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1 My pet died today. Can I get a thousand likes?

Oh, I should show respect to my amazing pet by using them for likes & popularity instead of grieving for them! - RoseWeasley

How did he die? Show us proof, Disliked either way.

NEVER use your pet as a source to gain likes! - shawnmccaul22

If you use anyone’s death as a way to get likes anywhere, you are sick! - 3DG20

2 Like if you are watching in (insert current year)!

It's not that instresting who's watching a video in what year...

3 It's my birthday. Can I get a thousand likes?

Most of the time, it's not their birthday. - anonygirl

4 Like: Get kissed by your CRUSH Ignore: Die at 5:00 a.m.

Annoying commenter: If you don’t like this comment, you will die at 5 AM.
Me: *Ignores*

At 5:01 AM

Me: Aw, man! I thought it was going to work!

Jk - 3DG20

5 Like if you agree!
6 Like if you exist

Ignore this if the worthless comment is a waste of existence.

7 Like and I will subscribe to your channel.

This is infinitely worse when they make comments like this on your own videos. It's always nice to see comments, but I can deal with one less sub! - Rocko

8 LIKE TO GET $1,000,000,000,000 FREE

YouTube rekted you guys! Real PewDiePie has a checkmark icon. - BorisRule

This doesn’t work anymore. The real PewDiePie has a checkmark beside his name. - 3DG20

10 Like or I will hack your electronic device.

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What kind of sick and twisted comment is this? That's bloody discusting!

12 Like this or... don’t? Nothing will happen either way.

This one makes sense. - BorisRule

13 Like or I will FYRITP
14 Like or Die
15 LB
16 Like or Go to Hell
17 Like or F Off
18 Like this if you want a kiss
19 Like for a free hug
20 Like this or you will die
21 Like this or have (insert number) years of bad luck
22 1 LIKE = 1 HEART
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