Top Ten Best Answers When Someone Comments "First!"


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1 Blue Shell

I'm gonna need a million of these to throw at any idiot who says this - TwilightKitsune

I'm gonna say this whenever someone on youtube says First! - Cartoonfan202

You are awesome my friend. - DCfnaf

This is genius. - Drawbox

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2 This is not a competition

Yeah, this isn't a competition! - TrueWolf99

Who cares, you're not going to win an award. - Catacorn

3 No one cares

This is 100% true. Nobody in this whole world cares that you commented first on a YouTube video.

4 The one that posted the video is always the first one :P

When you add the :P you sound so friendly. - Catacorn

5 Just Shut Up
6 Stupid
7 Yeah, sure
8 And who cares?
9 Biggest accomplishment you'll ever achieve

Added roast

Roasted! - Ottercreekk

10 Oh My God, Who The Hell Cares?

This one is just perfect, Family Guy Fans! - DCfnaf

Salvatore approves

The Contenders

11 I don't give a s***

Seriously, no one does

12 You're first to be deported by Donald Trump
13 Good, bye! :)
14 Can I beat your ass?

Damn it, I'm choking on a hot dog! - YouShallEatPoopy

15 First to Eat My Shorts
16 First to Kiss Justin Bieber
17 Get a life
18 Seriously dude, you have nothing better to do than announce you're the first commenter?
19 Explain your motives behind this.
20 Expectus
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