Top Ten Most Annoying YouTubers That Try Too Hard to Be Funny


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1 McJuggernuggets

To me he seems like one of those people who take everything you say seriously and can't take a joke. I just don't like him. Plus if it weren't for the psycho videos he is a nobody on YouTube - ChickenKing

He is a person in his 20s with the mental capacity of a 10 year-old. He always plays the victim and can't function on his own.

Just his name makes him annoying.

This guy is a total loser. He still lives with his parents, he went to university even though he sits in his room playing video games all day, and most of the psycho videos are crap and don’t make sense! I’m planning on making a list on the worst psycho videos. - Geckovirus

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2 Venturiantale

What is with the hate? They have made me laugh harder than I ever had before!

Exactly! VenturianTale is great, they make videos for everyone! No matter how young or old. Most people are just hating on them for the sake of hating. - swift104

These guys actually used to be funny. Until they started to do fnaf. Then there channel went down hill. I want the old venturiantale back. And venturian if you're reading this I want the old you back. Bring him back please

Venturiantale is the nicest funniest YouTubers that don't swear. They SO NOT TRY TOO HARDDSS

I cannot stand them all together. They all speak nonsense and yell over eachother like competing for attention. I hate hate hate the girl who uses that childish voice. She is so fake. If you can't be yourself then go away because your not funny being FAKE!

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3 Game Theory

His theories suck and so do his jokes. - ClicheUsername69

I never liked him to be honest. - nintendofan126

I remember when this channel had integrity.

His jokes are funny. I really don't think he tries to hard. Besides, he isn't always wrong in his theories. He's a nice person. If you don't like his theories, watch GTlive. - LordDovahkiin

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4 Vanossgaming

"People in this comment list need to learn proper grammar before going on websites and sharing opinions."

There are times where he's flat out hilarious, but nowadays, not so much. - MKBeast

He's pretty funny, sometimes the laughing gets pretty annoying. - AlphaQ


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5 Miranda Sings/Glozell Green

She is an okay one to hang around. Until u watch the videos that are just plane out boring. Her voice sounds like a clown choking on a lion mauling its throat. And her black women counterpart Glozell Green makes the gimmick that more worst. But hey Glozell made Mirandas look a little less special. If this is a dressing trend Miranda would have to do a tutorial on how to look like a A clown on Meth to all the little boys and girls. - Jahni200

She tries way to hard to be funny but fails. - emilk

I have one of her parody stuck in my head

I think her lips are huge - AlphaQ

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6 Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson Ray William Johnson is an American actor, comedian, producer, director, writer and rapper, who is perhaps best known for his YouTube channel, Ray William Johnson, and his web series on that channel, Equals Three.

It's the crew, not the person himself.

I like he puts to much effort into a video its offers his trying tooo HARD!

Ray william johnson and his crew are porbably the most annoying out there. Kelly and Ray are doing just fine ontthe comedic assetzbut you can't go wrong without a bannana thrown at you every now and again. LITERALLY I mean who picked this cast?! - Jahni200

7 Zaju37

He is just starting out, and his story is great! Can't wait for his next episode!

He isn't funny, he just creates poorly made fnaf SFMS for subscribers. I also like how he joined in early 2015, and gained subs quickly.

! Its just so hard damn hard to watch. The SFM animation is so limited and comedic aspect is horrible. Stick with action please,because this channel just reeks of giving a bad name to a good thing. - Jahni200

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8 Onision

Onision I don't think he is funny all the time, but I do find myself laughing at quite a few things. I find he is just entertaining to watch. I don't think he should be so high up on this list as there are many other YouTubers that try to hard. - Asuko

It's not trying too hard. It's called having a spine. He isn't afraid to say what's on his mind and doesn't care who he offends because he doesn't have to care. Deal with it

He's a hater and his options and points are irrelevant


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9 Connor Franta Connor Franta

I do not think Connor should be on this list. There is a difference from being a try hard and pushing yourself to the best of your ability as Connor does. He is raw and has pure talent such as photography and writing he is more then what you see through his also amazing videos. He is super isnpiring and my role model. He even has a book which I read and it was written so well and has helped me so much with topics like the stuggle of fitting in and discovering yourself. I love Connor so much and he helped me more then he will ever know and it breaks my heart to see someone like him on this list.

I don't think he's trying to hard at all; Connor just has a relatable and funny personality. In fact, most of the time, he's just talking to the camera and being himself. If you find that trying too hard, then I don't know what else doesn't count.

Why is he even on this list he is queen

What? he doesn't even try at all to be funny! he's a genuine guy - johnbraganza

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10 Pewdiepie Pewdiepie Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known by his online alias PewDiePie, is a Swedish web-based comedian and video producer, best known for his Let's Play commentaries and vlogs on YouTube. He is known for being the most subscribed-to YouTuber on the website, earning over 50 million subs.

