Most Anticipated Albums of 2017


The Top Ten

1 Dream Machine - Tokio Hotel Dream Machine - Tokio Hotel

Well, in the end it was not one of their strongest albums. Sure, it was perfectly produced, written and performed, but I don't feel that certain energy and melodrama the band once had. Even on KoS, which was also electronic, the songs felt anthemic. As the title suggests, Dream Machine is more dream like. That still is good music, but I have hoped it would at least continue KoS's style, if not going back to the roots. - Martin_Canine

2 Started from the Bottom / KrabbenKoke Tape - SpongeBozz Started from the Bottom / KrabbenKoke Tape - SpongeBozz

SpongeBozz announced he will release a double album in a limited box. But on the other hand the two discs have different titles ("Started from the Bottom" and "KrabbenKoke Tape") and clearly follow different themes. In German rap it has become popular to first release a limited deluxe box for pre-order and then the regular album. I have no idea if they will become two separate albums for their regular release, or if this is meant to be a 2-disc album. It also could be that one of them is only a bonus disc. Just in case someone wonders why there are two albums in one spot. - Martin_Canine

This album surpassed my wildest imaginations by miles. This is probably the best German hip hop album I have heard. Such a variety of sounds, flows, influences; moods, lyrical quality,... there's a mix of true rough emotions and entertaining derangedness.

Why am I saying this actually? I've already praised this album on several other lists - Martin_Canine

3 Lang Lebe Der Tod - Casper Lang Lebe Der Tod - Casper
4 The Ride - Nelly Furtado The Ride - Nelly Furtado
5 SAY10 - Marilyn Manson
6 Theater of Dimensions - Xandria
7 Katy Perry - TBA
8 Double Dutchess - Fergie
9 DROGAS Light - Lupe Fiasco
10 Incorruptible - Iced Earth

The Contenders

11 Eminem - TBA
12 System of a Down - TBA

Defenetily the biggest album that's going to come this year - Aleksei

13 Linkin Park - TBA
14 Coming Home - Falling in Reverse
15 Cruel Winter - G.O.O.D. Music
16 The Grinding Wheel - Overkill
17 Gods of Violence - Kreator
18 I Decided - Big Sean
19 Judas Priest - TBA
20 Nicki Minaj - TBA
21 In the Passing Light of Day - Pain of Salvation
22 The Invocation - Sinners are Winners The Invocation - Sinners are Winners
23 Jung Brutal Gutaussehend 3 - Kollegah & Farid Bang
24 Gorillaz - TBA
25 Feed the Machine - Nickelback
26 How to Flex & Troll a Scene - Dat Adam How to Flex & Troll a Scene - Dat Adam
27 Socotra - TBA
28 König Von Deutschland - Eko Fresh
29 Ekaveli II - Eko Fresh
30 Ek to the Roots II - Eko Fresh

Eko Fresh will release a main album called "König von Deutschland" in September.
He also announced a deluxe box set for 40 euros (about 44 dollars), which will include two bonus albums. He didn't call them EPs, but albums. And on top, sequels to two of his most famous albums. He also announced the albums will have stylistic similarities to the original ones, so I guess they will be more than just mere bonus discs. - Martin_Canine

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