Top Ten Most Annoying Ways to Die on Minecraft


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41 Making a tower at your spawn point

You'll spawn on top of the tower

42 Spawning in a cave
43 Being trolled

Once my sister spawned 5 Wolves and splashed invisible potions on them IN MY HOUSE, I accidentally hit one and they all ganged up on me! Luckily I disabled "lose inventory" using commands - Goatworlds

Someone spawned 10 blazes in my house and then splashed them with invisibility potions

Someone Spawned 10 creepers in my mansion. and splashed invisibility potions on them...

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44 Death by exploding chicken

Ye my brother did that to me but I got him back by filling his house with creepers and zombies

45 Can't change to your sword when you're building and a mob attacks
46 Get diamonds but fall in lava

It just SUCKS whenever that happens. After all that hard work finding diamonds and losing them

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47 You lose your way

This is why I place signs to mark where my landmarks are

48 A ton of zombies attack your village

Noisy and annoying

49 A creeper blows you up just before you go to bed

Think about the Damage you need to repair

50 You forget to close the door on your animal farm

How can this kill you? It can kill yours animals but how can it kill YOU? - Goatworlds

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51 You accidentally put a redstone block next to a TNT house V 1 Comment
52 Dying trapped under gravel
53 Someone nukes your house

Super annoying and it can also destroy your house AND kill your pets - Goatworlds

54 Falling in lava
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1. Falling into lava while mining
2. Falling off high land
3. A creeper... well... creeping up on you



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