Most Annoying Types of Players In Online Games

Every once and a while a player or group of players may annoy you for hours in online games. There are different types of players that do this and each of them are annoying in there own way, NOTE: Before you read you must be 15+ to view this. Also, cover up the screen with your hand and scroll to the bottom if you wish to see the list properly.
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1 Little Kids Playing M Rated Games

Okay, this is annoying. Some little kids whom use the microphone will often annoy other players, Which is really annoying. I think that games should not feature voice chat because of them using the microphone. My personal opinion about this is that they should not play M Rated games because their irresponsible parents will let them play Games that may have Blood + Gore, Violence, Sexual Themes, and Strong Language. Little kids who play M Rated games should get banned from playing them until they're old enough. It's the cause of their irresponsible parents which allow them to play games like that.

5-year-old" Look at ME! I'M playing Conker's Bad Fur Day and I'm only 5 years old! I'm a big shot and I'm cool!"

Adult CBFD fans*get angry and yell at 5-year-old for playing a gam for 21 year olds only*

10-year-old: "I'M playing Grand Theft Auto! I'm so cool and smart for playing that game!"

Adult GTA fans*get angry and block the brat*


Kids who play E-rated games*Um...maybe because you idiots should be playing E-rated games? No wonder nobody wants you around...

AHHH its annoying. This wanted to be my friend on Xbox live so I confirmed his friend request. While playing Call of Duty he wanted to play death match one on one so I played with. I was kill steaks like crazy and when I turn on the mic. all I started to hear was cries saying "MAN PLEASE STOP JUST STOP WAHH" Cause of this I just took him from my friend list.

I can understand how that would be annoying, I'm 12 and a girl and I play m games because most games out there are m rated, and yea I get upset if I die but I don't cry about it.

2 Griefers + Cyber Bullies

These people are abusive and are morally dangerous. They have morals of in which most animals have. They take advantage of the online gaming community by being disrespectful to innocent players. And they think that their reactions such as getting upset is funny - which is kind of mentally ill of cyber bullies to do.

Griefers and Bullies are the most annoying type of player in online games because they will prevent players from having fun, Reaching in-game goals or just annoy them. And in games like Minecraft some griefers will destroy your creations.

Bullies shouldn't even be playing games if they won't drop this bad behavior. I always avoid them.

If you are a bully. it makes you a bad person. what if someone bullies you. how would you feel

3 Spawn Campers

If you see someone spawn, whatever. Shoot them.
But camping the spawn so the other team can't even advance is just cheap.

Spawn campers take you by surprise when exiting spawn, They will kill you with other players.

The most annoying thing ever: Getting killed nonstop when somebody is camping at spawn

As it turns out, camping is not good for making friends

4 Cheaters + Hackers

The worst part about hacking is that most people can’t do it. There is likely only one hacker each server ( except moomooio) which means that unless the whole server teams on them they are probably going to win.

Some players may often use certain cheats or hacks to do things that other players cannot. For example some players will use a jump cheat which allows them to jump great distances or maybe hide behind walls where other players cannot go to.

Fun for personal use, extremely disturbing for online multiplayer use.

I am downright surprised to see that hackers are not No. 1

5 Administrator + Moderator Abusers

Some types of players which have powers like an admin or are an admin/moderator may often abuse their powers just to pick on other players for fun. Which may often result in a ban or de-op,

6 Trollers

Okay this one is annoying! Trolls are retarded players who will annoy another player just for fun. My opinion on trolls: They are immature people whom should die. I have to deal with them often. And since I'm an admin on some Minecraft servers, I just ban them. And sometimes older players claim that it's funny to troll little kids but actually it isn't!

Trolling is actually wondrous fun. It's so funny to see little kids raging at you because you set up a trap or you killed them unfairly or you just killed them. I do it all the time, and as long as you aren't bullying or really being mean, I say it's fine. I know you can get banned or whatnot, just do it on an alt.

It depends on the troll.
Bullying little kids and laughing when they get annoyed, that's not cool.
But, I'm all right with trolls like Zexyzek. (look him up on YouTube)

Thaaats mee!

Hopefully nobody saw this comment

7 Rage Kickers

People may often deal with an annoying player and will call a vote to kick them.

8 Aimbots

Players who hack there game in first person shooters may often cheat by using Aimbot. Aimbot Is a hack which allows the player to shoot at enemies and have no shots missed from the gun that they use which is changed to be automatic.

9 Campers

This is super annoying. I played duos with my friend in Fortnite and I was going to the vault in The Authority. And then this trash player camped in the space above the vault and just spammed his RPG on me and knocked me. Luckily, my friend finished him off.

