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41 My Chemical Romance

I love their music but it's so stupid like the whole band were so unhappy and the fanbase always forces the revival of their band it's just so stupid

They're a legend.

Oh how annoying My Chemical Romance's fanbase is. Mostly teenage girls who believe their music is "art" and stuff. I understand if you like them, but they are done. Over. It may be time to evolve and listen to music that's, hum, I don't know... Maybe, not from years ago? Oh, also, maybe if their fans could just look for new stuff instead of nowaday's overplayed music, that'd be cool.

42 Super Minecraft Kid

Does he even have any fans?

43 Bronies Bronies
44 Clannad: After Story

If you think the Clannad fanbase is bad, you should remember The Lion King's fanbase. That's a million times worse than Clannad's. And it's still going. They won't accept that there are better Disney films than The Lion King, or even animated films. I used to like The Lion King, but now it just annoys me. At least most Clannad fans admit that there are much better anime.

Praise the Lord. This fan base is actually annoying. They called me autistic for not liking clannad After Story. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Dude why is this here? This list is for YOUTUBER fanbases, not anime. Dumbasses

45 Bart Baker Bart Baker

Bart Baker isn't funny anymore.

Hate you bart baker!


I LOVE Bart Baker!

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46 Gligar13Vids

So petty, biased, and hates everything that's not indie/super innovative.

47 VenturianTale

They can't even spell correctly, form a cohesive sentence, they normally spam exclamation points... They're all so childish.

Hey. They are just people who wan adventures.

48 Yandere Simulator

If you even dare criticise this game or it's 'developer', you're going to get a crowd of edgy preteens hunting you down. They (not all of them) kiss the ground YandereDev walks on, and take his every word as gospel. Excuse me if I'm being biased and salty, but YandereDev isn't that good of a person which just makes it even more irritating how they'll see him being constantly condescending (even to his own fans) and doing plain stupid things (and then pretending he's in the right) and spout off the same over-defensive comebacks that the rest of the fandom has hand-fed to them. It's more of a religion than a fanbase. - daddyemojipasta

The game involves KILLING CATS and creepily stalking some guy. Yep totally not creepy at all god the game sucks and the fans are annoying and post inappropiate pictures. Also the "Yandere-Chan X Senpai" ship is ONE SIDED. Even Ash X Serena is better than that. - Lunala


I hate the fangirls of this game, it's so annoying and they everday on the wikia page said Ayando blah blah blah Ayando blah blah blah Ayando, sorry, that ship will never come true and Devpai will not accept it. - Dandere Dev

49 Behind The Meme


50 The Lion King

This fanbase is horrible on many levels and they not only treat TLK like it's the best animated movie ever made, but they also treat it like it's a documentary (which it is neither of those). It is so annoying.

The people who voted for this on THIS LIST FOR YOUTUBERS... You're all cancerous

Last I checked, "The Lion King" isn't a youtuber with a massive fanbase.

They call anyone who hates tlk A jerk or troll. Movie isn't too bad thoufh - Lunala

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51 taylorswiftVEVO
52 FlithyFrankTV

Honestly no, FilthyFrank has never been responsible of growing those teens, He regularly talked about them and how cancerous they are, At least frank is not targeting a specific persona like all cancerous ranters (hell even iDubbbz) and seriously, Frank is just a character, Joji is a much nicer person as people claim, So he just do it for the goofs and gaffs (Much like h3h3), Yes to a normal person frank fans just want to roast you for the slightest possible chance as much as they can, But it's all part of their dark humor, Much like papa franku, Most do this for the memes, I mean , Don't tell me that these dead baby jokes are actually meant, If you think so then you are retarded...Sorry 4 that.

Eventually they'll grow up; he attracts angsty teens who spam his memes all the time. They'll grow up faster than the RiceGum and Leafy kids.

A bunch of 15-year-olds who try to be edgy.

53 Nash Grier Nash Grier Nash Grier is an American Internet personality. He became known for his online Vine videos in early 2013.

His fans are like Directioners, Beliebers, Twilight fans, and Swifties combined into one. I don't hate or like Nash Grier but his fans are barbaric. They send death threats to anyone who hates Nash Grier and if you try to knock any sense into them they will continue to send you death threats "I don't care about your opinion kill yourself" many of them love to say that awful sentence.

54 Pooh's Adventures
55 FouseyTube

These fans are the worst

The fans aren't that bad, compared to others. Fousey himself is probably worse than his fans, to be honest.

This fanbase is worse than Keemstar's and Leafy's combined.

56 Mario fan28 V 1 Comment
57 Misha Fans

"He's just a little kid! " or "Come on, people! The Pokemon Go song was cute! " Oh my God they are just...

Every day! I play Pokemon Gooo! - lovefrombadlands

58 TheMysteriousMrEnter

He went out of his way to not understand jokes in Seth Macfarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy!

59 Yanderedev

He's been working on a game since 2014, raking in money on Patreon and YouTube... and the demo's not even half done yet. He's rude to the people he makes a living off, whines and complains while streaming all night and makes really creepy comments about little girls in video games.

And if you ask a polite question about his specific goals for the game, you get a vague, defensive answer and a horde of angry prepubescents ranting at you for insulting "Devpai". Yes, that's his actual nickname.

60 stampylonghead

While I do enjoy his videos, his fanbase makes me sick. The entire comment section consists of prepubescent kids saying things to try to get into Stampy's "Love Garden". - thunderstar1124

His fans are a bunch of 6 year olds. - Randomator

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