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1 Finding Dory

I wanna see this

June 17, 2016 is the release date - CatnissNevergreen

Looks terrible stop giving the movie trailers and clips so much praise yet you guys say cars 2 is bad

This movie was brilliant! Not as good as Finding Nemo, but still an excellent sequel! - GrimmShady


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2 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

None of the cast from the force awakens and the fact That it's a new edition to the highly inferior prequel series, and as A die hard Star Wars fan I am boycotting this movie!

Just saw the new trailer and this looks awesome. I think this will be better than 7.

An anthology movie about the Death Star. It will be awesome

Too bad it flopped for me!

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3 Suicide Squad

Personally I think Suicide Squad will be better than Superman vs Batman, because to me it sounds like a ploy to get money. It makes no sense that Superman and Batman would start a war. Meanwhile with Suicide Squad they're doing something new for a change. The only problem I have is with the Joker, as I don't like the costume for Jared Leto's Joker and I think everyone will be disappointed with Jared's Joker as Heath Ledger's Joker is pretty much the best it's going to get. At least judging from what they have showed, the Joker won't be a major character of the movie.

Watched it and it's the worst movie I've ever seen

I saw the premiere of suicide squad and it was the worst superhero movie I have ever seen in my life. The plot was horrible, Jared Letos joker was really bad, and Will Smith had horrible acting. Seriously, I'm starting to hate Will Smith ever since he acted in After Earth. I loved his MIB film but his movies are getting worse and I also hate Concussion. By the way, IMBb are idiots. They gave it 9.9 and I don't want rotten tomatoes to give this a good score. Please please give it a bad score and make it lower than Batman v Superman.

Five reasons why you should not believe the critics review
-was awesome
-lots of action sequences
-Will Smith is there
-was really funny
-similar to Guardians of the galaxy (my favorite movie of 2014)

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4 X-Men: Apocalypse

No, actually Doomsday is the strongest villain ever but I still think Apocalypse is strong.

Wolverine confirmed this but I do not go out much in this movie

APOCALYPSE is the most powerful supervillian of all time. I think it will be a awesome movie.

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5 Deadpool

Watch the trailer

From what I've seen this is the perfect embodiment of dead pool in the persona and signature fourth wall breaks that past comics and other media have created for the character. - Cheese567

The story was good and the fighting was awesome but very inappropriate.

Finally, a Marvel movie that delivers.

Love this damn movie!

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6 Doctor Strange Doctor Strange Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange, best known under his alias Doctor Strange, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

The movie looks weird, the trailer made me dizzy.

This Movie Is Going to Be Epic U Just Watch!

This was a great movie. - RalphBob


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7 Independence Day: Resurgence

The lesson in this movie is that movies with big battles can be boring because there is just too much battles and no plot.

I love this movie and I really enjoyed it! - Neonco31

This movie sucks

8 Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

How is this only 9? It should be higher!

The new harry potter book and this are both coming out 2016, the year for harry potter moo

I'm going to see it first day and I don't give a damn about what anyone in my family says.

It's the prequel to the Harry Potter series and it takes place in America - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

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9 Bourne Sequel

I actually started hyperventilating when I heard Matt Damon was back for it

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10 Zootopia

HOlY CRAP THIS MOVING IS AMAZING. GET IT UP TO AT LEAST THE TOP TEN. It really touched me and my friends. I cried so much ; ) Please vote for this. - TheAlbinoWolf

I love this movie! I watched last night, and the humor and plot were great. My favorite character is the fox and the bunny.

A comment says that this movie sucks. I can even tell who put this movie on the worst movies of all time list. I'm not joking, this movie is in the worst movie list.

Who knew Disney could give a message of acceptance, discrimination and stereotyping!
This movie was an absolute blast and now that it's out on Blu-Ray (at least, here in the uk) I'm currently saving up for it and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

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? Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

Maybe Zack Snyder is just bragging that he wanted this to be the most anticipated movies of 2016 and made it horrible on purpose so that the people can see that Zack Snyder likes making horrible movies on purpose.

This is very anticipated. It's always number 1 on the 2016 anticipated movies list, To be honest, the critics review are not good. This may ruin the anticipated film

Civil war is way better than this. Rotten tomatoes had so much "Not interested" and it sucks. Fantastic Four is the worst movie ever at first but now it's not.

Am I the only one ho thinks that Captain America Winter Soldier's highway fight scene is far superior than Batman v Superman's warehouse fight scene?

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? Captain America: Civil War

Crap. The movie disappointed me. After seeing Winter Soldier I had high hopes for this one. Unfortunately the movie seemed to be the worst of trilogy. Yes, it was even worse than Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron.

Although it sucks it managed to do well. It has made 1.1 billion dollars and has destroyed Batman V Superman's gross of 872 million dollars.

This next superhero blockbuster hit will shake MCU. Both Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark will duke it out on who's the boss. These two prominent superheroes argue about why their team has to be fixed in order to solve problems. They both may have saved innocent people from threats. Afterwards, Captain America and Iron Man cannot trust each other due to their beliefs on how they can try to save the world or give the Avengers a good reputation. Why can't they just stop fighting against each other?! They're supposed to work together united like brothers, not fight each other.

This movie sucks. Burn Marvel fanboys burn.. yes..

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11 Ghostbusters

I accidentally clicked on this. It looks like it could be the worst movie of all time. - RalphBob

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12 The Jungle Book

I hate remakes or reboots. They're a total rip off and are a clone and big fraud. No offense Cinderella, Jungle Book, and Alice in Wonderland fans.

It's really dark, but really entertaining

You should see it, it's really good.

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13 The Angry Birds Movie

You guys just play stupid games like Call of Duty you guys are dumb you don't even know what the film will be like I heard even that some famous people are excited or maybe so yeah call this bad and the will be done you and you've never played Ratchet and Clank.

You what sucks your baby face just because its Angry Birds doesn't it sucks. So I will make fans hate you.

Films based on video games are already bad. A movie based on a phone app? I think you all know where this is going...

Lets face it this everyone knows this movie is going to bad.

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14 Star Trek Beyond
15 Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising V 1 Comment
16 Passengers

Assasins Creed can even beat this HBO film.This list is trash.It just got bellow SING and Rogue One,Assasins Creed,and Patriots Day.I knew this whould lose against the movies I said.HBO just ruin it

17 The Secret Life of Pets

LOL! Trailer though the cinema becomes noisy due to people laughing at the trailer. Cause it's so funny.

The secret life of Pets is so funny! Excited to watch it.

I don't like Jenny Slate's voice but I still think this is good.

I've seen this already and it was better than Minions it also got 74% on rotten tomatoes.

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18 Trolls

I HATE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and this is showing one week before Doctor Strange.

Ill watch Doctor Strange instead of this

Enough with the music based films

It's a franchise now, movie 2 comes in April 2020

I'm so excited, Jk

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19 Alice Through the Looking Glass

Also known as Alice Through the Looking Glass

Looks boring and I don't like the first movie

Alan Rickman's last movie.

Uh Guys
As Of May 14 2016, It Has A Devestating Score Of 22% On Rotten Tomatoes
Poor Alan Rickman

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20 Ice Age: Collision Course
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