Most Annoying Types of Players In Online Games


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21 Scammers
22 Hackers
23 Laggers

They're so hard to hit because they teleport everywhere, and they make a lot of excuses not to fix it e.g. "I can't afford broadband! " If you can afford to build a gaming rig, you can afford broadband internet service. - UserWhom

24 People Who Type in All Caps V 1 Comment
25 AFK'ers

They won't let other players join, when server is full. - UserWhom

26 Wannawinners V 1 Comment
27 Stackers

They unbalance teams so one has the advantage towards the others, even if it was a fair game in the 1st place. - UserWhom

28 People Who Type Everything in Lingo

They type literally everything in lingo e.g. ttletil (They type literally everything in lingo) Like that makes any sense? - UserWhom

29 Triggerbots

Not to be confused with aimbots. This hack makes the trigger automatically shoot every enemy that get's in the crosshair, and is often used in combination with an aimbot. - UserWhom

30 Little Kid "Roasters"

These are your little kids who, when you kill them or troll them or respond to them in a manner that is meant to annoy them, they don't catch that you set it up and then proceed to say something stupid like 'Well you face is ugly LOLOLOL'. That is not even remotely funny and you just look butt-hurt. -Me

31 People Who Kick Good Players Off Their Servers on Ps3 Minecraft Combat Minigame.

I used to be (don't play Minecraft that much anymore) good at the Minecraft combating minigames on the PS3 and the owners of the servers used to keep kicking me off their servers because of it so I have to make my own server every time I wanted to play. >:( - LemonComputer

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