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Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet


I didn't hate him because he is the main character but he was very annoying in some occasions to me like, I would have acted WAY differently in the graystripe x silverstream poop (if graystripe were on here I'd have voted a billion times for him) he was great at most times while a mouse brain at others but I do respect him. Unfortunately he didn't always put the clan first, like bluestar (she was an idiot ever since 3rd book) but hey, again I don't hate him but he is a little stupid

Do you know what useless means? Firestar's not useless. He was in like a million prophecies, killed Tigerstar, and led Thunderclan. The first series wouldn't exist without him. - RisingMoon

He is the main reason along with tigerstar that the series is so great and all the other cats but still

Like Tigerstar, if there was no Firestar, there would be no series 1. - SpyroZap99

Oh my gosh! He should not be on here he was a very loyal cat

Fire is so swag... Wait why is he on the list?

I agree Firestar is annoying he is like a Gary Sue - Marshmellow

Fire star is up because when he a warrior he got in trouble all the time

Why is Firestar on this list? He shouldn't be. He was the greatest cat in Warrior Cats' history! I bet Tigerclaw made this list.

He is a gary-stu and lives forever and is part of nearly every prophecy and everything has to center around him I hate him so much

Actually, smart one, SPOILERS he dies in the last hope. And he makes lots of mistakes as a warrior/apprentice. Just saying. - SpyroZap99

He's is the most annoying leader ever.

He is so stupid I hate him so much

Moron moron moron! You complete idiot, kicking my best friend tigerclaws ass!

I hate Firestar he is so annoying Always poking his nose where it does not belong beside he is just a big Gary Stu. Firestar is like I love you so much Spottedleaf then he has kits with Sandstorm. Ugh he is in a whole 5 series, a super edition and a series based on him. And people say SkyClan gets to much attention. Is SkyClans hero hero of ThunderClan. What's even more annoying about him is when he dies every cat is like " oh I miss you so much Firestar" or " what would've Firestar done" or ( this is about Sparkpelt which I'm not against) I would've thought she be named Sparkfire. Sorry Firestar but you are a Gary Stu

Definintly NOT useless.
However he does show favoritism multiple times which annoys me.( I find it most with Dovewing, and Ivypool gets the worse end of it. )