Top Ten Annoying Video Games and Apps

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1 Flappy Bird

That is so annoying when you have like score 143 then suddenly this pipe comes from nowhere and BOOM! Flappy Bird falls from the sky and I lose.

I only pass like five pipes. Also, I pass a pipe and it looks like I pass it and it makes you lose. I agree, addictive. D:

Yes! I hate when I lose... -_- One time I threw the device..._. - mamaisawsome

I always wonder when will Mario pop out of a pipe and squash flappy bird.

2 Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D Product Image

"What could possibly go wrong? "
And thus, Bubsy explains his entire franchise.

Bubsy is like on every 'bad video game thing.'

There's a reason they didn't make a sequel.

3 Angry Birds Star Wars Free Angry Birds Star Wars Free Product Image

That is not dumb

That is not stupid dummy all of you are dummies 😅

4 Clumsy Bird Clumsy Bird Product Image

This is the same thing as number 1

5 Candy Crush Saga Candy Crush Saga Product Image

This is just an excuse to make money from the middle-aged woman demographic. This app is so bad I wish someone would shut down whatever company is making this disgusting pile of trash! Plus, you waste far too much money trying it get lives and power-ups!

Wow Only My Grandma And My Brother Play It - topbesttopworst

I hate this game it sucks one level you gotta get candy for the morbidely obese king or prince! Plus, its just a bland puzzle game! Play doctor who legacy instead! Good puzzle game!

This game is so annoying it sucked in my parents

6 Angry Birds: Star Wars II Angry Birds: Star Wars II Product Image
7 Break the Bricks
8 Crash Tag Team Racing Crash Tag Team Racing Product Image

How is this game, annoyying? - nintendofan126

9 Pet Rescue Saga

Sucks butt jusy saving useless aniamls

10 Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's Product Image

How is this scary. You are attacked by bunny rabbits and chickens.

My gosh could we move on from FNAF into the good old Nintendo era? It is much more comfortable

This is not annoying, just really frightening, besides, a game with awesome jumpscares is definitely not annoying, actually impossible to be, who ever made this one is stupid

Literally is overrated. Not even close to scary, has no plot, bad characters, bad fan base like Undertale, and generally just sucks

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11 Halo 4 Halo 4 Product Image

This and Call of Duty ghosts have too many fanboys - venomouskillingmachine

12 Banana Kong

It's a stupid, crappy clone of donkey kong. - Harri666

13 Rascal Rascal Product Image
14 Temple Run
15 Papa Pear Saga Papa Pear Saga Product Image
16 Angry Birds Angry Birds Product Image

I really think that it is annoying

17 Call of Duty: Ghosts Call of Duty: Ghosts Product Image
18 Geometry Dash

WHAT?! That is like the best game app ever! This should be number one!
Oh. And by the way, you can make free levels by yourself.

19 Undertale

Basically Homestuck: The Game. - PhoebeThunderman

20 Minecraft

This is probably not the worst game, but definitely the most annoying. Be happy it isn't super popular, it really isn't. You guys just watch YouTube. The five reasons why I think it is annoying is because:
5. Minecraft Education: It is such a joke, how can it be? It also ruined schools, and I had to do it in school, ugh... 4. Servers: Full of horrible people. 3. Hackers: They think they are good, but they aren't. They are stupid. 2. YouTube: Whenever I search something that isn't Minecraft stuff, I see Minecraft videos. It is out of control, and people take it too seriously. 1. Kids: They ruined 90% of Minecraft. It is okay to spend time on Miinecraft, but they spend it too much. And, they possibly miss their homework. OH, and Minecraft is only for people at age 10 and up! OH. It should go on number one for annoying video games, it is just old. I like the game and legos, but other stuff to it is cancer.

Overrated as heck. This game is so old. Minecraft needs to die. I seriously don't know why it's still popular.

I hate mine craft because I don't know what to do

21 Sonic Lost World (3ds) Sonic Lost World (3ds) Product Image
22 Just Dance Just Dance Product Image

A painful game on wii so stick to wii sports instead

23 Pac-Man Pac-Man Product Image

That game is insanely annoying.

It is a game that shows how artificial intelligence can work, each ghost in this game goes to a corner if you are unseen. When they see you, they start chasing you and one will follow you, one will go like 2 steps before you, one 4 steps.. And of course when you eat these power up, they begin to flee.

24 Clash of Clans

I use to play the game for a few months, but I stopped because I kept getting kicked out of clans and having my village place destroyed.
And I became bored of it. - Skullkid755

25 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Product Image

ALL YOU HAD TO DO IS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN CJ! And other quotes that get me mad. Oh and don't et me started in the flying missions. At least I completed it (no I didn't hack or cheat)

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