Top Ten Most Annoying Zodiac Sign Stereotypes

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1 Aries are impulsive
2 Tauruses are stubborn

I'm stubborn but I'm an aquaris

Lol this one applies to me. I’m quite stubborn

3 Geminis are two-faced

Most of the Geminis I met were two-faced, but it's still annoying

4 Cancers are overly emotional

Actually, most serial killers are cancers, and most of them become killers because of their emotions

Especially since the opposite is true

5 Leos are conceited

I'm a Leo, and I'll admit that I'm overly proud and won't accept help because of it, but I'm not vain. Who cares about make-up? BOOKS ARE WAY BETTER

I'm a Leo and I'll admit I'm a little conceited.

I'm a Leo and I'm not at all egoistical.

6 Virgos are perfectionists

I am a virgo and I am a perfectionist

Yeah, I’m a Virgo and I’m definitely not a perfectionist

7 Scorpios are dark and mysterious

It isn't fair to say they are "dark and mysterious" it simply isn't true. The truth is: they are:
Calculating manipulative; argumentative; opinionated; sly; boastful; creatures with hardly any morals unless it suits them. They will start wars and sit back on the side line and watch the fallout. They are also jealous and vindictive.
And that's just the pleasant side of them. Anyone who is reading this and has the misfortune to hold this star sign, will never outwardly agree to all these traits about them, but inside, they are a raging fireball because they know that this is all true. And the truth hurts.

My dad is a Scorpio, and he is the kindest, most caring person in the world. He isn't rude or manipulative or arrogant or evil. He is amazing, and I think this stereotype is a bunch of trash.

Possessive, manipulative, jealous, egotistical, attention seekers. There have been many scorpios in my life, and I've found ALL of these negative and disgusting characteristics within their personality. They're just not very nice people to be around.

No!My best friend Gianna is Scorpio and she is not dark or mysterious and she has a great talent of telling jokes

8 Libras are indecisive

I am Libra and I won the Quick Decision reward at school 5 months in a row!

9 Sagittarius are mean
10 Capricorns are cold to others
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11 Aquarians are weird

I know someone in real life who is an Aquarius and she would probably hate this stereotype - Heedrie

12 Tauruses are food-obsessed

I'm very taurus (I'm stubborn, I hate being wrong more than anything, my favorite color is green, etc.) but I don't like eating very much

I'm a taurus and this is a mood

13 Pisces are weak crybabies

My mother is a pisces and she is anything but a weak crybaby

14 Sagittariuses are not sensitive

My sagittarius boyfriend cries around 70 times a day. What's your zodiac sign? Do you cry a lot?

15 Capricorns love money

I know a Capricorn and he is very stingy - Heedrie

16 Virgos are clean-freaks

I am a virgo and I despise cleaning

17 Pisces are sensitive
18 Aquarians are emotionless

I am an Aquarius and I have emotions, might not show them a lot but there still there, and I'm kinda said this wasnt on the list when I first looked I had to add it on I see this stereotype a lot

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