Top Ten Most Anticipated Disney Movies


The Top Ten

1 Moana Moana

So excited for this! - Disneyfan2005

2 Finding Dory

Who would want to see a sequel that uses the exact same story line as the one before? Not original.

Um...Dory finds her family in an FISH HOSPITAL AND THEME PARK not underwater...

3 The Incredibles 2

Finally! A sequel to this great movie! - Martinglez

4 Rose Red & Snow White

Excited for the sister of snow white - Disneyfan2005

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5 Toy Story 4
6 Cruella
7 Beauty & The Beast

Emma Watson! - Disneyfan2005

8 Gigantic

Bad news. This movie has been cancelled. - MegaSoulhero

9 Tinkerbell

Live action tinkerbell - Disneyfan2005

10 Maleficent 2

The Contenders

11 Coco
12 Mary Poppins (Remake)

Emily Blunt! - Disneyfan2005

13 The Jungle Book 2
14 Genies
15 Peter Pan
16 Frozen 2
17 Wreck It Ralph 2

I hope this sequel gets cancelled... I fear it might be darker and edgier than the original and we don't need Disney getting their hands on more video game cameos. I fear Shadow might be in it instead of Tails or Knuckles as far as Sonic cameo appearances are concerned.

18 The Sword & The Stone

Live action remake - Disneyfan2005

19 Mulan
20 Prince Charming
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