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Comments are comments.

Nobody gives a damn - Randomator

Now, where's that blue shell I hid in an item box just recently? - darthvadern


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2 gay

There's just one word to say to this. No.

Let's end this now. Gay is not an insult. Let's stamp it out now.

I'm not gay, but I respect those who are.

Let's end the stupidity and stop using 'gay' as an insult.

Bruh. Who cares

Stop using gay as a insult

How did this turn to an insult in the first place - Nateawesomeness

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3 Kill Yourself!

AKA from your typical Hardass on the internet - ToddHoward

Ignorant people who have no life say this - darthvadern

Just seeing this comment makes me want to drink 1098542 bottles of bleach - MChkflaguard_Yt

This term on YouTube or anywhere on the internet was never funny to begin with. I am very shocked people are still able to get away with this term.

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4 Darude - Sandstorm

What's this? - darthvadern

Remember when this comment was funny? I don't - MJfan119

If you don't know the song name just shut up and don't troll!

This joke's old and it was never funny. It's time to move on, people! - Entranced98

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5 Top Ten Anime Battles

Firs top ten saddest anime deaths and now this? - darthvadern

God these comments are annoying as hell.

Calling random things anime is unoriginal and not funny or hilarious. It's dumb and annoying.

Or top ten anime *insert topic here*

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6 Kids in Africa could have eaten that

People really need to stop with these stupid unfunny jokes. This is just racist. Not everywhere in Africa is poor and impoverished. The people who posted that probably haven't been to Africa. In Rwanda, the country is actually developed well, they even ban plastic bags. I forgot to mention that the most expensive city is in Africa which is Luanda. Sure, parts of that area are poor, but there are areas in Luanda where rich people live. There are poor areas outside of Africa too, such as Detroit, Haiti, and Flint where they can't even have clean water. By the way, people who can't afford to have food isn't funny, and how can kids eat something like an Iphone. Stop with these stupid assumptions already people. - HoldenFanatic

At first I thought it was food, then I found out that it was random stuff like iPhones and disc.

There are most likely people in countries like Monaco or Luxembourg as well where people are poor! - darthvadern

Its not funny. I saw a video about a guy breaking an iPhone and one ignorant person commented "Kids in Africa could have eaten that iPhone". First, why would poor kids want to eat an iPhone? Second, have you even done your research? Africa is not entirely poor. Stop making assumptions about people and get a life. - Catacorn

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7 Still a better love story than Twilight

This item is still a better love story than twilight - sadical

Ok, I don't like Twilight but I don't diss it all the time. Why should I do that? - Magnolia

I hate this phrase so much

Twilight is almost nine years old we get it Twilight sucked now move on time to get a new joke. I told somebody NICLEY that joke was getting old and he got nasty about I reported him for bullying.

8 Like if you're watching in 2015

Who even cares? - darthvadern



The horror videos are obviously fake

10 I'm never moving to that country

It's like teasing a country America is a teaser

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11 It's my birthday! This came out on my birthday!

Ok but how are they bad? I mean if it's somehow related to the video I'm fine with it - darthvadern

Honestly, nobody cares about this. People look at comments sections for discussions relating to the video, not some stranger thinking they are one in a billion by screaming out that their birthday is the same as the upload date. - Entranced98

I find this one to be one if the most annoying comments ever. It annoys me most when people actually like or comment. I'm sorry but NO ONE CARES IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!

There is only 365 days a year, and most channels upload once every two days, how is it a good thing to post? - MChkflaguard_Yt

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12 He/she deserves this
13 (Item) Is Cancer

I don't get how something you don't like is the same as a serious disease some people are suffering from. - HoldenFanatic

There's the word terrible for a reason you know! - darthvadern


Comparing Something Bad To A Serious Disease Is Not Funny

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14 You/They Deserve This
15 I have the weirdest boner right now.

what - YOSHIA2121

16 Ime onlee (insert age younger than 11) yeerz oald.

Pretty sure that we could tell. - Ashes

OH DEAR GOD SOMEONE GETS IT Like why is this necessary? Nobody needs to know that! It's annoying, please stop! - Dogon_183

17 Thumbs Up if you agree

If you want thumbs up on your comment write something clever and as soon as the video is released! - darthvadern

Many losers just need some attention - Magnolia

Who cares if your first at least you got to comment at all - mrbea

So damn desperate and annoying - bobbythebrony

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18 Like if you're listening to this in [current year]

I listen to all sorts of music, so I see this everywhere

Again Nobody Gives a damn what year you’re watching the video - Randomator

Pathetic and annoying as hell, especially so when it comes with all those stupid ass squiggly symbols. Those people need to be banned from the internet.

