Wreck-it Ralph 2 D23 Expo Clip Review

MegaSoulhero OH MY GOD!!! I did not think I would see something like this happen in a Wreck-it Ralph sequel! At the D23 Expo, I attended the Animated Films panel. First of all, I'm thinking about ranting about how unorganized the line system was. Second of all, they gave us more information about the Wreck-it Ralph sequel! They even showed a clip. If you don't want to know what happens in the clip and want to wait until the movie comes out, you may want to leave.

The first part of the clip wasn't finished. It was more of an animatic. Ralph and Vanellope are traveling through the internet with a female character named "Yess". That really is her name by the way. And they end up going to ohmydisney.com. I'm not joking. And that actually is a website in case you want to check it out. The movie makes it look like a Disney theme park. They even call it the happiest place on Earth. There's even tsum tsums! I haven't even gotten to the funny part yet! Ralph and Vanellope see all the Disney princesses walking in a room but Ralph tells Vanellope not to disturb them. But of course she uses her glitching ability and sneaks in the room. The princesses think she's an intruder, but then she says that she's a princess too. Basically, every Disney princess is in this scene and animated in computer animation. But I'm wondering why Anna and Elsa were there. They're not official Disney princesses. And then the princesses ask Vanellope a bunch of questions regarding princess clich├ęs. The original voice actresses of these princesses, except for Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora, reprised their roles for the film. So that was neat. We even see the princesses wearing normal outfits. And they look hot. There's also this one joke in which Merida says something in that strong Scottish accent of hers and we can't understand what she's saying. And then one of them says she's from the other company. Get it? Also, there's a C-3PO cameo. One of the princesses calls him R2-D2 and then one of them calls him BB-8.

I'm literally not making any of this up. This is apparently going to be a scene in the movie. The best thing about this panel was that they actually had the voice actresses for the princesses appear on stage. Ming-Na Wen wasn't there. Unfortunately. Because she's the only actress out of all of them who is currently in a hit show. This honestly makes me want to see the movie even more because this clip made me laugh a lot! It is such a funny and self aware scene! The fact that the actual voice actresses returned to do this is just so great! My only concern is what if this is the best part of the entire movie? I really hope that the movie will have more great surprises like this one.


Now you just made me more exited to see wreck it Ralph 2 - THEmEmes