Top Ten Most Annoying Types of TheTopTens Lists


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21 Overrated Lists
22 Best Songs On (Insert Singer's) (Insert Album)

I see loads of them, but it annoys me on how many there are. - Turkeyasylum

They're more popular than movie, book, or video game lists.

What's wrong with these lists?

I have no problem with them...heck I even made a list with this type of genre - CerealGuy

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23 Lists that contain fewer than 9 items

I only have one of these, and it's coolest fundamental interactions of physics. Why are there only four items? Because there are only four of those forces. The only other excuse for an incomplete list is lack of innovation. It henpecks me to see so many lists that could have been better made. - PositronWildhawk

When I make lists sometimes ITEMS ARE REMOVED, that's why there are lists I made with fewer than 10 items... - MusicalPony

My list of embarrassing typos in TheTopTens had most of the items removed.Now there's only four, and most of the removed ones WERE typos... - Turkeyasylum

24 Lists Talking About Users
25 Gravity Falls lists V 1 Comment
26 Lists That Praise The Lion King With No Hate
27 Reasons to hate _____

The blank can be a certain race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, medical condition, or even fans of a particular movie, show, game, character, or celebrity. Nobody should be hated on for any of those things.

28 A List that is the Opposite of Another List
29 Comparing Lists V 1 Comment
30 Reasons Why (Insert List) is Wrong
31 Characters or actual people that "hate", "can destroy", or "should kill" another character or person

What is even the point of those, other than the umpteenth rehash of a particular hate list?

32 Reasons Why (list) Is Inaccurate

Someone made a list you don't agree with. Doesn't make it "inaccurate".

33 Music Artists Whose Names Start with Letter [blank] Lists

Quantity abusing at its finest. - naFrovivuS

34 Nintendo Character Lists
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