I know what it’s like, my siblings camp when we play halo. that’s why I hate small, complex maps. (That and the fact that there are no banshees)

Campers are players who will stay inside the spawn point and not come out. This is very common in games like Team Fortress 2 or Minecraft,

10 Microphone Spammers
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11 Female Gamers

Ok I'm a boy here and abusing a girl is just wrong

This is sexist.

I'm a boy and people on video games like picking on girls cause they think they suck,that's not true, let's just say everyone is good and bad at something so don't be sexist or racist

I love being a girl and wrecking. It pisses off all the right bitches.

12 Online Daters

You go into a game and there are 'couples' standing around doing nothing or 'hooking up'. Ugh! And the worst is when they double team you just because you beat one or the other. So annoying.

I once found online daters, and I got the whole server laughing at them LOL!

I hate them. Back off, I will never get into any relationships.

Htf is this not #1

13 Spammers

Once my brother and I played Zone Wars in Fortnite with our friends. But then our neighbor joined us and just kept spamming his AR and SMG in close range fights. We were all raging at him and he was like "That is the way to win! Unlike YOU guys who just spam your shotguns!"

Wait until you see them in Super Smash Bros online play and you'll see what I mean.

14 Noobs

My annoying neighbor, B (I don't want to say his name) is SO trash at Fortnite. He thinks he is so good, but is garbage. B just camps and spams his AR and SMGs. When he plays with my brother, H (also not telling name) and my brother's friend A (also not telling his name), he annoys them a lot. He always steals their kills and loot. Like once, H and A were playing squads with B and had to face a squad with Meowscles Peow Peow Rifle, Brutus Minigun, Midas Drum Gun, a gold pump, and a purple heavy sniper. B was just camping away from the situation while H and A had to finish off the squad while being so low and getting sprayed. When H and A killed the squad, B just swooped in and took everything except the Peow Peow. H and A had to kick him out of their party to get their loot back and they won the game.

Everyone was a noob once, so everyone who votes this is a hypocrite.

Okay noobs are annoying when I am playing MC we were playing paintball and this noob didn't know what to do he MADE US LOSE stupid noobs

15 The High-Level Douchebag

This is the player who gets online and is full of critiques on other players' performance. They will wait for someone to make a mistake, then make snide remarks about what should have been done and how you can't tell them anything because they're pro level 85. Common in Call of Duty and Halo online.

Oh my gosh, they're so annoying. It's just a rfickin game! I had some loser who boasted he was an 'ex-MLG player' (yeah, sure) tell me I sucked and to go kill myself.

16 PvP Loggers
17 People Who Spam Emoticons

This is annoying in the roblox game, flicker. I have to be able to rear what others on my team are saying, but their are people who say stupid stuff (nothing to do with the game) and pass notes with emoticons, death threats and mild curse words

If you do this, you are the most annoying troll on earth. My chat gets filled with emoticons and I can no longer transmit important messages to my team. This is particularly annoying in town of Salem where it is vital to chat and you have people, particularly one player named Gucci, filling the chat with laddies and emoticons. Aghh.

18 Meme Lords

The rage meter says your saltiness is over 9000.

19 Gankers
20 AFK'ers
21 People Who Team in Games Meant for 1v1 Combating.

All over Roblox. I cri.

22 Hypocrites

I mostly see this in Minecraft: People who attack others fo wanting one kind of licensed content,then turn around and beg Mojang to make THEIR favorite kinds of licensed content. It's like this:

"Mojang-you cannot make a Looney Toons skin pack because of copyright issues,but make you make A Grand Theft Auto mash up pack because I REALLY want a GTA mash up pack."

Mojang-you cannot make a FNAF Universe mash up pack because of copyright issues,but make sure you make a Silent Hill mash up pack because I'm a Huge Silent Hill fan!"

Mojang-you cannot make a Team Fortress skin pack because of copyright issues,but make you make a creepypasta mash up pack because I'm a huge fan of creepypastas. Jeff the Killer and Slenderman 4 life!"

"Mojang-you cannot make a Sly Cooper mash up pack because of copyright issues,but make sure you make a Simpsons meet Family Guy mash up pack because I'm a huge fan of both shows!"

"Mojang-you cannot make a Hanna-Barbera World mash ...more

23 Experience Farmers

They enjoy boasting about how they apparently have so much skill but they only play against noobs.

What exactly is wrong with this?

24 FFA Teamers

I hate these players...they can't win by themselves, so they team in a minigame meant for FFA. If you want to eam, then go play a minigame meant for 2v2 or something! Some of these are donors who are scared of other donors with the same perks, some of these are noobs who need to team to win, and some of these are ugly people who use online games for dating because they can't get laid in real life.

25 Scammers
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