Top Ten Answers to "What Was Your Favorite Part of the Adventure" In Dora the Explorer

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1 When you died

Yes! YES! I do this all the time!

2 Nothing

I know it's a baby show, but Dora is lame. - RiverClanRocks

3 I liked the part where the Spy backstabbed you

I'm talking about the Spy from TF2 - AlexImmortal420

4 My favorite part was where Swiper stole Boots
5 Where you listened to Family Reunion by blink-182 and fainted at the number of swear words in that song
6 I liked the part when all the inanimate objects beat you up
7 My favorite part was when the Backpack gave you a present, and that present was a bomb
8 When Swiper swiped you


9 When Benny poked you with a stick

And it had spikes!

Benny from The Lego Movie?


10 When you were set on fire

The Contenders

11 When Boots kicked you over and pooped all over you

This list is just packed with so much maturity. - Puga

That's a lie, but this option is funny!

12 When you burned the map in a fire

LOL Yes! I'm the.
Me: I DON'T CARE! (Shoves Map)

13 When you fell into a paper manufacturer
14 When you got massacred
15 When Boots got stabbed

Maybe from tf2?

16 When it was finally over
17 Watching you explode
18 When you fell off the bridge
19 When you got lost in the forest
20 When the bear ate you
21 When your show got cancelled
22 When you fell off a tightrope and fell into cow poop.

More like a pie from Benny's butt! LOL

23 When you and Boots blew up.
24 When I killed you.
25 When you went to hell.
26 When mashtooth sliced you in half with his sword

When starfy killed you

He was from starfy?

27 When you fell in a volcano and died.
28 When sticks the badger mauled you and then threw you into a volcano
29 When this adventure was over
30 The Part When You Got Deported by Donald Trump

Even though I hate Donald Trump, I gotta say it�"BURN! - Cesium

31 When You Got Grounded by Your Mother and You Can't Even Go Exploring Anymore
32 When You Got High Off of Countless Drugs
33 The Part When Saitama from One Punch Punched You Into a Building
34 I liked the part where the Map directed you to somewhere where you get arrested for J-Walking
35 The part when Spongebob threw you into Bikini Bottom and then you drowned
36 When Zeus smites you
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1. When you died
2. My favorite part was where Swiper stole Boots
3. Where you listened to Family Reunion by blink-182 and fainted at the number of swear words in that song


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