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Not to bash my hate or whatever, but Vocaloid is for kids...

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1 Hatsune Miku Hatsune Miku, sometimes referred to as Miku Hatsune, is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media.

Um... It's not that I necessarily hate Miku because she is a good sounding vocaloid, it's just her popularity. She is a bit overrated sometimes, but I wouldn't bash on somebody and call them out for saying that they like Miku. I just wanna consider how others might feel because you can always become one the newer members of the fandom and later learn new vocaloids in the future, like all of us had to in the past. And we also want to think about people who do know other vocaloids and who have been part of the fandom, but just choose Miku to be their favorite. "Oh, well people who are just starting to join the fandom are still uneducated", some of you might say. But are you calling yourselves that since at one point, you didn't know about the vocaloid fandom? I wouldn't think so.

My friends doesn't even know other vocaloid like GUMI, Megurine Luka, it's just not fair that they always said Hatsune Miku is the best vocaloid, I just want her to be less popular..I hope you understand (T_T)

I personally don't think miku is overrated, think about miku as like the mascot of vocaloid. you don't really say a sports mascot is overrated, so why is miku overrated?

She sounds like a generic anime girl with a high-pitched, annoying voice! She doesn't have much twang to her or much variation to her voice. The only reason why people like her is because of her appearance (most likely her hair...) Don't get me wrong, I don't HATE her, honestly, some of her songs are great, especially when she's tuned well and yes I agree she's pretty cute, but it's just that she can get really annoying whenever she ALWAYS hogs the spotlight and gets better songs than the others. I mean, it's all MIKU MIKU MIKU. MIKU EXPO, RACING MIKU, MIKU IN COMMERCIALS, HATSUNE MIX, I mean seriously?!? I get that she's the money bag of Crypton, but come on, give some light to the others for once! There are some Luka fans or Kagamine fans that would spend A LOT MORE for THEM and not only MIKU. Trust me, they can bring money too. Besides, she can get really boring at times. Plus, Miku isn't the only Vocaloid and she isn't the one with ALL the fans.

2 VY1 Mizki
3 VY2 Yuuma
4 SF-A2 Miki

I like her, that's it

5 Akita Neru

Ok this is how Hatsune miku should had looked and acted like a non diva that has no fame see how better you act than your teal haired twin and your voice sounds better also

I actually like Neru. Yes, she IS a based off of Miku. But she doesn't even have a voice yet. So why are people complaining?

You actually know Neru isn't a real vocaloid right...Same with Haku. *facepalm*

For me she's not annoying but she's copying rin and len

6 Sakine Meiko

Sakine isn't a Vocaloid-

Her voice hurts my ears.

She’s so high pitched and annoying voice wise. I really don’t like meiko’s voice anyways because it just doesn’t sound good so please don’t make it go higher ugh.

7 Yowane Haku

The only reason she exists is because some people screwed up Miku's voice. She's not even real. She shouldn't exist. CASE CLOSED.

Haku is...yeah, pretty much not a very professional Vocaloid. I'll leave it at that. She's really annoying.

I don't think anyone knows Yowane Haku was originally going to take Hatsune Miku's place.

Pretty much the most annoying and horrid voice of all of them... Sounds OK in like 2 songs... :( She's just a bad Miku clone.

8 Kaito KAITO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Yamaha Corporation using their new Vocaloid singing synthesizer technology under the codename of "Taro".

Again, Vocaloids don't have a personality. And it is good that way. Giving them a canon personality would be like saying "You can't make a love song with a guitar because the guitar's personality wouldn't fall in love" ... Of course you can headcanon them in any way you want, I do that too, but don't hate on him over the fact that you headcanon him as a pervert.

And yes, his voice can be annoying when he's trying to go ten octaves higher than Kaai Yuuki. But other wise he doesn't sound bad.

1) How is Kaito a perv? That's how some people see him as, I guess... Like, for example, I see him as an idiot, but that's just how I and I alone see him as. You can't tell me he's a pervert when he has no set personality.
2) Almost all his songs are amazing. Not just the popular ones. Come on guys. Explore YouTube or NicoNico or whatever the hell you want to use. Find all the songs you want to out there.

Overall, Kaito is a really good vocaloid. Don't say he's annoying because he's perverted, because you have no evidence to back that up whatsoever.

Your trash kaito not from your looks but from your sound the vocaloids I mentioned earlier plus you should burn with William that what you deserve

I don't get why people say that Kaito is a pervert. I don't think he's annoying, I just don't really like him as much as I like all the other Vocaloids. I just like the other voices of the others better, but don't get me wrong. I love Kaito.

9 Utatane Piko Utatane Piko is a Japanese speaking Vocaloid by Sony Entertainment for Vocaloid 2. He is based on the Japanese singer Piko.

It's all your guys fault.

10 Meiko MEIKO is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application called Vocaloid developed by Yamaha Corporation.

The most overrated Vocaloid to exist...I can't believe people ship her with Kaito, he deserves so much better than her extremely bland self and voice.

Meiko is too blunt for a vocaloid. Vocaloids are robots. Meiko seems too ordinary and why do people keep shipping her a kaito? NONONO. she's just a side character and she ain't getting more popular. If Kaito and her really dated, she'd only be a shadow compared to Kaito. Deal with the truth KaiMei fangirls.

I don't find much wrong with her. However, her appearance upsets me quite a bit because of her bland design. I see but they were going for, but the design is quite plain and feels unfinished.

I do like meiko more than miku because she's the true partner for kaito (based on what I've heard before) but everyone prefer to ship kaito x miku more and I don't really care about that.