Like this comment if you are watching this in year 973369073135^17. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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19 Fake & Gay
20 Cancer

So bad it is on here twice.


No. - Ashes

22 Lady Gaga is 100% original

No one is 100% original. Time to face reality, Lady Gaga fans.

Ahahaaha Gaga fans are funny - delusional but still funny - Magnolia

The more irritant now is
"whos watching this in...
yore a rebel...bull "
this cancer is in every music video right now, REALLY ANNOYING

23 Notice me senpai?

I like writing all caps comments to youtubers asking them to notice me - sadical

Fictional characters is not you're husband/wife deal with it - Mranonymously

Yandere-chan-esquire-related-like thing. Kinda weeaboo-ish to comment on. - BorisRule

24 Sky fans: it's called butter

I wanna kill them all (Not really) but it does make me insanely mad

Oh my god, I hate sky fans.


budder - PeeledBanana

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25 "PewDiePie did it first" or a comment hating on the "copycat".

I hate these annoying Pewdiepie fans.

"Pewdiepie brought me here! "

Ugh, some of us watch the video just because we like it, not because of an overrated gamer.

I hate pewdiepie, I never know why is he so populor? That's no sense!

26 Go see a doctor
27 GTA4 brought me here

Grand Theft Auto 69 brought me to this list - ToddHoward

I'm a huge Grand Theft Auto fan but come on guys! This comment is kinda silly - Magno

GTA680 brought me here.

Seriously. This comment shows up on every other YouTube music video in existence. I'm sorry kids, Grand Theft Auto did not make [insert 70s, 80s, or 90s musician] popular.

28 Spot the Difference Comments

This is more annoying than first comments, these comments need to DIE

They are very annoying! These kind of comments go like this
" Spot the difference. 000000000000000000000o00000"

Unbelievably common and agitating. Please use emojis in moderation.

29 This Ruined My Childhood
30 Only someone who is Autistic or retarded would like this

Autistic and retards aren't even the same! - darthvadern

Autism: dumbest insult ever - MChkflaguard_Yt

I just find that ignorant, it insults people who are autistic, the comparison of disabilities and IQ has to stop!

31 Harambe comments

This meme needs to stay dead

32 Hey Guys I found Free Hack 100% Working!

I agree with this one, but it's not "Hey Guys I found Free Hack 100% Working! ", it's pronounced "Heey Guys I found Free Hackkk 100% Workiing! "

Guess what? You can go to the hack... I mean free vbucks website and get free vbucks! All you need is to give me your password and I’ll gift skins to me... I mean give you free vbucks - sadical

I hate this one

Hacks almost never work - Ihateschool

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33 Rihanna is the Best

Good, but not exactly the best.

No she is terrible - Ihateschool

34 How are there 100,000 Views if There are Only 7,000 People in the World?

I'm sorry but there are 7 BILLION People not 7 THOUSAND People idiots! - XxMontrealxXRBLX

7k people in the world, what? - MChkflaguard_Yt

Because people in other worlds went on it.


Rude and disrespectful

Only a little kid would fall for this.

These comments aren't funny. They are RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL.

36 I don't condone suicide but please go and kill yourself :)

This makes no sense. - Ashes

37 Why am I watching this before I get on a ____

Then why would you watch that

38 Boo I hate this

Unless the YouTube channel is putting a fake title to mislead you.

That's mean

39 loooool

Laughing out of our orange ocean loud - sadical

What do all the other O's stand for? I would shorten L.O.L.O.L.O.L. to L. (O.L. )^3, because I'm a geek.

Sure, I'm laughing out out out out out loud! - Cyri

40 I found this easy/difficult to masturbate too
41 Meanwhile in Africa

Originated from this video http s:// w ww.y outube .com/wat ch? v =tSwWeFWPyUI, together with the overused "Kids in Africa" joke.

42 Comments with the word cringe
43 My dog/pet rock died please give me likes :(

Why would you mention this!?!?

This is so annoying. If you really want likes, then do a good comment that seems appealing. This is just the internet, there are people you don’t know so why would you want likes? - MissRWBY202

44 Michael Jackson is the king of music
45 (Youtuber) brought me here!!!!!1!one
46 like if smosh sent you here!!1!!


47 Did he die?

I see these comments all the time on Bratayley videos! Caleb is dead and I miss him! They are not making it up!

48 I Just Wanna Copy And Paste Copy and Paste
49 ... You're a rebel I like you

Did I need you to tell me? - Ashes

And that idiotic alien face thingy too. Annoying comment - Lunala

Good thing this comments are dead let's hope that the same thing happens to ''who is watching in [year]? '' and ''first'' comments - Mranonymously

50 Donald Trump jokes

These are a good thing

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