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61 It

I just saw the movie, and all I can said is it lives up to the hype! Just be happy that's no ( if you read the book, you know what would it be) thing with the kids.

Remake of the 1990 Stephen King movie - Jonerman

I'm so hyped about this movie.

My top 2 anticipated movies of 2017 is this
and rings (which is currently out) - e9090

62 Ghost in the Shell

This movie is going to suck without a doubt since they whitewashed the characters

This will be the best by Scarlett Johanson, probably better performance by her here than in the Avengers. This Sci-Fi movie will be better than Ex Machina. I have to see this, if its R, I'm doomed

63 Saw: Legacy

I can't wait until October! Hopefully it will be just as good as the other movies. - Catlover2004

64 Born in China

Looks cute. - Trollsfan536

65 Fifty Shades Darker

This looks TERRIBLE! - Trollsfan536

66 Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie

This is definitely anticipated by fans of the original show.

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