Most Annoying Types of Sonic Fans


The Top Ten

1 OC Makers

Man, I hate these guys. They've infested DeviantArt. - TwilightKitsune

I have 6 OC's and they're not bad. - PhoenixAura81

Every Type of Sonic Fans Suck

2 Shippers

Especially crossover shippers.

Oh god, PLEASE get this to Number 1! While a lot of Sonic OCs are bad, some are decent. SHIPPING on the other hand...WHY!

TailsxCream shippers are the worst. I hate that ship so much. I much rather see Tails with Cosmo, Zooey or Marine instead, mind you. Cream should never be in a relationship.

3 Fanfiction Writers

I read a sonic fanfiction on Wattpad called Nimbus Destined and that was really good. - PhoenixAura81

4 Fans Who Can't Accept Opposing Opinions

Vs Battles in a nutshell.

That should be number one. Not all OCs are bad (I have 6 and they're not bad), some ships are plausible, and some fanfictions are good (like Nimbus Destined on Wattpad). - PhoenixAura81

5 Blind Fanboys
6 Furries

I have no tolerance for furries - TwilightKitsune

Oh COME ON! Most furries aren’t bad people. - PhoenixAura81

7 Classic Fanboys
8 Character Haters
9 Ian Flynn fans

If you don't like Ian Flynn your considered a Nazi to these clowns. They'll spend all day on their computers typing away angry comments at you defending a guy that's one of them. Flynn isn't even that good of a writer to be honest...

These guys can't stand flynn being criticized half the time

Ian Flynn could torture a kitten, and these people will still say something like "he had a good reason to do it" or "why not do it? makes sense to me." or "still better then what Ken Penders would have done."

10 Complainers

They are acting so doggone immature...

True, they're never satisfied. Ever. - Duckie6


The Contenders

11 Character Lovers
12 Tails Haters
13 Disney Crossover Fans
14 Crossover Shippers

Sonuli (Sonic x Fuli from The Lion Guard) is the worst crossover ship involving a Sonic character. 'enough said.

15 Rabid Shadow the Hedgehog Fans
16 Nostalgia Hogs
17 People Who Make Ripoffs

Especially Chris-Chan. I hate that sucker.

18 People Who Say Rise of Lyric is Better Than '06
19 Rule 34 Artists


20 Sonic Boom Lovers
21 Fans Who Complain About Sonic in Sonic Boom's Blue Arms
22 Archie Sonic Fans

The only good thing that's happened to sonic and they want it to be more like the games. They threw an end of the world fit over the comic ending, and gave death threats to a former writer. They need to be institutionalize quickly.

I really want to read the comics. - PhoenixAura81

23 The Ones that Make Bad Fan Art
24 The Ungrateful Ones
25 The Ones that Hate Nintendo
26 The Hypocritical Ones
27 The Ones that Attack Mario Fans

All Type of Sonic Fans Sucks

28 The Ones that Make Oc's that are Actually Recolors
29 The Ones that Make Fetish Art
30 The Ones that Make Disgusting Fanfictions
31 Feminazis
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