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21 Lana Del Rey's third studio album

Despite what some people think about her, she is the best new artist out there.

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22 Green Day's twelfth studio album
23 U2's thirteenth studio album
24 AC/DC's fifteenth studio album
25 Shakira's tenth studio album
26 Take That's seventh studio album
27 Rise Against's seventh studio album
28 The Cure's fourteenth studio album
29 The Birthday Massacre's Sixth Studio Album
30 Gerard Way's first solo album
31 Tool's fifth studio album

We have been waiting 8 years, 8 YEARS! Since their last masterpiece, 10000 Days. Anyway, Maynard always give us wonderful music, and it doesn't matter how much time they need to make it, Tool's music is always, something we must thanks

32 Metallica's tenth studio album
33 Ariana Grande's Second Studio Album
34 Michael Jackson's 2nd Posthumous Album
35 Taylor Swift's fifth studio album

Taylor swift is the best! I love and adore her so much she's really a girl who got talent and deserve to be praised

36 Jennifer Lopez's eighth studio album
37 Madonna's thirteenth studio album
38 Nicki Minaj's third studio album

I hope to god it is nowhere near the same as Pink Friday Roman Reloaded.

PositronWildhawk Who would wait for an iggy album.. Take your dildo and shove it into your dad's ass..

Why would you wait for crap like this? - PositronWildhawk

I can't wait. I just can't.

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39 Coldplay's sixth studio album

Ghost Stories came out already

40 Kelly Clarkson's sixth studio album

She could do great things for her career if this album is good - greatesttop10s

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