Most Annoying Types of Sports Fans You Always See at the Game

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In your way guy/gal

Signs,costume,dances you name it. The guy/gal right in front of you - Randomator


Let's be honest, they always want something,need to go to the bathroom,or don't want to be at the game. - Randomator

Cell phone guy/gal

You came to watch the game right? - Randomator

The cussing guy

Calm down dude. It's not the end of the world. And it's not the refs fault either. - Randomator

Planning guy/gal

Worry about tomorrow's tickets later watch the game happening now - Randomator

Drunk fans
No confidence fans
Overconfident fans
The socializer

It's fine if you want to talk but we want to watch the game - Randomator

Food overload guy/gal

Literally buys one of every kind of food in the stadium - Randomator

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Bandwagon Fans
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