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1 Social Justice Warriors Social Justice Warriors

I might go as one for Halloween this year

Honestly, I hate the far left (SJW's) and the far right (anti-SJW's) equally. They both have ideas that are:

WAAAY too radical (EXAMPLES: "No guns allowed, increase government involvement w/ the public at the cost of the economy, fat people shouldn't try to loose weight, a feminist movement is still highly needed, give trigger warnings before saying anything, get offended by everything, all men should die, and every republican should die! ")

or WAAAY too conservative. (EXAMPLES: "Be a straight-up Nazi or white supremacist in some cases, the bible says homosexuality is a sin/being gay is not acceptable and children shouldn't see it ever, improve the economy at the cost of the general public, trans people are not human and should be treated as such, we need to build a wall, deport every single Latino, there's only 2 genders you have one of two things in your pants and the psychological concept of masculinity/femininity has nothing to do with your gender ...more - Atham

SJW- someone who has no life and thinks that everything is offensive and makes up BS things to protect about so they don't have to get a real job/life. - RustyNail

These people are insane, but left wing SJWs and right wing SJWs. - shiftaltkey

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2 Donald Trump Supporters Donald Trump Supporters

These people are sheep. Just pure sheep. They think he is god and can do no wrong. These people think all liberals are SJWs/Communists. - shiftaltkey

I'm not saying all of them are bad but many of them seem to think Trump is the second coming of Jesus Christ despite the fact that Trump exhibits 5 out of 7 of the deadly sins.Many Trump supporters think he can't do anything wrong and would probably even cheer and praise him if he butchered puppies or shot kittens.I mean just look at that picture.Not only that many trump supporters think anyone who's even slightly left leaning is automatically an sjw.I'm centre-left/left leaning because I'm a Social Democrat but I hate SJW's but because I'm left leaning many trump supporters would think I'm a sjw. - DarkBoi-X

His haters are way worse in my opinion. Most of them will bash on him nonstop. I’d bet if Trump found the cure to cancer his haters would still hate him - Randomator

3 Alt-Right Alt-Right

The Alt-Right movement was born from annoying ass internet trolls and got mixed up with far right movements and racist movements. - shiftaltkey

The neo nazi wing of the alt right are rather down right awful people but the rest of the people within the alt right(White Supremacists and MRA's(Mens Rights Activists) who are also known as meninists) are just annoying.They think they are superior because of race and gender. - DarkBoi-X

4 Tankies

Tankies are basically communists that either deny or defend communist dictators like Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot. It seriously annoys me when I hear these people claim "Stalin did nothing wrong" unironically. - DarkBoi-X

5 Tea Party Republicans

Ignorant masses. - shiftaltkey

They're the ones that claim "Obama's a Kenyan Muslim tyrant who wants to take our guns".Ok, Obama does have some Kenyan heratige.So what.And also Obama's a christian but so what if he's muslim.How does it make him worse? Also how many guns has he taken between 2009 and 2016? The answer is 0. - DarkBoi-X

6 People Who Claim Being LGBT is a Choice

It actually is a choice - Nonpointed

If you feel like you could be in the LGBT, you choose to join. It's like choosing candy, you pick what you want. - RandomThings

Also known as homophobes. - DarkBoi-X

Ugh these people. Such homophobes. Right Wing Religious nutjobs believe this. - shiftaltkey

7 People Who Say "that Wasn't Real Communism"

I'm left leaning but I can agree that Communism is not the way the go. - shiftaltkey

These people are just commie apologists. - DarkBoi-X

8 People Who Claim Trump is the Next Coming of Hitler

I don't see any good reason to accuse him of racism or sexism, I don't think he's as corrupt as most other politicians, and he's certainly on the smarter side. But other people don't like him and don't agree with me and that should be unsurprising in an increasingly vicious two-party system.

Yet he's compared to Hitler? Why? He didn't kill anyone. He didn't try to institute any policies discriminating by race. (and even if you count the temporary travel ban with multiple countries despite that not being racial in origin, it's still unfair to compare that to Hitler) Nor is he even a dictator of any sort. He's nowhere near the genocidal maniac that was Hitler.

If you want to compare him to Hitler, go ahead; I've done the same thing in the opposite direction in private. But let's be be realistic, no one in mainstream US politics is as bad as Hitler. - romanempire249

I don't like Trump but comparing him to a person who massacred six million people is very inaccurate. - shiftaltkey

These people are Proof that his haters are worse than his supporters. - Randomator

I hate Donald Trump, but at least he's not a genocide.

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9 Anarchists

Although I'm close to being one, anarchism doesn't work. There will always be someone out there that vies for power. Anarchism would only work in a utopia where nobody is violent, greedy, or power-hungry. - shiftaltkey

They think their system can last long even though it only worked for 3 years. - DarkBoi-X

10 People Who Try to Add Politics Into Non-Political Things

Absolutely true. - shiftaltkey

*COUGH* *COUGH* NFL Anthem Kneeling. - Randomator

People have been trying to politicize video games,memes,etc. - DarkBoi-X

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