Top Ten Most Annoying Words and Phrases

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1 It's lit

Lol people don't understand this word. Do you ever get the feeling when you're listening to you favorite song and start feeling all hyped up for the lyrics, and feeling a sense of energizement from the beat? If so, you have felt "lit" before.
But I hate it when I see a meme with a cat eating a fish and the caption is "It's lit." People should use the word correctly.

Lit is an informal synonym for drunk. So something that's cool is drunk? Logical.
Or you're saying it's bright?

Kids who think they're cool, Yo that's lit bro...

2 That's so ratchet
3 I know what you are, but what am I?

Must admit I said this a lot as a kid I was pretty obnoxious.

I know what I am. Me.

4 Bae

This is the most annoying word at school. I'm a girl and I am considered weird for not saying it...

I barely know the phrase. I just know it's all over Facebook and I am tired of seeing it.

Anyone who uses this word belongs in the middle of the pacific ocean on no boat.

Little did these people who say this that Bae means poop in Danish...

5 Swag

Hockey commentators kept using this term for a couple of seasons a few years ago. Not sure if they're the ones who started it or not. I just know that I hated hearing it every other day.

6 Takes one to know one!

Rudest comment ever

7 Low-key

The people at my school say it all the time and it is so annoying.

8 Dab

I hate saying this word, so when I refer to the stupid dance move I say "bad backwards". When I refer to someone doing it I say "badding".


Good thing this one had a short life.

10 Racist

There is nothing wrong with the word itself. However, it is annoying when people misuse it!

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11 Cringeworthy
12 Bugging
13 Wilin'
14 This is cancer

"Cancer" is a life-threatening disease, not a word you use to describe something you don't like.

Stupid and should never be used this way. Take it seriously- one of my friends has cancer! :...(

15 He's my forever
16 Like whatever

People who every 2nd word say "like" are the most annoying creatures on the planet

17 That's a neeeeeeeck!
18 You could offend somebody...
19 I can't even

All I can think of when I hear this is god awful buzzfeed articles.

20 Weeaboo

One of the worst and most racist words ever thought up of.

21 No offense

And right after they say it, launch into something totally and purposely offensive.

No offense, but YOU'RE UGLY GROSS LAME *every insult ever* So, that wasn't mean to offend you, or anything.

22 OMG

It's not the early 2000's anymore. It's okay for texting but saying stuff like and LOL outloud is just cringy.

Really annoying now

23 Yaaaaasss

At school we had this thing were 3 students get a job to help around the classroom. The only one I remember was the date writer. So basically you just wrote the date on board for the next day. I did it for a while,but since I was so short and could not reach the place were you write the date they changed it to this other girl. She wrote the date and the related art we would have the next day. I was mad they switched me to this other girl,but I was not too mad. Soon she started writing yas on the board and mayo. (I even had a dream were she was writing mayo all over the walls of the school. lol) This stupid story is why I hate this word.

I think only people that watch jacksfilms say this...

24 I don't care
25 Lol

There aren't many things which annoy me more than hearing or seeing this "word" it looks and sounds very silly. And it's used at the end of stupid and or irrelevant sentences. Lol.

IF they don't say l-o-l, and just say lol how it looks, it is absolutely ridiculous, the death of all good grammar, and just bulges my eyes, and my second biggest pet peeve.

I was so addicted to saying this that someone made a group chat trying to plan how to stop me

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