Most Annoying YouTube Errors

YouTube is full of errors, so I decided to make a top ten list of the most annoying YouTube errors.

The Top Ten

1 An error occurred. Please try again later.

Can you turn on messaging? - 445956

2 An error has occurred while sending data over the network.
3 Unable to update video settings.

This one is particularly annoying because it prevents you from publishing your video. - allamassal

4 Internal Server Error

This happens on every site, but this should still be on the list because YouTube is no exception. - allamassal

5 This video is not available

Sometimes I try to watch a video only to get this vague error message. - allamassal

6 An error occurred. Please try again (channel page)

A few years ago, this happened like once in every 100 times I tried to visit my own channel page. - allamassal

7 Comments currently unavailable.

Especially when you saw something you REALLY want to comment on. - allamassal

8 This video is not available in your country

Youtube is racist

9 This video is not available on your device
10 An error occurred communicating with the server (Analytics)

The Contenders

11 The server has rejected the file. Please follow these steps and upload the file again.


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