MegaSoulhero The Infinity War trailer has finally been released! It’s one of the most anticipated movies of 2018. I just watched the trailer and I’m gonna talk about it.

As we all know, the trailer is different from what they showed at D23 and Comic-Con. And if you didn’t know that would be the case, that’s a lie. I was fortunate enough to actually watch the trailer in the VERY FIRST audience that got to see it at D23. Unfortunately, they also showed that trailer at Comic-Con. Which is how it got leaked. Their security sucks! Anyway, after that, people have been waiting for the official trailer to be released. Well it finally has. And personally, I thought this trailer was better than the one shown at D23. Because this one actually feels like a trailer. And it is very awesome! It has everything I was hoping for and more. This is the first time we actually see Thanos as an actual threat. In previous movies that he appeared in, he didn’t do much. He was just a scary looking guy who just sat while other stuff happens. But with the Infinity Guantlet, he’s a lot more threatening. Some of the scenes from the D23 trailer are shown in this trailer as well. Like Peter Parker’s Spidey sense, his new Spider-Man suit, Thanos arriving, and there are also some things that we weren’t shown until now. We see more team work from the heroes. Captain America, as usual, is showing us what he’s got. At the endc we see all of them running towards the camera for an epic shot. We even see Thor in the Guardians of the Galaxy ship. That was also shown at D23. But the reveal of it here was a lot cooler. Oh and Groot is still a teenager and Mantis has joined them. Hawkeye doesn’t appear in the trailer, though. And neither does Ant-Man. Or maybe he is and we just can’t see him because he’s so small. One thing I want to point out is the scene that shows Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff. I’m not a fan of their relationship, but I thought this was pretty good since they haven’t seen each other for years. So it’s great to see them communicating. Also, in Thor: Ragnarok, Banner said there was a possibility that he wouldn’t be able to turn himself back when becoming Hulk again. So I guess this was proven false. Speaking of Thor: Ragnarok, there was a scene when Loki sees the tesseract and we assumed that he actually took it. Even in the mid-credits scene we see Thanos’ ship. Which means he must’ve tracked it down. In this trailer, we actually see Loki take it out. Proving that he actually has it.

That was one of the reasons why Marvel waited so long to reveal the trailer. Potential Thor: Ragnarok spoilers! Loki with the tesseract, Thor wearing an eyepatch. I knew this was gonna be the case! Which is why I was being more patient than most people. Everyone kept on bothering Marvel and kept on asking “Where’s the Infinity War trailer? Where’s the Infinity War trailer?” It really got on my nerves! Constantly asking for a trailer doesn’t make it come sooner! It didn’t just become a problem when Thor: Ragnarok came out. People were already asking for it all the way back in July! Which is WAY too early for them to release a trailer! Don’t people know how this works? Usually when a Marvel movie is being released in May, the first trailer comes out in either October or November in the previous year! And the reason they waited until the end of November is because Ragnarok came out in the beginning of November! They knew a lot of people still needed to see the movie! So they waited to release this trailer so people wouldn’t be confused! It’s common sense! Even yesterday when they uploaded a video titled “Infinity War Trailer Tease”, it was a video made to get us hyped for the trailer and it revealed when the trailer was coming. And then in the comments of their next to Videos, people were still bothering them about it! Why is is so hard to please fans? Is it really so complicated to wait literally one more day? I’m just glad that the trailer has finally been released. Maybe now people will stop complaining. Unless they start begging for the second trailer very soon. You can tell how many fans are excited for the movie based on the amount of views the trailer got in such a short amount of time. And I’m glad people are excited. I’m excited as well. But like with just about everything, we need to be patient.

Infinity War looks like it’s gonna be awesome! This is my second most anticipated movie of 2018! It definitely looks like a more serious film than some of the other Marvel films. There will probably be jokes here and there, but hopefully they manage to balance the humor and serious moments. I can’t wait to see all these heroes together on the big screen! It’s gonna be great!


After the underwhelming justice League, I am so damn excited for this movie! The trailer looked awesome! - Phillip873