Top 10 Most Annoying Types of TheTopTens Users

The Top Ten Most Annoying Types of TheTopTens Users

1 Users who add Justin Bieber to every list

Wow, yet somebody is complaining about it, while a Justin Bieber referenced item is on this list. How hypocritical. The more comments I see complaining about this, the more I get motivated to do it.

You should have realized that I defend my ways, and there is nothing bad with defending it.

@TheEvilNuggetCookie And of course it isn't stupid to promote thoughtful discussion on a certain topic because you disagree with something, is it? That's why you argue with the person's conflicting point of view. And I don't comment just to oppose a person. I just want to prove a certain point or formulate hypotheses. By the way, it's the opinion that I'm attacking, not you personally. And if you can't find other arguments to defend your point, then your claims have been debunked. If you think that me stating an opinion which disagrees with yours is such a pain, then you shouldn't have gone to the Internet in the first place.

Seriously this needs to stop. I'm tired of seeing this on a lists that is supposed to be serious - Jonerman

Most Romantic Things to Say to Her: I Hate Justin Bieber

It just doesn't make sense!

2 Users who personally attack people in the comments for their opinions

Actually more annoying than adding Justin Bieber to every list. - Userguy44

In some geography list I saw someone telling everyone that all cities run by democrats are corrupt cities and that democrats are stupid.. And I personally am a democrat...

Any proof? Because once you attack somebody, you'll most likely see evidence backing up claims.

I know someone who did that but they didn't have an account. They went on 5 lists getting really mad at me for liking Halsey.

3 Users who create creepy lists about other users

Yep, the female users (especially britgirl) are victim to this - ryanrimmel

Have to admit there are many pointless user lists, except a few - MatrixGuy

TOP 10 PEOPLE *insert user here* SHOULD DATE
Thankfully I have not fallen victim to this, but once I get more popular on the site, this may become a problem. Then again, dating someone's never been a problem in the past! (i'm SO LONELY) - Brobusky

This is definitely one thing I cannot say I've done. - RockFashionista

4 Users who act like hypocrites

Almost everyone... I started to act like one as well. Sad but true - MChkflaguard_Yt

"Stat padders that complain about bigger stat padders out of jealousy" - xandermartin98

5 Users who try to troll but fail

There is only a small percentage of succesful trolls on this site.

What is troll

Just look at my boring BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo account that I never use anymore.

Dorayeah and BOTDFYesLedZeppelinNo are two of those.

6 Users who join an existing site with many members and then complain that others don't conform to their personal preferences

Cancer. - SteelCity99

7 Users who can’t respect opinions

Oh wait! That’s 80% of this list. - 3DG20

8 Users who are hypersensitive
9 Users who go on lists about pop singers and rant about how much better metal is

If you want to convince people, I think it's better to show how much better alternative and indie music is, instead of telling them how much better metal is. Another point is talking about the most popular rock bands, too.

What about the users who rant about how much better pop is? - 906389

If it's a list of worst pop songs, its understandable to talk about how your music choice is superior - ryanrimmel

Pop is actually worse than metal. Metal is THE music genre.

10 User who seek for attention

These users are rare now, unless their are a troll that wants bait.

The Contenders

11 Users who create lists about hating a certain thing

Worst part about these list is that if someone says why they like the thing that the list is hating on, they use anything that they can find to make the thing sound like it is the worst thing to have ever been created, which makes the other person annoyed, and that makes the fans of that thing look bad. Then after making the fans look bad they might even make a list on why the fans are annoying when they where the one that was not respecting someone's opinion.

I think this should be done on blog posts. It's more advisable than making lists about hating things.

I don't think I've ever created a single hate list. - RockFashionista

Ironic Irony

12 Users who make useless lists for the sole purpose of getting votes

I agree, some lists are way too subjective. I also hate when people make lists like "best albums of 2016", because we are a month into 2016. - ryanrimmel

I only hate it if the lists are the timely ones like yearly lists done at the START of the year. There is no actual problem, anyways.

Talk about a waste of time and energy. - LunaFrost

Yep. I have met many a user like that. - MattAffterburner

13 Users who compare 2 completely different things for the sole purpose of shock value

Like "top 10 reasons why oranges are better than green day" or "top 10 reasons why Godfather is better than Iron Maiden" - zxm

Top Ten Reasons why Poop is better than Lil Wayne.

This is a real list.
Top 10 Reasons Why Sanjay and Craig is Better Than Survivor

14 Users who make lists on topics they know nothing about

There are too many low quality, useless lists that only pollute this site - Metal_Treasure

15 Users who add new items without photos

Just like the people who added items on this lists! Oh, how hypocritical!

Why doesn't this have pictures, if you hate items without pictures? - 906389

You could only add photos to new items if its your list. - zxm


16 Users who make duplicate lists, just with different wording

Tons of lists. I can say there are about 100 lists about a same topic, same contents but different items. I say remixing those lists are better than making duplicate lists. - zxm

Happened to me twice, though both attempts ended in the lists getting merged. - Skullkid755

I really hate duplicate lists and there are 2 users who are champions. Example:
Original list - "Top 10 Rock Bands That Have Improved Over Time", made 3 years ago
Duplicate list - "Top 10 Rock Bands That Have Improved a Lot", made in Jan 2016 - Metal_Treasure

17 Trolls
18 Users who leave a numeral ranking and long review on every song entry

Sometimes my comments are long. Very often it's just needed to put item descriptions on my own lists.

