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1 Jackie Evancho's third studio album

This girl seriously "kicks butt" in the studio - but she blows you into the stratosphere when experiencing her in a live performance! Her voice is from another world. She is just incredible beyond description - in vocal ability, in poise, elegance and stage presence, and in physical beauty.

She's already recording original material for the next album due out late 2014.

People travel thousands of miles and cross oceans just to experience a soon to be 14 year old girl sing in a way that has never, ever, been experienced before. This upcoming CD is certainly the most anticipated in 2014.

The album is called "Awakening." - BobG

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2 Linkin Park's sixth studio album

I really wanna add Breaking Benjamin's fifth studio album too, but at this moment in time we don't actually know if that's happening, nor do we know that it's gonna be released in 2014 even if it does happen. I hope we can hear more from BB soon. - EvilAngel

Was sooo hyped for this. But then it came out. Wasn't necessarily bad, but it could have been WAY better. There were only 4 good songs in the entire album. The rest was garbage. - Alpha101

3 Slipknot's fifth studio album
4 Bullet For My Valentine's fifth studio album
5 Black Veil Brides' fourth studio album
6 While She Sleeps' second studio album
7 Pink Floyd's fifteenth studio album

How is this at 8th place? Who cares about Slipknot and Red Hot Chili Peppers compared to this? I mean, really! Their first album after 20 years! - SammySpore

This is an album that released by Pink Floyd after 20 years. Should be the best!

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8 Axewound's second studio album
9 Red Hot Chili Peppers' eleventh studio album
10 Silencer's first studio album

The guys who made the song "Regret". - EvilAngel

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11 Celtic Woman's ninth studio album

Celtic Woman is simply fantastic!

They are simply the best!

12 Rihanna's Eighth Studio Album
13 Dead by Sunrise's second studio album
14 Iron Maiden's sixteenth studio album
15 Limp Bizkit's seventh studio album
16 System of a Down's sixth studio album
17 Foo Fighters' eighth studio album

Remember the Foo's seventh album "Wasting Light" back in 2011? Remember how it was No. 1 in 12 countries and was recorded on analog tape in a garage? Well, Dave Grohl himself says this new album is a "one-up" on WL, it's almost guaranteed more ass will be kicked than ever before!

18 Adele's third studio album
19 Seether's sixth studio album
20 Lana Del Rey's third studio album

Despite what some people think about her, she is the best new artist out there.

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1. Linkin Park's sixth studio album
2. Bullet For My Valentine's fifth studio album
3. Slipknot's fifth studio album
1. Linkin Park's sixth studio album
2. Dead by Sunrise's second studio album
3. Slipknot's fifth studio album
1. Jackie Evancho's third studio album
2. Rihanna's Eighth Studio Album
3. Pink Floyd's fifteenth studio album



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