Top Ten Most Annoying Ways to Die on Minecraft

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Falling into lava while mining

This because to lose all of your stuff when falling in lava. The other stuff you could go back and get your stuff

That would really suck and if you find a diamond and think that there was another under it I would break the device and start crying.

You die in 5 seconds you don't get to fight back like a creeper skeleton or ghast!

What sucks more is getting lost because it causes you to rage until you find your house or DIE.

A creeper... well... creeping up on you

This is the only type of death I have on Minecraft

They will appear out of NOWHERE and blow up! So annoying! - Minecraftcrazy530

This happens to me all the time - zak12

I only die to creepers and other players in Minecraft, never zombies or skeletons, not even spiders, but creepers... And they learned the ways of Assassin's creed, suicide bomb from above...
Great right?

Falling off high land

This is how I usually die

I never see the cliffs!

HAHAAHAHAA I had that happen :(

Duh just MLG water bucket


It's just horrible if you have no food:( On peaceful mode hunger regenerates, on easy when it drains you will a have only 5 hearts of health, on normal you only have a half a heart left, but on hard mode it will slowly kill you, and that sucks.

Come on, if your playing at most Normal mode, it won't kill you on its own. Just eat something when you reach that point Maybe an Enchanted Golden Apple or a Cooked Mutton? - Goatworlds

Especially when you are JUST about to finish cooking a pork chop. - Minecraftcrazy530

WHY don't you eat?

Endermen teleporting towards you

They run fast and I try to get to my safe spot as soon as possible

I shrieked like a little girl when that happened to me... -_-

I looked at an enderman and I died doing it

But I love enderman! - Officialpen

Ghast fireball

That's why I bring my tennis racket.

And why I bring my water

The worst thing to ever happen in the nether

Just dodge it or build in front of u nub

Skeleton arrow

They are so annoying killed me with 8 diamond which fell in lava

Ah hate them I can't get near them because there arrows knock me back especially in water were you move so slow to get them aa@aaadhnbffy

So annoying especialy when they knock you off a tall building

This is the only death I have in Minecraft I can deal with creepers but sceleton arrows are as annyoing as hell

Cave spider poisoning

Ok ya happened to me twice in UHC in mineshaft

This is the worst for me because it leaves you at a half heart and if you take any more damage*falling, or atacked than you DIE.


(Or being killed by drowns) IS THE WORST! Almost always I can't get out without breaking blocks.

I never pay attention... I killed somebody with full iron armour with just a wooden sword and full gold armour in the hunger games, when I went to get the gear in the water, I drowned.

I nearly lost all my stuff one time while exploring an ocean monument when apparently I wasn't ready. It took a long time to get it back, but in the end, I did it.

Always happened to me when hunting squids for ink sacs :(

Lagging In PVP Mode

The computer I play Minecraft on seems to think that pvp is the absolute best time to lag like crazy.

Happens all the time

This is the worst in factions

That sounds like something that I would do.

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Accidentally falling into a ravine/deep hole

I had been exploring for ages, and found a desert temple. I had full inventory of loot, iron, gold, iron horse armours, saddles, and tons of other little useful things. I should've gone back but I carried on riding my horse into the desert, and you know how sand has heaps of layers of sand under it? Yeah, that made me not see the ravine ahead. I fell in, and happened to fall in lava. And it also happened to be really deep lava pit, not those 2 block high ones. I lost my horse, 26 levels, All of the loot, my armour, my diamond tools. HFJSHDHFHSN, BDHEJ

True story: One time I was mining straight down (bad idea) and my friend said "what if you just fell into a huge cave and died? " and RIGHT AFTER that I fell into a cave filled with lava and died. -_- - NintendoROCK3T

On my first world I fall down but did not die

C counter nubs

Getting killed by a hacker/griefer

Why do they like making other people suffer? They know they just might get banned!

Why do people enjoy making others sad?


I am one =)

Fall in the void while fighting the Ender dragon

I find the experience oddly terrifying. Just falling into nowhere. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Crushed by a magma cube

Okaay... when did this happen?

Its... Complicated. I can beat ghasts but not cubeys

Getting killed by Herobrine

He doesn't exist. - LordDovahkiin

Yea rare but bad also he will probably break the server.

Accidentally hitting a wolf

My friend left the door open on a house in our joint world and a wolf got in, I tried to open a chest or something and hit the wolf and it killed me :( - pandagirl

If there is a cliff nearby you're suicide

I love the wolf mob.
It can help you as well as kill you if you tame it with bones!

OMG they ALL are so SAVAGE!

When you spawn in the air

Ok ya fair point cough cough totally didn't spawn in the void in skywars

Not that bad since you can't lose any supplies when you first spawn

Worst minecraft glitch or something!

Once I went on this tiny factions server, I did /rtp and I spawned on top of someones air base. I had no blocks, oh yeah the owner was there too. Stupid server.

Getting stuck under ice and drowning

That clay wasn't worth it :/

So annoying. this hapened to me in hardcore mode, and I lost my entire world

This happend to me. In hardcore mode. Damn.

Someone does /kill on you

If I could but offer someone a monetary inducement or perhaps cause them such anger that they might do what I need but give them justification so that their lives would not be destroyed by It. Note is essential here, this is posted on a second hand user of this iPad and is in no way connected to the email address that it may be linked to.

My friend did that to me after I mined 34 diamonds

Dying in your own mob trap

I don't know

Die in a dungeon with diamonds


Being trolled

People are so nooby when it comes to singleplayer, but as soon as its multiplayer they become geniuses - at trolling.

Once my sister spawned 5 Wolves and splashed invisible potions on them IN MY HOUSE, I accidentally hit one and they all ganged up on me! Luckily I disabled "lose inventory" using commands - Goatworlds

Someone spawned 10 blazes in my house and then splashed them with invisibility potions

Someone Spawned 10 creepers in my mansion. and splashed invisibility potions on them...

Can't change to your sword when you're building and a mob attacks
Baby Zombies

They are SOOOOO fast!

Get stuck in a web while fighting a spider


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