Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People On the Internet

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1 Fanboys and girls

I'm an anime fanboy, and I admit that I'm annoying in that respect. But that's what my job is as a fanboy (I can write a book on why anime is awesome! ) - Kiteretsunu

True, Most of fanboys and fangirls can't be quiet - Delgia2k

Some adventure time fanboys and fangirls are wonderful, but some other fans make you lose all courage!

In the SML channel, there are literally underage kids who automatically hate a video if Logan doesn't upload a Jeffy video - Tyler730

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2 Kids who hate their own generation

Most of these people just want to seem cool in front of nostalgic 90s kids who hate the current generation, there's no need to pretend to hate things just because you want to be approved by a guy who really just misses his childhood - Gamer4life

Sometimes you'll come to think that every generation has its pros and cons.

I used to be like this, but now I'm very nostalgic about my younger days that I can't forget about it and move on with my life.

I hate humanity in general. - LordDovahkiin

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3 Trolls

There just as bad as haters.

These people are one of the main reasons why communicating on the internet is not innocent nor is it safe. These people cause mental illness (trolls are mentally ill themselves too so this is an example of mental illness spreading), illnesses like depression, paranoia, anxiety, and anger issues. These people will drain your energy if you allow those bastards to get power over you by giving them what they want - a negative reaction, such as screaming, crying, raging, and getting very upset.

Their sarcasm and fake ignorance is very disrespectful. Trolls are also manipulative, and show narcissistic traits. If someone is a troll, they are dangerous because they are abusing the internet and are taking advantage of talking crap to people online and getting away with it. Trolls should be killed because they abuse a system that most people use - which is the internet.

If you know it's a troll, you shouldn't get pissed off. It's your fault for raging at the troll. It just makes it funny to watch, so we are rewarded and keep on doing in. If we have harvested the reactions in one place, we move on to the next field and come back when the reactions are grown again. I'm surprised that people blame the trolls. It's like blaming the piranha when you just put meat in the water. They are quite easy to get rid of. And yes, I tend to run on tangents. -Me

4 Haters

LOADS of people that comment on YouTube videos are haters which is really annoying they are mostly racist and Google really needs to filter swears for the comments. - Harri666

Youtube really needs to put filters for haters...

(One of pewdiepie's 8 year old fans comments on a Danisnotonfire video which he hasn't even watched.)

PewdiepieDabest says: DANISNOTONFIRE is SOOO bad. Pewdiepie's the best and can beat anyone! - FennikenFan9

They're far more annoying than #1 fanboys, why this is #6?

5 90s kids

Most of these really nostalgic 90s kids just need to realise 2 things,1 channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel are for kids and also don't care what a nostalgic 20 year old thinks of shows for kids. As long as kids are watching and enjoy the shows that are on their channel they are not going to take a show that is popular with kids off the channel just because a random reviewer on YouTube says that it sucks, 2 they don't miss the 90s they miss their childhood if they grew up in the 80s they would say the 80s was the best decade ever and guess what in a few years I'm sure we will have a bunch of older teenagers and young adults from the early to mid 2000s saying that the shows they watched when they were younger were better than the shows that kids of the 2020s or 30s will end up watching - Gamer4life

My older sister thought she was a 90s kid because she was born in 1994. I was born in 2000, so that basically makes me a late 2000s kid, right when everything got pretty bad.

'90s kids are people born from 1980 - 1989 which means they were kids/teenagers during the '90s. Lately a lot of people BORN in the '90s claim to be "'90s kids" which is stupid because they were babies during the time of the '90s or very young kids, not old enough to actually remember what was going on in that time. These people are the most annoying in my opinion, the "fake" '90s kids.
As for the "real" '90s kids, yes, I agree sometimes it's annoying how they always praise the '90s movies/trends/music and this wasn't even the best decade.

90s kids could be awesome without this 1 word...

pokemon go will never be the same as blue/red. please stick to your daily Undertale and FNAF news...

6 Racists

These people are number one because their premise is pretty egotistical to begin with. To be racist, you have to assume that you are better than someone else. I am glad that in the United States we were able to elect an African-American president but there has so much racism directed at him it's hard to say if it hurt or helped. Still, I'm glad we did it and I hope we elect our first female president this time around.

7 Little children

There are 7 year olds on Facebook and Youtube!

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9 People who like Kidz Bop

How is that a bad thing people have different opinions


10 People who abuse the word Cringe

I am cringing right now, people who cringely overuse the word cringe make me cringe so much, like stop making me cringe and make someone else cringe!

Don't forget, there is nothing cringier than a bunch of people deciding to gang up on one fanbase/a certain group of people simply because they like something that isn't hip and cool [tm]

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11 Idiots who rant about modern society

I don't think they inderstand that society means people, aka the people who are living and doing stuff. So basically they're kinda insulting themselves. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

12 Atheists

Some of these Atheists are seriously annoying about it. The ones that don't bring up religion much are fine, the others are the ones that say 'Well God isn't real and if you believe in God, rather then just accepting that you believe something I don't, I will make a 15 paragraph essay about why the Bible was written by Justin Beaver' or something stupid like that. Some are more annoying than others through *cough cough* certain anti-feminist YouTubers *Cough Cough*

Half of them I don't have a problem with, but half of them are seriously jerks who just bash on religion.

I don't mind them just as long as they don't rant about religion all the time.

13 People who use mental illnesses and deadly diseases as an insult

Have you ever had relative or a friend that died to something like cancer or aids? Me neither, but I would rather shoot myself before using either illness as a why to insult someone! So here's my question, do you really think that you're cool or funny saying things like that? Or when you use the word autistic. With how often people use it it makes you think that they use what ever word a doctor claims bad is perfect for an insult. Seriously you're not making the internet any better so piss off!

People who use these jokes cannot come up with any actual clever and funny jokes. Cancer/Autism jokes are NOT funny. - Lunala

These people go beyond annoying, they are heartless and this should be much higher.

This is cancer! Her voice is giving me AIDS! I'm gonna watch something else before I get ebola from this video! - Popsicles

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14 Ghetto people

Yes! Especially kids these days. I see 9 year olds listening to inappropriate rap and cursing their parents out. Like, ok? You're like, 5, don't even?

15 People who argue about religion
16 Sonic Fans

Not All Of Them Are Bad Like Myself

But The Perverted Ones Piss Me Off

I don't mind people liking them, despite me hating Sonic. But perverted fans are awful. - naFrovivuS

17 Doomsday Theorists

They make people commit suicide to escape armageddon. - Neonco31

Seriously this guys give me a lot of anxiety

They make my chronophobia worse

18 Black men who talk crap about black woman

No need to be racist!

They don't talk bad about them - ParkerFang

19 People who use hashtags for no reason

The hashtags! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! - RiverClanRocks

#i #am #a #hashtag #fan.
(Not really) - Harri666



I hate the geek girl chic one the most. I'm a geek myself, and "chic" isn't a word in the geek dictionary. And #GEEKGIRLCHIC is out of the question. - FennikenFan9

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