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21 Just Dance

A painful game on wii so stick to wii sports instead

22 Pac-Man

That game is insanely annoying.

It is a game that shows how artificial intelligence can work, each ghost in this game goes to a corner if you are unseen. When they see you, they start chasing you and one will follow you, one will go like 2 steps before you, one 4 steps.. And of course when you eat these power up, they begin to flee.

23 Clash of Clans

I use to play the game for a few months, but I stopped because I kept getting kicked out of clans and having my village place destroyed.
And I became bored of it. - Skullkid755

24 Geometry Dash
25 Sonic Jump Fever V 1 Comment
26 Pokemon Go! Pokemon Go!

Pokemon GO was so stupid. Go outside and find Pokemon. That's it,that's literally all there is to the game. I found it so pointless and annoying. I deleted the app after a month. What's funny is that everyone thought it would be so awesome and it died after a month.

V 1 Comment
27 Alpaca Evolution

You'll know what I'm talking about if you watch Pewdiepie on YouTube.

28 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

ALL YOU HAD TO DO IS FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN CJ! And other quotes that get me mad. Oh and don't et me started in the flying missions. At least I completed it (no I didn't hack or cheat)

29 Swing Copters
30 Sonic Dash
31 Sonic Jump
32 Pac-Man Monsters
33 Sonic Unleashed
34 Super Mario 64

Awww butthurt fanboys not posted yet.

35 Momabear
36 Talking Tom
37 Grass Simulator
38 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

This game just annoys the crap out of me. Since my friends bought this game they have been sitting on their ass all day playing this repetitive, instead of going outside or actually hanging out. And then there are those desperate turds going around selling items on ebay for real money, REAL MONEY. People who actually waste real money on this must have a lots of screws loose or something. ACTUALLY WASTING REAL MONEY ON A DAMN GAME. So, I'm just going to say it straight out: Nerds who sweat this game all day sitting on their ass doesn't have a damn LIFE. Geez.

I hate this game. So stupid and repetitive, I hate when my friends can't hang out with me or not even talk over skype because of that . I actually bought this on steam, and NOW I REGRET SO MUCH! This game is what makes this kids sit on their ass all the time, it's just like Call of Duty...i hate that friends actually spending time sweating this game and SCREAMING in their mic to other people. Jesus.

So meaningless game, just going around shooting people, picking up damn FLAGS and screaming in the mic. I hate that my friends is sitting on their ass all day playing this repetitive instead of hanging out. Geez.

39 Banjo-Kazooie
40 Kingdom Hearts
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