Top Ten Most Annoying Typing Styles

Ways in which people type that are a problem sometimes on the internet.

The Top Ten

1 Title case (capitalizing the first letter of every word)

I have no idea why people do this. It looks terrible, it takes way more effort to type it, and it's overall just annoying. I know a few users who do this almost exclusively. - purpleyoshi98

I Used To Do This All The Time But Now I Don't - christangrant

This Style Really Annoys Me.

2 All caps

They'll think you're screaming - Neonco31

This is extremely annoying. For instance, how MANISHMAHAPATRA types his whole profile, messages, and everything in all caps. - Element119

This comes off as either jerkish or obnoxiously overexcited. - purpleyoshi98


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3 Too much unneeded punctuation

Pretty annoying - TheParable

This. really. bothers me, for, some. reason. - purpleyoshi98

4 No punctuation and no caps

My sister does this all the time. She even speaks like this. - Britgirl

It's totally fine in casual messages and jokes, but using it in serious situations kind of makes you look angsty. - purpleyoshi98

5 Unicode and emoji spam

I don't have too much of a problem with this for some bizarre reason. But it's still going on the list because lots of people hate it. - purpleyoshi98

6 Everything misspelled on purpose

Kind of funny when you're trying to make fun of something, but doing it otherwise is pretty terrible. - purpleyoshi98

Offended,I do this - LarrytheFairy

Wht aer u guys toking about? - BreakFastBeast2005

7 No consistency between typing style
8 Crazy capitalization

I don't know how to explain it, but I see it a lot on Tumblr and YouTube in particular. It's supposed to be a Homestuck reference or something but I've never read that comic so I don't know. It's just kind of weird and annoying. - purpleyoshi98

DO yOu mEAn THiS kInD oF tyPINg?

9 Leet speak

Kind of funny, but an eyesore if you use it too much. - purpleyoshi98

10 ASCII letters

This looks pretty darn cool...the first 50 times. After that it's repeated into oblivion. - purpleyoshi98

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