Most Annoying Ways to Get Hurt or Feel Pain


The Top Ten

1 Whack your head on something you can't see

This makes me want to punch someone when this happens! - DrayTopTens

Uhhh, okay? - BorisRule

2 Hit your knee or funny bone

It hurts so bad! - DrayTopTens

3 Stub your toe

I drives me crazy! - DrayTopTens

Of course
+_+ - Ananya

4 Someone steps on your foot

It's not annoying unless they do it real hard. If so, I can't stand it! - DrayTopTens

5 Accidentally get hit with something

One time last year on my school field trip I got hit with a golf ball and I was so mad! - DrayTopTens

6 Getting static shocks

It is also kinda scary - DrayTopTens

I hate it when this happens to me. - Userguy44

It's awful maybe I should have added it higher- DrayTopTens

7 Step on a sharp object
8 You get a cramp or a random pain on your body

I also get these pains like to the right of my stomach every once in a while and I hate it when it happens - DrayTopTens

9 You slip and fall down

It also scares me when it happens - DrayTopTens

10 You die at a cringe-worthy part on a video game

It actually does cause a little pain to me - DrayTopTens

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11 Shutting your finger in the door
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