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1 Dan and Phil Fans

I actually love Dan and Phil. The two of them together and them alone. I am a fan of them. Though there is one thing I don't like about their fans... When they see one little thing about their ship, Phan, they freak out. I get that if Dan is giving Phil the "lovey dovey" face, or they say something cute to each other,etc., I'm okay with them being like, "YES GBERGS! " But when it shows Dan wearing the same shirt as Phil in a different video or sharing clothes and stuff, I see their fans overreact. If they share a shirt or a pair of socks, so what? If they laugh at the same time, so what? They take the little things too far. I also sometimes feel like they take the cute little friendship things that normal friends do and ruin it. Friendship usually isn't romantic. Especially with those two. Maybe they are bisexual or homosexual, that's okay. Though if they are or were, it doesn't mean they would 100% be attracted to each other. I am not a Phan shipper, and I do not ...more - trash

I love Dan and Phil, and, I'll admit, they're two of the funniest and most lovable YouTubers I've ever found. But it's not Dan and Phil themselves that's the problem, nor the (ordinary) fans for that matter. It's the shippers. They have a lovely platonic friendship and it's sad to see it ruined by the shippers going crazy whenever it 'looks like' they were kissing or whatever. It's extremely unlikely that they're actually homosexual, but if they happened to be, you don't have to go crazy ever time they touch each other or say something cute to each other or anything like that. If you want to ship them together I'm not stopping you, but don't go crazy. (I know that Dan himself has got particularly angry at the shippers at times, so if you love them that much you wouldn't want to upset them by going any further! Would you? )

I'll be honest, I'm a fan of dan and phil myself, but recently I've been noticing that their fans are really childish and annoying. Most of the videos I go to, not even ones that specifically mention or related to dan and phil, someone somewhere would mention the phandom. At first I was like "oh, okay.." After a while it just gets cringeworthy and repetitive. As for the ship, I'm not opposed to it, but it makes me sad to see dan and phil exploit their friendship as means of publicity for their channels and satisfactions for their delusional fans who try to validate the legitimacy of dan and phil's supposed "romantic relationship"

I am part of the Phandom, but I am on the side of the Phandom that are relaxed and respect others opinions. But I have to admit, the other side of the fanbase is going too far. In comment sections, they keep screaming "PHANDOM WHERE YOU AT?!?!?! " and they harass people who don't like them. Whereas the relaxed Phans are just like "Ok, then." and then just let it go. It actually went to far that they found Dan Howell's brother, Adrian, and started HARASSING the poor thing! I used to kind-of ship Phan, but now I know they wouldn't really feel comfortable, (so now I ship Danteasers! ) Overall, I am a big fan of Dan and Phil, but I'm just tired of the immature side of the Phandom. Thank you for listening.

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2 PewDiePie

PewDiePie is a pretty good You Tuber but his fan base makes him look like an idiot who is only watched and subscribed to by incompetent 9-year kids.

To be honest pewdipie is an awesome YouTuber. He made a charity run, and other stuff. But... The Fan base is just "oh god please no." They treat this guy like a god. It's of these guys are no older than 9. If you say he slightest thing like "PewDiePie is not the best YouTuber.." Prepare yourself because they will start a 2 year hellfire war with you. Just constantly sending you death threats. They will scroll through YouTube and trying to find videos about hate against PewDiePie, and they will just flag everything. I swear worst fandom ever.

PewDiePie is probably the best content creator on the internet, hence why he has over 52 million subscribers. But a majority of his fanbase makes him look like an idiot, which is why people who haven't watched one video of his hate him. - AnalogNinja

He is gay

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3 Leafyishere Fans

Surprised this isn't higher up on the list. It just the fans are annoying, Leafy, as he would put it, is "THE CRINGIEST MAN TO EVER EXIST." I would make some "cringe" videos of my own, but I don't have the right equipment. All he does is make lazy jokes about serious issues (i.e. cancer, suicide) because of a stupid joke. He swears an unnecessary amount. Every other word he says is a swear. By now, he may as well make a video about PewDiePie, because what Felix has done in humor videos is no better than the other videos Leafy has covered. Leafy doesn't deserve his subs, not just because of his content, but because he doesn't care about him. Not once have I seen him make a "Thank You" video (at least not yet), and he just treats his starry-eyed fanboys as mindless lackeys. Leafy sounds like the king of angsty teenagers. If he really needs to get that angst out, at least don't do it on YouTube. And for once, Leafy should make something ORIGINAL. You see ...more

His entire fanbase deserves to be kicked off YouTube. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Ugh, everyday, I at least see one leafy rant comment saying he is "cancer". It's just real annoying to still see rant comments even though he already said sorry. Only a little bit of his fans actually support him.

Leafyishere script: literally literally like literally like like literally literally bleach suicide cringe bleach bleach bleach literally like like literally

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4 JustinBieberVEVO

Hardly a youtuber, to be honest. VEVO channels should be excluded.

I ain't a fan of him

I swear every fan of him is a dumb 12 year old who thinks he's "hot".

Dude, he's still alive?

