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21 MLG

MLG gets on my nerves! And the jokes are getting old FAASST. - PhoebeThunderman

22 SiivaGunner

He has one of the worst fanbases on all of YouTube. His fans demand that you like him, and if you don't, they will send a mob with pitchforks to your house. Also, they defend everything he does, including the Puzzle Room incident and the Bean meme, which were both awful memes not fitting with the theme of the channel. The very premise of SiivaGunner's channel is misleading people, which is also very bad. The fans will never shut up about SiivaGunner, to them life is all just about SiivaGunner and his music.

I wish more people would rant on how awful the fanbase is.

His annoying fans also spam the original videos because Siiva did a so called rip of that song.

23 jacksepticeye

Somewhat a lesser cancerous Pewdiepie, his fans are supportive, kind, but as mentioned earlier, his fans always ship them.. Like, why? Not to mention having profile pics of jacksepticeye, it is kinda turning to the phandom side of cancer.

Slightly less cancerous, slightly less popular than Markiplier, who in turn is slightly less cancerous and popular than PewDiePie. All the same, really.

His fangirls are insane I like him myself but the fan girls are scary

Less popular but overall extremely cancerous

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24 Minecraft Channels

They literally make up half of YouTube, and more and more people are creating Minecraft dedicated channels by the second. The related videos are full of Minecraft videos that are the same damn mod showcases and gamemodes. And to top it all off, some of these YouTubers have gained so much popularity that MERCHANDISE has been made based off of specific YouTubers and videos. Minecraft channels are honestly the next best thing to a terminal disease.

Don't even get me started - Randomator

25 TheFineBros

These guys have fans? Then how come nobody defended them, like, ever?

I actually love this channel.

The fans act like these guys suck but it's the same video every time.

Nobody cares about what random people think of videos...

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26 Melanie Martinez

I love Melanie Martinez and her songs but her fan base... all everyone has to say is " I LOVE YOU" or "Where is my crybaby squad? " And people even have their username as "Crybaby". Sometimes even their profile picture is Melanie Martinez. Geez

I can't get over how annoying Melanie's fans are. They see ONE WORD that happens to be in one of her songs, they start commenting "CRYBABIES WHERE ARE YOU", "queen yaaass" or some lyrics. They really need to shut the f up.

Mainly her fans are from the cancerous phandom. They aren't real fans. They just want to steal Melanie's mature fans to put them in the Phandom. If Melanie wasn't so stupid and insane I bet you a thousand bucks that she would have a better fan base. Not crappy insane baby obsessed 9 year olds.

How? I'm a Melanie Martinez fan! That's not very nice of you. - lovefrombadlands

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27 Cartoon Fans

I enjoy cartoons such as Steven Universe and such, but I must admit that the fans are obsessive over the smallest of things. For example, in Steven Universe, some fans claim all characters are gay and if you say otherwise they will attack you (not literally).

29 Keemstar/Drama Alert

I don't think there even is a Drama Alert "fanbase", but let's face it : Keemstar is pure trash.

We all know this old fart doesn't have a fanbase, so why is he on this list?

I'm not even sure how they're able to exist.

Why does a garden gnome have fans? - Lunala

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30 Introspecktive Fans
31 The Amazing Atheist

You are not allowed to dislike him or disagree with him. If you do, one of his rabid fans will insult you and claim that you are stupid.

I don't even disagree with some of the things he has to say, but he is so over the top, critical, and unable to see the other side that it makes him unable to bear. MrRepzion is a much more reasonable guy for the same topic. - Hajj

Way too opinionated; these fans need to realise that they're not right all the time, and have to have an open mind to new ideas.


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32 SimplyNailogical

I really do like Christine, but her fan base is so annoying. As other's have mentioned, these obnoxious 8-15 year olds insert comments into other people's videos, harassing them for not doing tutorials like Cristine. Given the age of the audience, it isn't surprising but I wish they would leave the rest of YouTube in peace and quiet

Cristine is great. The fandom isn't really that bad, I mean, I've been subbed to her even before her polish mountain videos. However, you'll see "where are my holosexuals at" on a bunch of videos.

True it gets quite annoying seeing her fans saying "where the holosexual at" on every video related with nails, Or holographic things.She's cool but I find the fandom quite annoying.

Annoying fans. Christine herself is an OK person with high quality videos but not my cup of tea. (The black holo looks amazing though but I don't have long nails). But the fans are abominations.
"its nOt hOlO its stUpiD bOriNg lOl I'm sO rAnDoM LlAmA :3"
The fanbase consists of annoying 14-17 year old girls who call themselves "holosexuals" and they're mostly phans. Definitely insanely annoying. They also post "Where da holosexuals at? XDD" on irrelevant videos - Lunala

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33 Game Theory

I personally like game theory! I try to stay away from the fandom stuff and even his comments because, honestly, everyone is either kissing the ground he walks on or asking for subscribers. It just isn't worth it, you know?