Pewdiepie might come off as trying too hard, but that's because he does. He tries too hard for a good reason. He wants to make great videos, he tries to be funny, and he tries to be a good person. Pewdiepie is funny, but he can come off as trying too hard. What do I think? I disagree. Sorry!

PewDiePie... PewDiePie. His jokes... Sorry, screams are getting a bit too old. Sorry Bros, call me a hater but I don't think he has the comedy that others do. Plus... He inspires some of the worse games out there... Goat Simulator was a mess, I'm not going to excuse it because of Pewds... Sorry, no can do.

He gains the minds of kids by screaming and just making loud noises, but the editing is God awful it's just hard cuts and an occasional zoom in, it requires no skill to be a YouTube gamer, especially when you intertwine it with comedy that's half the time dick jokes and the other half fake over reactions, he doesn't deserve to be the number one most subbed when he has absolutely no talent

Haters WILL ALWAYS HATE YOU he can never be funny no matter how hard he tries

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11 JackSepticEye

No he does not belong on this list. I love how some of the best you tubers are on here Pewdiepie, Smosh, JackSepticEye, Jenna Marbles, How to Basic, Bart Baker, Connor Franta and many more. They don't deserve to be on this list they work very hard on all of their videos and they expect what to do next or how well they did on producing their videos. - SeandeLlama

What? Jack is great, he tries hard. There a lot of other stupid YouTubers like Sam Pepper but NOO, the good YouTubers are the ones voted for

Jack is my favorite and I think he's naturally funny though not often. He's awesome once you get to know him since I didn't like him when I first saw him. But his humor is good - AlphaQ

He actually doesn't intend to be funny, he just acts normal. - AlphaQ

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12 Lugeyps3

She just screams every time any wrestler is making their entrance and it's annoying

Her lame ways of being cool, and trying to do to much with her channel is exactly whh she is on this list. I mean why the hell would you rub your success into others faces. - Jahni200

What? She's awesome and pretty!

She is your prototypical kid wrestling fan. corny. over the top. a john cena mark, not surprisingly.

13 games
14 LeafyIsHere

Some of his arguments have a point, but he occasionally harasses YouTubers with bad quality videos and makes fun of autistic, mentally challenged or disabled people.

He is funny, but his fans are 12 year olds who think suicide is funny

I don't like him because he bullies lite kids

Pure trash

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15 Bart Baker Bart Baker

He tries to make his jokes sound funnier by making faces that no joke look like he's constipated. He can't song for crap. If you met him in real life I guarantee his joke would sound like the most try hardest at the party. He doesn't have any original ideas because all he does is play off what everybody already thinks about the singer he's parodying. He adds those stupid skits at the end (probably for more ad revenue) and gets the worst actors on YouTube to be in them... oh wait HE is the worst actor on YouTube. He had JAKE PAUL in one of his videos. His channel is two words. Pure. Cringe.

I wish he'd cool it with the cross-dressing. And sometimes his lyrics make fun of the artist rather than the song. Other than that, I must admit, he is hardworking and good at what he does. - keycha1n

He used to do cool parodies but now he just turned into a parody himself. All he does is talk about the people he uses for his parodies.

He's funny but tries a BIT too hard. Especially with the cross dressing. - AlphaQ

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16 HowToBasic

He is so disgusting that my stomach was hurting me while I'm watching his videos. He is a retarded guy who always makes disgusting things like throwing eggs and putting meat in the toilet. This guy deserves to be the worst YouTube channel than any other YouTuber I have seen in my life. He also destroyed his own Xbox 360 and peed on it. t his should close his channel. I don't want to see his channel appearing on YouTube AGAIN!

He's crazy. The only think I see in his videos are a first person naked guy smashing things especially food. - AlphaQ

I wouldn't say he's retarded but he sure is disgusting

Despite the stupid content, I find myself enjoying the dumb stuff that he does in the videos. - kempokid

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17 Shane Dawson

Ever since he came out the closet (even before that) everything that comes out his mouth are corny gay jokes and stupid gay sayings that have nothing to do with him or his lifestyle at all, he might as well get a shirt that says "cultural appropriation" and use it in all his videos, there's a difference between showing support and appreciation to a certain lifestyle or community and just being annoying, stupid and disrespectful.

And he tries way too hard with his jokes and corny thumbnails nowadays, that was funny in 2007 not now.

Shane shouldn't even be on this list.

Shouldn't be on this

He's not even that good.

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18 Nicole Arbour

Her voice is annoying, her "jokes" make no sense and the only way she can get attention is to be controversial. - MKBeast

This JUST showed up? The abuser of one of my favorite YouTuber is deserving of the top 5 spot

She makes really bad videos that offends a lot of people, she abused another YouTuber, which sucks

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19 Filthy Frank

He is hilarious. If you don't like him, just don't watch him. - scarmark

20 Fred Figglehorn Fred Figglehorn

Figglehorn is a dumb surname and is probably made up. - AlphaQ

Is he even relevant in 2016?

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