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What are you people talking about?! It is ALL Squirrelflight's fault. She was happily mates with Ashfur, and then one day she just goes to Branbleclaw. Ashfur thought she loved him. He was put under false unfair impressions. What was the point of that?! Squirrelflight was probably just trying to make Bramblestar, (gr to the star,) jealous of her. But Ashfur didn't know. How could she just use someone for something so stupid?! Squirrelflight is a self centered piece of fox dung. Ashfur was her toy, her robot, her puppet! And then she just let go of him for Brambleclaw. Ashfur WAS a good warrior until Squirrelflight messed with his life. Blame SQUIRRELFLIGHT!

He tried to murder Firestar, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, and Jayfeather just because Squirrelflight didn't love him back. I'm glad he died

Ashfur was probably a psychopath. In my mind, I read him like I would read someone like Eric Harris, manipulative and cold-blooded. And yes, he's very annoying. Why can't we stop telling each other to die and just agree to disagree?

Ashfur is Not a jerk OKAY! I WAS HAPPY WHEN HOLLYLEAF GOT MURDERED! They said that he was a loyal mentor to Lionblaze and I do not agree with this stupid person below me saying "OH It WAS A GOOD THING THAT He got killed by HOLLYLEAF! I hate this peson below me right now! AND I DO NOt Agree with you!

I feel bad for him I mean my bff left me for a red hed no offense red heads out there but we were friends since 2nd grade until sixth and we both were oppsesed with warriors we made our own that were sisters and then she threw me away like garbage after all we've been through so I feel like ashfur and I are connected in a way I understand why he did what he did the way I feel devastated about losing my bff

Squierrelflight was never mates with Ashfur. Is it okay to be just friends with someone? Honestly, even if your friend likes you, it really is hard to tell. Anyways, a friend wouldn't do that. I know. For that matter, neither would a spouse.

The fact people hate Squirrelflight more than him is disgusting.

Squirrelflight was never in a relationship with Ashfur.

He's nothing but a sour stupid piece of foxdung! He tried to kill Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather! Three cats at once! Sure you were hurt but get over it Ashfur! I'm happy you died!

That bad cat is is still in starclan because he didn't kill anyone

YOU don't LIKE LIONBLAZE?!?! And Ashfurs only fualt was loving too much

Thank you, comment below me. You summed it all up in words I couldn't find. Also, why the heck is Ashfur better than Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight in this list?!?! ~Smokestar