Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People On the Internet

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21 Black men who talk crap about black woman

No need to be racist!

They don't talk bad about them - ParkerFang

22 Stalkers
23 Religious extremists

These people NEED to GET OFF THE I-NET!

24 The KKK
25 Cyberbullies

One time on block city wars I had this person bully me a lot. She would say I was her boyfriend and that we had --- when none of that is true. On top of that she was super racist to blacks and called anyone who had a skin that was black or brown the n word. And she was a jerk to gays too. She said God hates blacks and God hates gays.

26 Homophobes
27 Ugly Fat Uncool Girly Girls

Yes! I know one girl online (and in real life), she's:
11 years old
Dumber than a duck
Always take photos with duck face
Blonde- brown haired
Brown eyes
Wear glasses, necklaces, rings and makeup
Has ugly name
Trying so hard to be cool
Has acne
Baby acting

Whoever put this here is an obvious bully. - MKBeast

There's a girl in my dchool who looks like a duck her face mold is a duck face - Ihateschool

Whoever put this/comments here going "ik on she so stoopid n dum", you're evil and heartless bullies. If I knew you, I would vote for you and hope to get it to #1... - mattstat716

28 Goanimate users

"Grounded grounded grounded For 02472057304472048 years" comments.

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29 Hackers
30 Teenagers

Not all teens. - LordDovahkiin

31 Bronies

Bronies aren't that bad. They're cringey and weird, but not really annoying.

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32 People who click on things they hate

These guys make you wanna slap the dumbass out of them, they click on a video they know they're gonna hate and then comment on how much they hate it and the video obviously shows what they hate. Guess what no one is making you watch it so knock it off, it won't make you cool.

The Minion Haters Are The Biggest Culprits

33 Troll Hards
34 Call of Duty Extremists

I'm not a big fan of Call of Duty. But I still have fun playing it. Especially whit the people who are cool and level headed. But as in all fanbases there are the extremest. And Call of Duty has it the worst. These players are the types that make a match turn from a win to a trip to a psychiatrist. And most of the time you're gonna end up with a headache thanks to them screaming their lungs out. Jest know that playing with them mean a win isn't a win.

35 YouTuber kid fans
36 Extreme anime shippers

"Wa! U no rike ma sausnaru ship!? I hope kami claims your soul ya baka" If I had a dollar for ever time a shipper like this something along the lines of this. I would be richer then Richie rich. They will snap
If you so as dare not agree to their pairing or if you ship two characters they don't want to be together.
Even thought I could care less about pairings I still find these types of people annoying.

Not just anime, include innocent, kid-friendly, videogames/shows (cough cough MLP cough cough)
shippings turns anything to a fable of gay marriage...simple.

I HATE THEM. They just tick me off so much, I'm starting to sketch out death fan-art in my head. ^_^ The YuGiOh! ships are the worst. #ihaveshipssomuch - Miauzer

37 People who ship themselves with fictional characters

I don't know who ships themselves with fictional characters, but I really hope they're getting mental help

Um if you do this you need some friends

The girls that "marry" Bill Cipher are just trash. - Miauzer

Sonic Pervbase(AKA-Fanbase) In A Nutshell

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38 Herr Wozzeck
39 TheHyenasSBE

Worst artist on DeviantArt, ever.

40 Self advertisers

I find it so annoying

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