Thoughts on the Shazam Movie Trailer

iliekpiez Before I can start this post, I really like the hero Shazam! I think the fact that the word Shazam! can change a boy who gets bullied into a superhero nearly as powerful as Superman just be saying a word is pretty cool. Now I have given you my thoughts, I was pretty happy at the idea of a Shazam movie.

I am perfectly happy to tell you that... THIS WAS TRAILER LOOKS TOTALLY WICKED!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes I stole that the Incredibles-I still remember that awesome line). The first thing is that it is a superhero emerging in current society, which I really like as Wonder Woman and Aquaman are kinda prequels of how they got and what they did, and WW looks good and Aquaman I do think will be good actually. It is very refreshing to see that they are trying something different is foreshadowing his addition to the JL. I do also hope that the Cyborg film will be like this, him emerging and dealing with prejudice. I also like the humour. One line really dragged me into the film, and I have not even seen it yet. It was good, and is taking a more light tone.

The characters also seem they will be great as well. The thumbnail made me think this film would suck and get worse reviews than Batman and Robin (ok maybe not). I would also like to take note that you can tell when Billy is Shazam, he is a still a kid and that is very cool and I really enjoy that aspect, that was something I would have wanted to see. I do like that Billy is kinda tragic, and is very satisfying seeing him in the costume (in the trailer) as you want to see him succeed. I also like the friendship that takes place between Billy and his friend. I also really like the look of the costume and the sequence on the train, I cannot wait to see that take place on the big screen.

Overall, this trailer is awesome. This if it is going to be as good as I think it will be, probably be one of my personal favourite superhero movies as it has an awesome concept, great characters and great humour. However, it is only a trailer, I have learnt to not to trust them as shown with Godzilla (1998) and that also that I really like Shazam, he is one of my personal favourite DC superheroes and I really wanted to this movie to be good and thankfully it looks like it will be. However, I would like to point the villain probably will not be very good, and will probably be pretty medicore. However, this trailer still looks awesome and I would so far, think that you should check it out on the big screen when it comes out. But this is only a trailer, it might be a bad movie, but if the trailer is ANYTHING to go by, it will be awesome and you will have fun and be intrigued by the movie and get sucked into the world and this could mean a turn for the good for the DCEU. (Also PS, Martin Scorsese is producing a Joker movie-and Joaquin Phoenix is the Joker-EEEEEE!)


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Meh...not as good as Godzilla: King of the Monsters. That movie is way more exciting than thisz - asantalo