seriously annoying about it. The ones that don't bring up religion much are fine, the others are the ones that say 'Well God isn't real and if you believe in God, rather then just accepting that you believe something I don't, I will make a 15 paragraph essay about why the Bible was written by Justin Beaver' or something stupid like that. Some are more annoying than others through *cough cough* certain anti-feminist YouTubers *Cough Cough*

Half of them I don't have a problem with, but half of them are seriously jerks who just bash on religion.

I don't mind them just as long as they don't rant about religion all the time.

13 People who abuse the word Cringe

I am cringing right now, people who cringely overuse the word cringe make me cringe so much, like stop making me cringe and make someone else cringe!

Don't forget, there is nothing cringier than a bunch of people deciding to gang up on one fanbase/a certain group of people simply because they like something that isn't hip and cool [tm]

14 People who use mental illnesses and deadly diseases as an insult

I often see people say stuff like "You're autistic if you like this" or "This is cancer". These people don't understand that some people are very sensitive to such jokes. - allamassal

Have you ever had relative or a friend that died to something like cancer or aids? Me neither, but I would rather shoot myself before using either illness as a why to insult someone! So here's my question, do you really think that you're cool or funny saying things like that? Or when you use the word autistic. With how often people use it it makes you think that they use what ever word a doctor claims bad is perfect for an insult. Seriously you're not making the internet any better so piss off!

I hate when people do that.

I mean, people like that must be retarded.

(It's a joke, don't get offended please) - MaxPap

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15 Ghetto people

I too hate black people

Yes! Especially kids these days. I see 9 year olds listening to inappropriate rap and cursing their parents out. Like, ok? You're like, 5, don't even?

16 People who use hashtags for no reason

I don't find hashtags annoying. They are very interesting to use.

The hashtags! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! - RiverClanRocks

#i #am #a #hashtag #fan.
(Not really) - Harri666


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17 Extreme anime shippers

"Wa! U no rike ma sausnaru ship!? I hope kami claims your soul ya baka" If I had a dollar for ever time a shipper like this something along the lines of this. I would be richer then Richie rich. They will snap
If you so as dare not agree to their pairing or if you ship two characters they don't want to be together.
Even thought I could care less about pairings I still find these types of people annoying.

Not just anime, include innocent, kid-friendly, videogames/shows (cough cough MLP cough cough)
shippings turns anything to a fable of gay marriage...simple.

I HATE THEM. They just tick me off so much, I'm starting to sketch out death fan-art in my head. ^_^ The YuGiOh! ships are the worst. #ihaveshipssomuch - Miauzer

18 Sonic Fans

Not All Of Them Are Bad Like Myself

But The Perverted Ones Piss Me Off

I don't mind people liking them, despite me hating Sonic. But perverted fans are awful.

19 Homophobes

The law against gay people should've died when witch trials died.

20 Ugly Fat Uncool Girly Girls

I don't know if these people are fat but...
In World Craft (a stupid game with a chat board), there are a whole bunch of girls in a bunch of different servers who say stuff like
"UwU thank chu for the cookiesh" or "ish chu my friend? " and a bunch of stuff like that. I always cringe so bad.

That's rude.

Yes! I know one girl online (and in real life), she's:
11 years old
Dumber than a duck
Always take photos with duck face
Blonde- brown haired
Brown eyes
Wear glasses, necklaces, rings and makeup
Has ugly name
Trying so hard to be cool
Has acne
Baby acting

Whoever put this here is an obvious bully. - MKBeast

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21 Doomsday Theorists

They make people commit suicide to escape armageddon. - Neonco31

Seriously this guys give me a lot of anxiety

They make my chronophobia worse

22 The Dora Fan Club

Some people in my class love Dora. I'm in 6th grade.

I think the fan club is on the Dora wiki

23 People who argue about religion
24 Religious extremists

Close Rapture Ready, Rapture Letters. (Extremists waiting for rapture, other website is for the left behinds)

These people NEED to GET OFF THE I-NET!

25 People who ship themselves with fictional characters

They need to go outside and date real people who actually love them. Fictional characters cannot love them.

That's just weird.

I don't know who ships themselves with fictional characters, but I really hope they're getting mental help

The girls that "marry" Bill Cipher are just trash. - Miauzer

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26 Cyberbullies

I hate bullies because they're mean.

One time on block city wars I had this person bully me a lot. She would say I was her boyfriend and that we had --- when none of that is true. On top of that she was super racist to blacks and called anyone who had a skin that was black or brown the n word. And she was a jerk to gays too. She said God hates blacks and God hates gays.

27 Herr Wozzeck
28 Conspiracy Theorists
29 People who say "sorry, but" or "sweetie"

How about people who say "Honey"

30 Black men who talk crap about black woman

No need to be racist!

They don't talk bad about them - ParkerFang

31 Stalkers
32 The KKK
33 Bronies Bronies

Bronies aren't that bad. They're cringey and weird, but not really annoying.

Please. STOP.

hearing this word reminds me of suicide.

They Are Meh

34 TheHyenasSBE

That's rude - Championsgamer1

Worst artist on DeviantArt, ever.

35 Self advertisers

Basically every Patreon user ever.


I find it so annoying

36 Goanimate users

"Grounded grounded grounded For 02472057304472048 years" comments.

Some Of Them Are Good People
Please Don't Kill Me For Saying That

37 Sexists
38 Hackers
39 SJWs
40 Beliebers

Bieber is trash

There was a user named ibeliebinmyworld who added a user to his Belieber society even though he refused to join and thinks everyone likes Justin Bieber.

41 Teenagers

Not all teens. - LordDovahkiin

42 Fat acceptance spouters
43 People who complain

Everyone feels the need to complain, some even cannot control themselves from complaining aloud. Taking the time to complain about annoying people on the internet, amongst other things, takes time to do, during which most people’s filters for disrespect and bias kick in. But it seems a lot of people on the internet don’t really care about people who disagree with them.

44 People who click on things they hate

These guys make you wanna slap the dumbass out of them, they click on a video they know they're gonna hate and then comment on how much they hate it and the video obviously shows what they hate. Guess what no one is making you watch it so knock it off, it won't make you cool.

The Minion Haters Are The Biggest Culprits

45 Troll Hards

Where do I even began? Well for starters these people try to be trolls but end up trying too hard to do so
And it leads to them acting in a way that makes them look more like a fool then a troll.
For example "Minecrack is for f****** and you should play Call of Duty" then some one tells them Call of Duty sucks and they say. "F*** U Call of Duty IS THE BEST GAME EVER YOU LOSER I HOPE YOU GET RAPED! " And if you think they were still well they're not. Pretty much what I'm saying is that
If you're going to troll try not to get butt hurt yourself. You are only embarrassing yourself.

46 Call of Duty Extremists

Imagine what if there was no such thing as video games, what if there was just board games. Ok we still had computers but no such thing as video games.

I'm not a big fan of Call of Duty. But I still have fun playing it. Especially whit the people who are cool and level headed. But as in all fanbases there are the extremest. And Call of Duty has it the worst. These players are the types that make a match turn from a win to a trip to a psychiatrist. And most of the time you're gonna end up with a headache thanks to them screaming their lungs out. Jest know that playing with them mean a win isn't a win.

47 YouTuber kid fans
48 Fake fans

It's annoying when people pretend they are a bigger fan of a music artist than you when they can't even name 3 songs that aren't hit singles.

49 Minion haters

Where The Hell Do I Even Start!
It's To Painful To Explain But Don't Hate Me But You Probably Will

50 People who hate Justin Bieber usually hate him for his personality, not his music
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