Top 10 Most Annoying Types of People On the Internet

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21 Cyberbullies

One time on block city wars I had this person bully me a lot. She would say I was her boyfriend and that we had --- when none of that is true. On top of that she was super racist to blacks and called anyone who had a skin that was black or brown the n word. And she was a jerk to gays too. She said God hates blacks and God hates gays.

22 Ugly Fat Uncool Girly Girls

Yes! I know one girl online (and in real life), she's:
11 years old
Dumber than a duck
Always take photos with duck face
Blonde- brown haired
Brown eyes
Wear glasses, necklaces, rings and makeup
Has ugly name
Trying so hard to be cool
Has acne
Baby acting

Whoever put this here is an obvious bully. - MKBeast

There's a girl in my dchool who looks like a duck her face mold is a duck face - Ihateschool

Whoever put this/comments here going "ik on she so stoopid n dum", you're evil and heartless bullies. If I knew you, I would vote for you and hope to get it to #1... - mattstat716

23 Teenagers
24 Religious extremists
25 Bronies

Bronies aren't that bad. They're cringey and weird, but not really annoying.

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26 People who use mental illnesses and deadly diseases as an insult

Have you ever had relative or a friend that died to something like cancer or aids? Me neither, but I would rather shoot myself before using either illness as a why to insult someone! So here's my question, do you really think that you're cool or funny saying things like that? Or when you use the word autistic. With how often people use it it makes you think that they use what ever word a doctor claims bad is perfect for an insult. Seriously you're not making the internet any better so piss off!

These people go beyond annoying, they are heartless and this should be much higher.

Minion Haters And Sonic Haters In A Nutshell

Stop with the cancer/autism jokes -_-

27 Homophobes
28 Herr Wozzeck
29 TheHyenasSBE

Worst artist on DeviantArt, ever.

30 Self advertisers V 1 Comment
31 Conspiracy Theorists
32 Goanimate users

"Grounded grounded grounded For 02472057304472048 years" comments.

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33 Sexists
34 Hackers
35 SJWs
36 Fake fans
37 Minion haters

Where The Hell Do I Even Start!
It's To Painful To Explain But Don't Hate Me But You Probably Will

38 The Dora Fan Club
39 Beliebers

There was a user named ibeliebinmyworld who added a user to his Belieber society even though he refused to join and thinks everyone likes Justin Bieber.

40 People who click on things they hate

These guys make you wanna slap the dumbass out of them, they click on a video they know they're gonna hate and then comment on how much they hate it and the video obviously shows what they hate. Guess what no one is making you watch it so knock it off, it won't make you cool.

The Minion Haters Are The Biggest Culprits

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