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He can actually sound pretty good sometimes and is also really adorable

Bruh you hate him because he's English language what's wrong with you? He's like one of the best ones

To the guy who said "he's trash", I hope you die alone and burn

Bruh he’s like the best one

12 Ryuto Gachapoid Ryuto is a male Vocaloid created by Internet Co., Ltd. He is the mascot of Gachapoid. Despite not being a failure, he generally has negative reception. He is voiced by Kuniko Amemiya.

Oh god, Gachapoid. My least favorite. His voice is terrible. I think the only time he was used well is 1 time.

I don't understand why people ship him with gumi? Like what

I just think he's bad

Shout out to all the jelfisim members lmao

13 Megurine Luka Megurine Luka is a humanoid persona voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.

The problem with Luka is when people try to make her voice sound ten octaves higher than Rin's. When used properly, she is good.

Sorry you Luka lovers, I just do not like Luka. I mean, she stole Miku's spotlight and in the Miku expo in NY, Miku just got cheered "wo" and when Just Be Friends started the crowd screamed like "YAY LUKA THE BEST! " so THAT is how I know Luka stole Miku's spotlight. And I hate the fact that NO ONE is voting Luka. Only me. I just don't like Luka! I'm sorry I don't! And please don't dislike me... Please.

Maybe they were cheering for Luka more than Miku because Luka almost never appears.

How did luka steal miku's spotlight? She has like two songs per consert, no wonder the fans are happy to see her and cheer for her. However I don't really like luka, she kinda sounds boring. Exceptions: Luka luka night fever, magnet, acute and blackjack.

Her voice just isn't that good. Her voice provider however has a very clear voice compared to Luka. Luka is way overrated.

14 Kagamine Rin Kagamine Rin & Len are humanoid personas voiced by a singing synthesizer application developed by Crypton Future Media, headquartered in Sapporo, Japan.

Uh oh how unfortunate in on how unfortunate yep that,s right it,s the first of the annoying yellow haired twins that sound like Dee dee,s screaming I would rather listing to see Dee than this

She is the best vocaloid in the whole world

She is the best girl UwU

Very annoying.

15 Kaai Yuki Kaai Yuki is a child vocaloid character produced by AH-Software Co. Ltd and released originally for Vocaloid 2.

Her voice isn't cute at all, it's limited, creepy, and hard on the ears, and she's so overrated as well.

Ah, yes, Kaai Yuki...The Vocaloid who gets so much praise, yet sounds like a mouse being stepped on...

I like all Vocaloids and that includes her too. But I admit sometimes she does sound annoying...

She sounds like a dying hamster most of the time.

16 Megpoid GUMI Megpoid is a Vocaloid by Internet Co., Ltd.. Her voice is sampled by Megumi Nakajima. The mascot of the software is called "Gumi". The name Gumi is the voice provider Megumi Nakajima's nickname from her childhood.

Actually Gum I is my most favorite vocaloid and I think you had said vocaloid is for kids, I think vocaloid Is for everyone, though some songs, even if they are good, should not be for kids. You have your own opions, and I have my own and I personally love vocaloid.
Have a good day/night everyone. :3

Gumi is the best of all it is the truth so don't get ever get triggered ( sorry bad english )

I think GUMI is the best vocaloid. She's cute, and her voice is also pretty.

She is NOT one of my favorites. I like her voice...but her box art is terrible ;-;

17 MAYU (Vocaloid) MAYU is a female Vocaloid created by EXIT TUNES Co., Ltd. She generally has mixed reception. She is voiced by Mayumi Morinaga.
18 Nekomura Iroha Nekomura Iroha is a female vocaloid character produced by AH-Software Co. Ltd for Vocaloid 2. The voice sampled for her was confirmed to be Showa-style singer Kyounosuke Yoshitate.

Why is she that high she's like the best? I love her voice and how she doesn't sound like a "kawaii animu girl uwu" with a high pitched voice, I mean I like Rin and Miku but like I prefer deeper voices. Like Iroha's.

But... She is actually good ;(

19 Luo Tianyi

the ain't that good buts.she's ok

20 Fukase Fukase, is a vocal developed and distributed by Yamaha Corporation for Vocaloid 4. He is voiced by Satoshi Fukase, the lead singer of the Japanese band, SEKAI NO OWARI.

Bruh he's like the best one his voice is the best besides Oliver 's and gumi's

Too overrated and sticks his tongue out too much.

Hell nah he's a good Vocaloid. Vote Memelord for president 2019

I find his voice to squeaky

21 Kasane Teto Kasane Teto is a singing synthesizer and virtual star. She appeared as a prank "new vocaloid" companion to Hatsune Miku on April Fool's day 2008. Even though she wasn't a real Vocaloid, her character was so catchy her fans never forgot about her. So her prank creators gave her a complete voice, using more.

Her voice is robotic and annoying, and her design is bland and generic as hell. Why do people love her so goddamn much?

Annoying and very unrealistic sounding robotic voice.

Her voice doesn't even sound convincing.

She's not even a vocaloid... She's an Utau...

22 Yuzuki Yukari

She's just kinda meh

23 SeeU

O-O are you guys calling Seeu from one of the scariest songs SEE U HIDE AND SEEK! ANNOYING and k-pop how rude you just have her on the list since she's Korean you racist people

Just because she's Korean doesn't make her stupid or annoying.

That’s your opinion. Stop being rude. Everyone has opinions

She is so stupid.And she is annoying design and voice.Just like kpop

24 Zhiyu Moke
25 Tone Rion
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