I'm Going to the D23 Expo!!!

MegaSoulhero The D23 Expo is this weekend on July 14-16 and I am going! I bought tickets back in December. I'm going all 3 days! This will be my 4th time going! If you don't know what the D23 Expo is, it's a convention for Disney fans. It's pretty much Disney's version of Comic-Con. And it only comes every two years.

I've already planned out some of the things that I'm gonna try to do at the Expo. Since obviously I can't do everything. On Friday, I'm gonna try to attend the Disney Legends Awards Ceremony. At that ceremony, Mark Hamill, Stan Lee, and Oprah will most likely make an appearance since they're being awarded. Carrie Fisher is also becoming a Disney legend, but she won't be appearing for obvious reasons. I'm also gonna try to attend the Animated Films presentation in which they will talk about upcoming animated films. Such as Gigantic, Frozen 2, Wreck-it Ralph 2, Coco, Toy Story 4, and best of all, Incredibles 2! That's the main reason why I need to be at that presentation! And the presentation will be hosted by John Lasseter! I'll probably do more things on Friday, but those are my two main priorities.

On Saturday, and this will be a hard one, I'm planning on attending the Live Action Films presentation in which they talk about upcoming live action Disney films. This doesn't just include films by Disney themselves, but also by Marvel and Lucasfilm. Which is the main reason why this is the most popular panel. As far as regular Disney films go, they'll most likely talk about A Wrinkle in Time, the Aladdin remake, the Mulan remake, the Lion King remake, and Maleficent 2. As for Marvel, we got Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and Captain Marvel. Supposedly. There gonna be doing autograph signings, but they require wristbands that you have to get in the morning. And I'll be waiting in line in the morning, so that will not be possible. And of course for Lucasfilm, Star Wars: The Last Jedi! At the last expo when they talked about the Force Awakens, they actually had the stars of the movie show up! I hope that happens again! And they already said they'll show us behind the scenes footage of the Last Jedi. There's also a Han Solo movie coming out. Which they probably won't show footage of because of the thing with the directors. I at least hope Ron Howard shows up. The other panel I want to go to is the Disney Parks and Resorts panel. At that panel, they will give us information about upcoming attractions and other things coming to the Disney Parks. Which means they'll probably finally announce Marvel Land! I hope that happens! There's also a rumor that the Figment ride is closing and being replaced by an Inside Out ride. I never really cared for the Figment ride so I wouldn't be sad if it goes away.

Sunday is kind of a chill day because there's not much I want to do that day. Or at least nothing huge. They're doing a panel for Tangled the Series, which I kind of want to be at because the voice actors will be there! I have a huge crush on Eden Espinosa! She's my favorite Elphaba! Michael Giacchino will also be signing autographs at the Expo! He's one of my favorite composers! He even did the music for Spider-Man Homecoming! They're also doing a Hercules panel to celebrate its 20th anniversary. And yes, I hate Hercules and consider it one of the worst Disney movies ever, but I'm a big fan of the directors, Ron Clements and John Musker! Plus, Susan Egan will be there! And finally, Alan Menken is going to be doing a one man concert! He will be playing the piano and singing the songs that he wrote for certain Disney movies. I'm a huge fan of Alan Menken and I hope to see him perform!

There is so much to do at D23, but unfortunately I won't get to do it all. It was kind of hard choosing the things that I want to do more than the others. Hopefully I'll make it into these panels. They're literally letting people line up at 10 pm the night before. That's a total of 12 hours! So chances are I'm gonna have to sleep while waiting in line. But it will be worth it!