Most Annoying Types of Sonic Fans


The Top Ten

1 OC Makers

Man, I hate these guys. They've infested DeviantArt. - TwilightKitsune

2 Shippers

Especially crossover shippers.

TailsxCream shippers are the worst. I hate that ship so much. I much rather see Tails with Cosmo, Zooey or Marine instead, mind you. Cream should never be in a relationship.

3 Fanfiction Writers
4 Fans Who Can't Accept Opposing Opinions
5 Blind Fanboys
6 Furries

I have no tolerance for furries - TwilightKitsune

7 Classic Fanboys
8 Character Haters
9 Character Lovers
10 Complainers

They are acting so doggone immature...

True, they're never satisfied. Ever. - Duckie6

The Contenders

11 Ian Flynn fans

If you don't like Ian Flynn your considered a Nazi to these clowns. They'll spend all day on their computers typing away angry comments at you defending a guy that's one of them. Flynn isn't even that good of a writer to be honest...

12 Tails Haters
13 Crossover Shippers

Sonuli (Sonic x Fuli from The Lion Guard) is the worst crossover ship involving a Sonic character. 'enough said.

14 Rabid Shadow the Hedgehog Fans
15 Disney Crossover Fans
16 Nostalgia Hogs
17 People Who Make Ripoffs

Especially Chris-Chan. I hate that sucker.

18 People who say Rise of Lyric is better than '06
19 Rule 34 artists


20 Sonic Boom Lovers
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