I don't really like MatPat (sorry, I meant MatPrick) that much, but I'll take him over his moronic fanbase.

Game Theory =/= Game FACT. - DCfnaf

Totally agree. Just look at Mario is mental or Rosalina unmasked. He uses the rosalina unmasked theory as a 100% true fact for his timeline theory. Kinda ironic because the name of the channel is game theory not game fact - Randomator

His fanbase can be annoying, but don't attack MatPat. He actually is quite nice. Not all his theories are ridiculous. And if you don't like his theories, then watch GTlive. - LordDovahkiin

I honestly dislike MatPat.

He goes around saying "I'm sure nobody spotted this" or "I guaranee everyone overlooked this" like his IQ is 200 or something. He has one of the biggest egos on YT, and the nickname "MatPrick" is extremely suiting. He sounds like the kind of person that's dick to people irl. His new Doctor Strange video is hell of a clickbait. It literally says "no magic" but the only thing he explains is why cities are apparently duplicated. Like what? Plus in his video about the best magical school, he sounds completely blunt and only reason people agree with him is because he is "the MatPat, the god of theories", not to mentioned Miss Peregrine's is not even a school. His voice when he says emotional stuff like "thank you guys so much for all the support! " in his DML video at the end reminds me of bad dabbing in a movie. He also mentions in the video that he wanted to be an actor at first. Nicely fits together, doesn't it? With these voice skills there is no ...more

34 DanTDM

His fans are mostly 8 year olds that can't respect a opinion!

But I really like him.

The only dantdm fans I've seen are two 8&10 year old boys and 1 six year old girl

THIS IS SO RIGHT! This one kid at my school dressed up as him because we have to dress up as a book character! I said dantdm is overrated and he called me a hater,and I don't even hate him.

Boring. He used to be a decent Minecraft/vlog youtuber before he started to play Roblox, because his mod showcases were creative. His fandom is full of whiny kids and nobody is older than 12 years old.
This happened on roblox:

Me: I hate dantdm
Kid 1: "you're Mom."
Kid 2: your a diaper fart butt
Kid 3: STABS PUNCHES - Lunala

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35 TheSyndicateProject

Not had too many problems with this fanbase.

36 People with usernames like Fall Out Pilots! At The Disco

How is that annoying? A username can't make a person annoying. I would so make my YouTube username Twenty One Hopeless Fountain Crybabies - lovefrombadlands

They spread like a terrible wildfire.

Yes those people exist - PhoebeThunderman

Thank god other people agree. Every video I go to:

"Twenty ├śne Panic! Fall Out Chemical Phan Crybabies": LOL where da phandom at |-/ - Lunala

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37 GradeAUnderA

Not too bad a fanbase. The man is smart, and he says rational things, but when he says bad stuff, the fans show that they're not necessarily the brightest, and parade around the things he said regardless of whether they're smart or stupid.

This guy's fan will literally believe anything this guy will say and will attack anyone who disagrees with grade.

Oh god yea

Welcome to the most hypocritical fanbase and the most hypocritical person who ever lived, I swear that GradeA fans will switch and abandon his channel if someone made a big rant video about him because that is how it goes in YouTube highschool system, Make alliances with other commentators, Rant about much people as you can, Take money and watch millions of sheep hailing you as a saint, GradeAunderA is neither smart (like the dumb brits that claimed he is below) nor even a good channel, He (like most pppl on YouTube) get's triggered from the smallest that hits him, If you watched his (YouTube drama rant) he stated in the biggenning he got hate because of pewdiepie and markiplier becuase *drums* a couple of YouTube comments, Like dude, If I meeted you in person I would send you slapping you curry monkey ass back to Pakistan just because of how stuypid you are, He made fun of Markiplier's looks even though he never showed his face until recent videos came out and became popular (IRONY! ...more

38 TheBajanCanadian

Congrats friend you are. Part of the few fans that aren't idiots

Didn't know this guy's fans were still active. Probably still kids, I guess.

I'm a fan of Mitch, and I hate almost all of his fanbase.

Dying channel - Lunala

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39 JoeyGraceffa

Well my friend said he's pretty bad so... I can't be bothered watching him WATCH DAN AND PHIL INSTEAD

Awful fanbase.

His fans think he's absolutly perfect and use his looks to justify everything

40 Mario Teh Plumber

He sucks nobody likes him. He is hitler reincarnated - Lunala

Racist, stupid, bashes games he says he likes, he literally bashed the best sonic game ever! Adventure 2. Anywho, he's just a jerk, he's also sexist.

He call every female character hentai!

The greatest Sonic game is Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles). The Sonic Adventure duology is an honorable mention (especially their original Dreamcast releases).

Classic Sonic aspects > their Modern Sonic versions

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