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5 Jacob Sartorius

He got famous for lip syncing, which is taking other songs and mouthing them. Thus, when you utilize the lack-of-talent fame you just so happened to get to make money from people by releasing songs, that shows

He shouldn't have gained fame so quickly. The guy needs to grow up. I'm all fine with kicking off your talent by lip-syncing; hell, Smosh and even nigahiga started like this. But if the kid has no actual talent (as opposed to Smosh and nigahiga) then why is he still popular? His fanbase will eventually grow up and abandon him; hopefully he grows up and has an actual talent soon too.

This kid is literally 9 and dropped out of school to make money for trying to make songs and he has no talent and legit all of his followers/subscribers are under the age of 8 or a pedophile who's way older.

Jacob is cancer enough said

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6 OneDirectionVEVO

They'll make a big deal out of nothing. Just bcs you like them doesn't mean they're the best singers in the world.


It's like me! mememem! 111! when fans talk about them

7 SkyDoesMinecraft

You know there's a problem when you can't say the word "gold" without being mocked and ridiculed by an angry horde of 11 year old boys.

Most of his fans can't even text right, and they worship him. It's hard to believe that he has ten million subs, but most of them act like 9 year olds and hate the opinions of others.

I like sky and all but the fan base is so annoying

What is wrong with our generation posting butter when it's meant to be gold?

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8 Undertale

Honestly, Undertale is an amazing game. I loved it and still do. The fanbase isn't really that bad in my opinion, fans just like to "unite their passion" (lol) but I agree that, sometimes, some fans are just too much.

The game is pretty good but the fandom is cancer

Can any of you read? I agree that the fanbase is terrible (but the game is amazing, and it changed my life, no joke), but it clearly says YOUTUBE fanbases. Duh.

I was gonna say the same, but they are technically all over youtube. - DCfnaf

Nice game, but fandom is filled with 12-yr olds!
So annoying fans... Skeleton in game=undertale reference! - Fanbase LOGIC!
Yes, the fanbase forced to me hate the game itself...

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9 Smosh

Honestly, the fanbase isn't that bad. Mainly, because the large amount of the immature ones have grown up, and either left the childish humour that the channel fosters, or have started to become rational. The new ones they pull in however, are still kids like what the older ones once were. Smosh will always have a younger fanbase, but it isn't necessarily that cancerous.

The other comments here just prove how bad their fanbase is. They swear too much, and it's unnecessary. They aren't funny, they try way too hard about everything, and their acting is terrible. They didn't need or deserve a movie. By now, I hope they get involved in some sort of scandal.

No smosh is awesome - simpsondude

Smosh aren't funny: only 2 month olds will find the're content funny.

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10 Thatssojack V 1 Comment

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11 SSSniperwolf
12 Jake Paulers

I hate feeding into stereotypes, but it seems to me that anyone who is a part of this fandom is blind to how self centered, conceited, and disrespectful Jake Paul is. Because of this, many "Jake Paulers" have followed his example and have adopted these behaviors.

12 year old girls who scream and come to his house. Cringe Machines - OrangeCookie

His fanbase is full of 12 years old and they come to his house EVERYDAY screaming when they see team10 it's annoying

They spam it's everyday bro like please don't - ParkerFang

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13 Markiplier

Why Markiplier here? He has a very loyal fanbase. I myself am part of that fanbase. But, I have to say that his fangirls can get a bit annoying overreacting to him.

I like markiplier his fans are annoying TO A DEGREE like screaming his catchphrases in PUBLIC but you can't say all markiplier fans are annoying

Essentially a slightly less cancerous and slightly less popular version of PewDiePie.

Markiplier is not bad, although I prefer the HiddenBlock crew such as SpaceHamster. But the Septiplier fans are true cancer - PhoebeThunderman

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14 NerfBoyProductions
15 Whitney Wisconsin fanboys
16 Five Nights at Freddy's

The people playing it overreact. Fell out of my chair! On purpose. Scariest game ever! Yeah right.

I mean come on. Isn't it obvious? The fanbase it self was terrible! If you weren't around 2015 then you must've lived under a rock for a really long time.

The game's okay, I guess, and some of the fanbase is bad, but this isn't a YouTuber. Learn how to read, idiots.

Most likely the worst fandom on the entire Earth.

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17 RiceGum

His fans are cancer, when you get into a dispute with them they won't actually make any good arguments and just end up looking like a complete idiot. They just say that your a 8 year old and that I'm gay or homophobic and more generic roasts.

Ricegum should be #1, he's a terrible person, and his fans a little cancers that are growing up to be a big cancer.

He's an adult who makes fun of children like what

OK let's go over this:
If you say anything bad about Ricegum, his fans will call you a Jake Pauler or a 12-year-old, which makes no sense considering Ricegum fans are just pre-teenager boys and girls who just hit puberty. You people praise him like a god and it makes me actually want to punch CHILDREN...(yes these kids are this bad.)
They're bullies
They're annoying
They don't even know a good disstrack. Ricegum says Preschool insults and they're like "OO SO LIT"

Not to Mention Ricegum bullies 10-year-olds and he avoids all fights with actual adults. He's a sissy.

Let's see how many downvotes I will get from his fans - AnimeSportsFan619

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18 Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. The original toy series was produced by Kenner in the early 1990s.

LPS is pure autism - PhoebeThunderman

19 Monstercat

Why the heck is this here? Monstercat is awesome.._.

Why? Monstercat created 'Surface' and I hardly see its fanbase. - TheGoldenRifle

20 MLG V 1 Comment
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