Most Anticipated Music Albums of 2016

What album release are you looking forward to most in 2016? (Feel free to add to the list)

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1 TBA - Korn
2 TBA - Mushroomhead
3 TBA - Gemini Syndrome
4 Untitled - Jackie Evancho

Can't wait. All of her past albums have opened #1 on Billboards top 100 classical list.

Currently being worked on in the studio, due late spring or early summer 2016.

Listen to Jackie's CD's, watch her videos, and then you will understand Why we who absolutely love Jackie Evancho are so grateful for this upcoming album.

All of her albums are great.

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5 TBA - Weezer
6 Untitled - Gorillaz

I am so excited to see these guys make a comeback after so long - Mcgillacuddy

I'm still waiting! I've been waiting for so long now! - JaysTop10List

7 Views From the 6 - Drake
8 ANTI - Rihanna
9 Run the Jewels 3 - Run the Jewels

Already know this is going to be fire

10 Always Strive and Prosper - A$AP Ferg

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11 Bottomless Pit - Death Grips
12 Swish - Kanye West
13 TBA - Linkin Park
14 Matahdatah - M.I.A
15 TBA - Tokio Hotel

When "Kings of Suburbia" turned out to be a flop in their home country, German press speculated over them disbanding after such a downfall (they once were Germany's most successful band), like so many once popular bands before them. But Tokio Hotel are still here. With the same lineup they had in 2005, when they released their debut at the age of around 14. Definitely they have become more mature over the years, and their prefered style evolved - from emo to synth rock to electronica. Fans were divided on "Kings of Suburbia" for entirely dropping rock elements and the teen angst motifs in their lyrics. For me it is a bit hard to tell what to think of it. Being an Austrian, someone from a German speaking country, I've seen them growing up. When it was considered embarrassing to like them in 2005, they were seen like Americans see Justin Bieber. There was a band all over T.V. and radio with a singer that hasn't even hit puberty had that sang about heartbreak. But ...more - Martin_Canine

16 TBA - Frank Ocean
17 The Astonishing - Dream Theater

Do me a favor and vote this to #1!
I can't wait one day longer till this albums release!
AND STILL IT'S NINE DAYS! - CastlevaniaFanboy128

18 Blackstar - David Bowie
19 This is Acting - Sia
20 TBA - Radiohead
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