Most Annoying YouTube Video Types

Youtube is invaded with annoying types of videos, let's talk about them

The Top Ten Most Annoying YouTube Video Types

1 3AM videos

Hate them - THEEPICDUDE990

2 Click bait videos

Yeah clickbait can be annoying sometimes, like fake thumbnail or titles - trains45

Lol I meant “Clickbait” but I accidentally pressed space - THEEPICDUDE990

3 Videos with terrible camera stabilization
4 GoAnimate Grounded Videos

How to make a GoAnimate Grounded video:

1. Use a character from a kids show. (Dora, Caillou etc.)
2. Make them do something “bad”.
3. Make their parents say, “How dare you (insert bad action here)! You are grounded (500x) for (insert insanely large number here) years/decades/centuries! Go to bed now! ”

There you have it! Your very own GoAnimate Grounded video! - 3DG20

5 Videos with terrible angles
6 Videos with awful quality

Yeah sometimes it can suck - trains45

7 Bratayley videos

Those stupid fakers. - PuppyLove123

8 "Getting a puppy/kitten/pony" videos
9 [Blank] but every time videos

You have no idea how much I hate these types of youtube videos - MilkyandCookies

I don't mind these - Jasmine21064

10 Vlogs that broadcast every second of their life

The Contenders

11 Those cringey-type Minecraft videos
12 Bad quality rant videos
13 Videos that have bad lighting
14 Animal Jam videos
15 Videos of poop being flushed down the toilet

What I never heard of this type of video, I wouldn't watch it - trains45

What? These exist?

16 Videos that cuss a lot

I agree It can be hard to watch - trains45

17 Videos with a watermark that can easily be seen
18 Badly animated kids videos
19 Vacation videos

I like seeing videos of Vegas in the 90s

20 Chipmunked songs

Ikr? They're the most pointless videos I've seen in my entire life! They ruin original songs by making the pitch higher. I hate them!

21 Animated Parody Videos
22 Videos with so much instant replays
23 Gacha life videos
24 Videos Related to Baldi's Basics

All these videos that are related to that game are clickbait.

25 Object Shows
26 Toy Videos
27 Shipping videos
28 Toilet videos
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