Most Annoying Zombies In Plants vs Zombies 2

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21 Rodeo Legend Zombie (Wild West)

Picture the regular bull, and then make it faster, tougher and make smash the first plant it encounters. And you get the Rodeo Legend. He is by far the worst zombie in any world expansion. But the worst part is that after he throws his rider, he takes a few steps forward, starts charging AGAIN, smashes a plant, and repeat. On a scale of 1 to 10, he is at -8/10.

22 Newspaper Zombie (Modern Day)

Becomes angry when newspaper is broken!

23 Chicken Zombie (Wild West)

" run at full speed across three or more lanes of your lawn "
" even though their fragile to me the person that created them... I don't know what they were thinking"

24 Relic Hunter Zombie (Lost City)

This dude has the health of a conehead and just swings past defenses like Tarzan.

25 Rally Zombie (All Worlds)

Basically a more agressivr flag Zombie. Higher health, more speed and chews plants like an angered Newspaper Zombie!

26 Camel Zombie (Ancient Egypt)
27 Turquoise Skull Zombie (Lost City)

Steals your sun and then shoots a blue laser that destroy multiple plants in lane! OH NO!

28 Excavator Zombie (Lost City)

Digs plants and block projectiles. Damn it.

29 All-Star Zombie (Modern Day)

Tackle straight to your defense! Touchdown!

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