Most Annoying Types of Siblings

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1 Younger Sisters

My younger sister is 19 and she not only acts like a typical teenager, she also acts like she's the boss of me.

2 Younger Brothers

Wow I'm so lucky I don't have any brothers. *smirks evilly. - Anonymousxcxc

Definitely. Mine still shouts "Bazinga! " in my ear when I'm least expecting it. Tsk! - Britgirl

Yes my younger brother is ANNOYING and TELLS LIES. Once I was using my mothers laptop just after my little brother and I went I history tab because I was curious. I found a bunch of overwatch fanfictions on wattpad. I am not joking. And apparently he doesn't know ANYTHING about overwatch so he is lying.

He is also generally annoying.

3 Newborn Siblings
4 Older Sisters

My older sister is always making unnecessary comments

5 Older Brothers
6 Step-Sisters
7 Twin Siblings
8 Half-Brothers
9 Half-Sisters
10 Step-Brothers

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11 The Favorite

"Usually younger"? It's ALWAYS younger.

This can be any sibling, usually younger, who never gets in trouble and can get whatever they want.

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