Top Ten Best Answers When Someone Comments "First!"


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1 Blue Shell

I'm gonna need a million of these to throw at any idiot who says this - TwilightKitsune

I'm gonna say this whenever someone on youtube says First!

You are awesome my friend. - DCfnaf

I'm going to type this. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

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2 This is not a competition

Yeah, this isn't a competition! - TrueWolf99

Who cares, you're not going to win an award. - Catacorn

3 No one cares

This is 100% true. Nobody in this whole world cares that you commented first on a YouTube video.

Exactly. - Gehenna

4 The one that posted the video is always the first one :P

When you add the :P you sound so friendly. - Catacorn

You're right, SECOND!

5 Just Shut Up
6 Stupid
7 Yeah, sure
8 And who cares?
9 Biggest accomplishment you'll ever achieve


Added roast

Roasted! - Ottercreekk

10 Oh My God, Who The Hell Cares?

This one is just perfect, Family Guy Fans! - DCfnaf

Salvatore approves

The Contenders

11 I don't give a s***

Seriously, no one does

12 You're first to be deported by Donald Trump
13 Good, bye! :)
14 Can I beat your ass?
15 First to Eat My Shorts
16 First to Kiss Justin Bieber
17 No you're not.


18 Get a life
19 Seriously dude, you have nothing better to do than announce you're the first commenter?
20 Explain your motives behind this.
21 Expectus
22 First to suck balls
23 Congratulations! You just discovered how to make people hate you!
24 Shut the f*** up
25 That's great. I got friends.
26 Comment that on some new non popular video
27 First to Reply
28 First to get lost
29 Yay! No One Cares!
30 Who Are You, The President?
31 First to Watch Foodfight?
32 With your looking ass
33 (Sarcastically) Woo Hoo!
34 Stop attention whoring.
35 You heartless monster
36 Your prize is to drink toilet water
37 (insert really high number)th!
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