Most Anticipated Marvel Movies

This list compiles the most anticipated movies to be made by Marvel within the next number of years.

The Top Ten

1 The Avengers: Infinity War Part I

I'm going to watch part 1 and 2, cause I liked Age of Ultron.

This is obviously going to be a masterpiece

2 Deadpool

Not only could it potentially be the most successful movie FOX has made, but since Hugh Jackman is gonna be done with wolverine after wolverine 3, this could totally be the standalone franchise to replace it

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3 Black Panther


4 X-Men: Apocalypse

I think the villain is Apocalypse since I saw the synopsis in IMDb.

Who will be the villain of this great movie?

5 Captain America: Civil War

Here's my theory, tony stark creates ultron and either after he comes alive or when he first activates ultron kills pepper and that's what makes tony side with the government, if that doesn't happen we'd ask ourselves "when in a million years would tony stark from the MCU ever side with the government? " Captain America's reason for leading the side that's against the government was pretty much explained in The Winter Solider. Now we just have to see iron mans reason. I'm a little scared about civil war being too big to fit into 1 movie but I think marvel could pull it off. This might be the movie spiderman appears in or maybe they're saving him for infinity war. Either way I'm SUPER pumped for this movie

Greatest Marvel movie ever made. Best on screen Spiderman. So much EMOTION

This is a super awesome film; should be #1.

6 Guardians of the Galaxy 2
7 Untitled Spider-Man Reboot (2017)

I feel its going to shock a lot of people with its awesomeness

8 Avengers: Age of Ultron

I hope it's better than the first, didn't impress me so much

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9 Thor: Ragnarok
10 Doctor Strange Doctor Strange Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, best known under his alias Doctor Strange, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The Contenders

11 Captain Marvel
12 Wolverine 3
13 Ant-Man
14 The Fantastic Four (2015)

The fantastic four is crap

15 Avengers: Infinity War Part 2
16 Venom
17 Blade
18 Inhumans
19 Ant-Man and the Wasp
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1. Captain America: Civil War
2. The Avengers: Infinity War Part I
3. Deadpool
1. Untitled Spider-Man Reboot (2017)
2. Deadpool
3. Black Panther
1. Deadpool
2. Black Panther
3. X-Men: Apocalypse



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