I have no problem with other people's long comments - if reviews are good, of course. I actually like reading meaningful comments. - Metal_Treasure

These are actually the best comments on music lists. Nothing bad with it.

I do this, I don't see how its annoying, you don't have to read them - ryanrimmel

I hate song lists. Just saying'

19 Users who advertise their rant series in the comment section

I don't want to be redundant on proving my point, so it's better to refer to certain blog posts of mine just to clarify stuff and show my complete opinion about a certain thing.

20 Users who think they're critics

What kind of critic? The definition is vague.

And since when was amatueur blogging deemed as "annoying"?

Their critiques of songs, albums, bands, T.V., whatever where they just do too many and take their opinion as important when it's not even educated

Apparently, TheTopTens is a site where anybody can voice out their personal views and opinions, even if they're amateurs. This site isn't only for professionals.

21 Mass Voters
22 Overly critical people
23 Users who make a similar list multiple times in the same day

Yes. Yes. It gets annoying. I work my butt off for making creative and original lists. Those kinds of lists are neither of those thing. - PianoQueen

I think I've never made such lists (... of 2011, 2012, 2013, and so on) but I find some of them useful and informative. I wouldn't mind seeing lists about best comedies of 2011, 2012, 2013,... I may learn something that I missed. - Metal_Treasure

Some people need to check their mirror a bit more often - Billyv

They only care about stats.

24 Users who capitalize every word

YOU MEAN THIS or You Mean This?
I hate people that do the You Mean This because it makes my nerves jump out of my head. The YOU MEAN THIS was better because it expresses that person’s anger or enthusiasm towards the topic

25 The ones who "remix" lists only to not actually make a remix list and leave a stupid comment

You know those remixes that when you see them on the sidebar the only list "1. none"? That's what I'm referring to. And if they're not just leaving a comment, they just pick three "dishonorable mentions". The remix function isn't about that.

26 Users who hate Teen Titans Go!


Eh, no. - Not_A_Weeaboo

27 User who create "Reasons Why (list they don't personally agree with) Is Inaccurate"

All lists on this site are based on opinion, there's no such thing as an "inaccurate" list here. Accept that someone who likes something you don't made a list about it and move on.

28 Users who add stuff to or vote on lists without paying attention to the title of the list

For example, adding "Frozen" to a "worst movies of (year other than 2013)" list or being determined to vote one's favorite character to the top of an "overrated" or "worst" list.

29 Users who talk garbage about your favorite person or movie
30 Users who leave a comment on every item on a list

Why is this bad? If I do this on somebody else's list, it means I am interested in the author's list and it's rather a compliment. If this is on my list, these are my item descriptions and lists with item descriptions are actually quality lists. - Metal_Treasure

What about question lists? Then you'll just need to answer questions. - MontyPython

This isn't a bad thing at all. We are allowed to share opinions. - 906389

Hmm, a troll item. - zxm

31 Users who add Undertale in every list

If you like Undertale, awesome. However, please stop shoving it in everyone's faces. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

32 Users who start fights for the sole purpose to get a rise from others

Also known as "jimmy rustlers", these users will basically say something controversial in an attempt to see how big of a reaction they'll get from people. For example, they'll say something like "people who wear purple t-shirts are idiots", "people with arachnophobia have issues", just anything they know will get a rise from someone. I know a lot of people on here who would count, but that's confidential. - Swellow

33 Vote spammers
34 Users who add fancy words to sound smarter

No, they're either done for entertainment and sarcasm of to be more articulate with their claims and counterarguments. Call me annoying but that's how I get my point across.

Because many users don't know what they are saying.

Example: "This is a preposterous, imbecile item on this atrocious list, and should be extirpated contiguously."

It should really be, "This is a ridiculous, stupid item on this terrible list, and should be removed immediately."

35 Nintendo Haters
36 Users who like Gamecubes

IT’S AN OPINION - thunderstar1124

37 Users who think they're funny
38 Users with horrible taste in video games
39 Jackie Evancho fans
40 Users who add Frozen to every list

Does this include those who don't keep adding Frozen itself but also whatever songs, characters, or other aspects of the movie? If so, yeah.

Notice I said "every list", not "every hate list". Not a mistake, I literally meant "every list" as in every type of list.

41 Users who make content without effort or accuracy just for the sake of stats
42 Users who hate Scarlett Johansson

Leave My Baby girl alone!

43 Users who hate the Lion King

Hey, everyone has their opinion. So people can hate LK if they want to as much as every fan of it has the right to like it.

44 Users who make alphabetical remixes

You're screwing up the lists, Morons!
We can just go to the remix tab and look to the side to see the alphabetical list - SpectralOwl

45 Brony Haters

Criticizing a T.V. show for girls will get a bit annoying afterwards

46 Indie Game Haters

You guys don’t know how much I HATE these kinds of people, especially the ones who continually bash on Bendy and Cuphead. - IceFoxPlayz

47 Users who hate Captain America: Civil War
48 Wendy O. Koopa Fans
49 Users who think it's cool to hate anything that's popular.
50 Users who bash on shows aimed for babies

Most of these people are teenagers/young adults and they’re bashing on shows aimed for babies/toddlers. I don’t know about anyone else, but I see a problem with this image... - 3DG20

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