Top Ten Most Annoying Yugioh Cards

I've been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! For at least 9 years now so I though it would appropriate to make this list. Feel free to leave your feedback. Also, this list covers the most ANNOYING cards, not the worst or most useless.

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21 Swords of Revealing Light

This card is such a annoyance especially if you have nothing to stop it.

Annoying when your opponent uses it

Help stall to get more monsters

Little bitch swords FUUU - ALL_HAIL_LELOUCH

22 Crush Card Virus

I know it's banned, but this card was legal a couple years back & whether it's banned or not, it's still a huge game-breaking trap card. - PlaystationArchfiend

Actually the reason it is limited now is because its effect was changed so now it's a risk to use it

Actually this is a great card. It isn't banned it is limited

23 The Dark Master Exodia


24 Change of Heart

I activate change of heart on your dark magician, attack you with him and then tribute him gah I'll rip your face off!

Haha, I have change of heart! Say bye to silfer the sky dragon! I take control of it, and tribute it HA-HA-HA

25 Self-Destruct Button

Let's say you're about to win, the opponent activates this card and boom the duel's over and it's a tie that's literally what it does! How is this not on the list! That's my question if you restart the duel what is the opponent gonna do? Use it again!

This card is basically used as a trolling tool to piss you off.

Srly I love dis here card. I played a game with my bro online at the dual network with it, and we where playing for over an hour an he was winning so I used this on him and he raged so much it was comical. srly if you use a LP burn try this card.

26 Scapegoat

Waste of four turns.


Me: "Gee, it seems you activated my face down card." *4 cute little sheep pop onto the field* "Have fun."

(I sit on Scapegoat for four turns while my brother angrily attacks them.)

My brother: *Attacks last scapegoat* HAHA, you're dead next turn!

Me: OK. My turn. *set one* End.

My brother: MY TURN! *draws like an ape on meth* BATTLE PHASE! I ATTACK YOU DIRECTLY.

Me: Mirror Wall. GG.


27 Judgement Dragon

Not as bad as Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End, but still something to watch out for.

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28 Wall of Revealing Light

This card is so annoying it restricts you from attacking with powerful monsters and gives your opponent enough time to destroy/summon a more powerful monster.

It restricts your attack and let's your opponent have enough time to destroy your monster/summon a more powerful monster.

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29 Honest

This card wrecks gAmes

Won me loads of games!

Just visualize you've got F.G.D on the field and about to attack a neos and outta nowhere your opponent yells" I activate Honest's effect and neos gains 5000 atk points and destroys your fgd 😢😢

30 Snatch Steal

Every time my oponent uses this card I quit the game

31 Call of the Haunted

Everyone uses it all the time it's annoying

32 Mirror Force

Your opponent just has to activate it the turn you get 5' cards on the field. It negates my attack, and leaves my field open for my opponent to rush me with.

Mirror Force should be on the list of forbidden cards, if you know what a forbidden card is. If you want a trap card that's not annoying, I would recommend Luminize. It stops an attack and you get to increase the attack points of one of your own monsters.

Among the not-forbidden cards, this is by far the cheapest and overpowered card. And now you can have 2 in the regular deck! What were they thinking? - MetalGurja

It's like you're just about to win and then puff there's that trap card

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33 Ordeal of a Traveler

Yeah, I nearly destroyed you, oh wait, I have to guess what card type you have? Fine, monster. Wrong?!

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34 Level Limit - Area B

Oh yeah, I have that card, I don't use it because it states that ALL, (including yours)face up monsters level 4 or higher remain in defense position.

35 Gravity Bind

As someone who relies on level 4+ monsters for most things, I can say that this card is absolute cancer, especially when your opponent can attack you directly and you can't do anything but wait until you draw something to destroy this card.

I had the card I used to activate it and then I couldn't attack:(

36 Magician of Black Chaos

It's easy to summon

37 Yata Garasu

All I can say is this card will annoy the crap out of you. It's almost impossible to destroy and it attacks directly

Combine this with Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End in a combo and your opponent's guaranteed to rage out.

Win's games by itself. If that's not OP, I don't know what is

Its annoying

38 Evilswarm Exciton Knight

Destroy the field with 2 lv4 mons. Really annoying.

39 Revival Jam

It will always reform itself - trainerd6

So annying! So many combos that make you instoppable

You can't destroy it and it can beat an Egyptian god card. How can a little card beat one of the most powerful Yu-Gi-Oh cards? 😕

40 Burden of the Mighty

Cripples all of your strong cards. The stronger the card the more attack it loses. It drives me insane every time my friend uses this card!

Honestly rank monsters aren't effected by this since it only affects level monsters

I have it and I love it but it's so annoying when somebody else plays it lol

I made a kiroboh able to beat a blue eyes white dragon with this and one ecuipe spell card it was aseome

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