Top 10 Most Annoying Types of Students

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1 Bitchy cool girls

They are never even cool! Just stupid bullies who deserve no attention at all.. "! Did you hrad that Lia has a disease? GET AWAY FROM HERE EVERYONE! " I actually heard someone say that to someone else. Poor girl..

They think they are perfect and that pisses me off. They are just a bunch of overconfident brats, most of them are really ugly,

Depending on who they are, they can also be bullies. And the are never actually 'cool', they just have a bigger group of friends.

Rude indeed. I know one even gossiped about another in my school. Never knew that would happen.

2 Bullies

"I'm popular, attractive, and I'm good at sports. YES. That's a fantastic excuse to make other people hate themselves! And I'll always get away with it because everyone at school wants to be my friend! " that is pretty much a bully's opinion.

Bullying should stop right this second! Instead kids and teens should be nice to each other.

Sometimes these bullies are cause for other students' depression

Look who's on the image lol

3 Backstabbers

This happened to me in 5th grade with a girl that I thought was my smart person in crime. We would always get every assignment in the high 90's and answered almost every discussion question together I come to find a year later, after she left the school, that she had been backstabbing me and talking crap behind my back. If I see her again, I will no even attempt to talk to her.

This needs to be number one. A girl used to be my best friend for 4 and a half years but she was faking half the time and she very nastily ditched me and now she is my worst enemy.

Obviously how tis this not number 1 they stab u in a back

Ow! My back hurts after so much backstabbing!

4 Jocks

They're so annoying they think that throwing a ball around and getting sweaty is more important than reading and studying to become smart, invent things and CHANGE THE WORLD!

Hey not all jocks are bad.85% of my friends are obsessed with sports and they are nice.I play basketball with them.-LitSavage

The Bane of every nerd ever.

In our school they're EVERYWHERE! THEY DRIVE ME CRAZY!

5 Gossipers
6 Know-it-alls

This annoying kid in my classes thinks she knows everything about nursing when in fact she doesn't have any experience in it. So when you disagree with her she simply replies with no

7 Frenemies

Wadafak is wrong with rivalries?

8 Boys that keep bothering girls
9 Competitive overachievers with no morals

What is the point my dudes?!?

10 Cruel kids

Again even mention those ugly red horned noobs who have footprints all over their selves.

They are maybe going to die because of this betrayal.

These guys are so annoying. Memes are cool, but theses kids just ruin it!

Everyone is cruel nowadays.

They always say bad words and always those bored ones who complain about life and I hate that they would act rudely towards other poeple, like one in school, her infected freinds yelled “this thing is empty, YEET! ” And threw on empty bottle at someone when they didn’t mean to, like ACT MATURE ALREADY!

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11 Drug-addicts

There bad breath is one of the things that pisses me off

12 Tattle tales
13 Loud kids

I am right here

14 Immature people
15 Perverts

Perverts are the worst scum of not only schools, but the whole planet. I hate them with passion.

16 Tomboys

I am tomboy and this comment made me sad not all girls are girly so respect tomboys!

Who put them here? Way better and respectful than girly girls!

Hey, That is annoying. Please take them off the list.

I am a tomboy that comment angered me!

17 Teacher's pets
18 Mean ones

Rude, and sometimes make joke about religion and those red dudes, super bad.

19 Jealous kids
20 Goths

This shouldn't be here

They freak me out SO much!

I agree with you

21 Trolls
22 Bitches
23 The autistic ones

this shouldn't be here, I'm autistic too, I'm always the odd one out, tbh, I think people with asd r very nice people, they sometimes struggle with schoolwork or daily activities, whoever put this is an idiot, but sometimes they make noises and I do too, just because autistics r annoying doesn't mean they r, they have a big heart from mild to severe autistics, I love autistics, whoever makes fun of autistics is a bitch

24 Nerds

Look at the computer or phone that you are typing on. Without nerds, that would not exist. Better than dumb sweaty jockstraps anyday.

Their behaviors is what should make them hated. Not their grades.

theres nuffin wrong with being smart and only going to the library. you might actually get somewhere in life

25 Those jerky two friends you have who say, “go away!” “Stop following us!”
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