Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

For now, these are the albums many people are waiting for. They come from different genres and even countries. Which albums do you want to hear? I hope there is an album from a good band. It can be pop, rock, rap, country, anything.

The Top Ten

1 M-A-N-I-A - Fall Out Boy

A lot of people seem to be really excited for this album, especially since Fall Out Boy is one of the favorite bands of many people out there. It might have some bad songs, but it can also have good songs too. I myself actually like some of Fall Out Boy's songs. - AnimeDrawer

My god this sucked. I don’t even like the band, Centuries is overplayed garbage and they somehow managed to get worse than that.

I did not enjoy this album. The songs were really disappointing, and the only one I enjoyed was Hold Me Tight Or Don’t. - lovefrombadlands

2 Firepower - Judas Priest

The popular hard rock band Judas Priest are back in action with a brand new album! Neonco31 is going to like this. It is also really loved by many people so I would expect high anticipation for this album. They may not be my favorite band, but it seems to be a good album. - AnimeDrawer

I've enjoyed what I've heard of this album, and I can't wait for the official release! - Metarock

I heard one song and it is very good. - Metal_Treasure

3 Both Sides Of The Side - Jimi Hendrix

We all know Jimi Hendrix is dead, but apparently there was some demos that weren't released. They were going to be released, but then Jimi's death occurred. There are a lot of Jimi Hendrix fans here, so I bet many users will probably like the classic rock guitarist/songwriter. - AnimeDrawer

4 Music for Cars - The 1975

The band famously known for the hit single Girls, is making a comeback. I don't know much about this album, not a fan. But I know many users who love this band. Let's see if this is a hit or miss for the rock band! - AnimeDrawer

5 Cinematic - Owl City

I love Owl City! - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

6 Boarding House Reach - Jack White

Another beloved artist here on TheTopTens, who hasn't made music for four years, will come back with an epic album. Jack White will come out with new album, Boarding House, so lets see what rock fans will think of this. - AnimeDrawer

7 Camila - Camila Cabello

Camila started a solo career after leaving Fifth Harmony. In 2017, she has huge success, especially with her hit single Havana. A lot of music critics on here like her, she is one of the most loved pop singers, so I would expect good reviews from this one. - AnimeDrawer

8 Strange Times - Tom Delonge/Angels and Airwaves

I can’t wait for this! Looks like 2018 will have good music this year! - AnimeDrawer

9 Primal Heart - Kimbra

Yes, this is Kimbra, the one who was in Somebody That I Used To Know along with Goyte. Apparently she is making a comeback since she stopped making music four years ago. Hopefully this will actually be good for the pop singer, which it might be. - AnimeDrawer

10 Wouldn't It Be Great - Loretta Lynn

One of the few decent country singers of today with music like Florida Georgia Line, Loretta Lynn will make a new album released this year. I added a country album for the country fans who love this, that way it wouldn't lack diversity. - AnimeDrawer

The Contenders

11 Man Of The Woods - Justin Timberlake

We haven't heard of Justin Timberlake ever since he released Can't Stop The Feeling. However we will hear of him again in 2018 with his album, Man Of The Woods, which many seem to look forward to. Pop singer Justin Timberlake is known for having danceable, groovy, smooth songs, so this album might be like that. - AnimeDrawer

12 Whistle Down The Wind - Joan Baez

This album that will be released in March, by folk singer Joan Baez, might make it big in the folk music community. Folk may not be everyone's favorite genre, but it is still chilling music with good melodies. - AnimeDrawer

13 Tba - Florence and the Machine
14 Pray for the Wicked - Panic! at the Disco
15 Vertigo - Eden
16 Ember - Breaking Benjamin
17 Astroworld - Travi$ Scott
18 Tba - A$ap Rocky
19 Outsider - Three Days Grace
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