Top 10 Most Anticipated Rock and Metal Albums of 2018


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1 Firepower - Judas Priest

Just listened to Lightning Strike. Sounds like this album is gonna be better than Redeemer of Souls. - SoldierOfFortune

Ah can't wait until this - somekindofaguy

Best one they have put out since Painkiller!

Several albums will come out on March 9:
Firepower - Judas Priest
Automata - Between the Buried and Me
Year of the Tiger - Myles Kennedy
Hadeon - Pestilence
AmeriKKKant - Ministry - Metal_Treasure

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2 TBA - Possessed

This will be their first album in 32 years. That's so crazy! - Aragorn98

That's gonna be REALLY interesting! Nobody expected that...Thanks, christangrant. - Metal_Treasure

Yes the same posssesed that made Seven Churches is supposedly going to make their 3rd studio album this year - christangrant

3 Diluvium - Obscura
4 Automata - Between the Buried and Me

New song Condemned to the Gallows just came out. March 9th is the release date! I'm so pumped for this!
EDIT: Just found out it's going to be a double album with first part releasing March and the second part to be released sometime this summer. So even more hype! - cjWriter1997

Thanks, cjWriter1997 - this goes to my remix, very high. Also, I noticed that at least 5 anticipated albums will come out on March 9th... Is this some magical date?
I immediately gave a listen to Condemned to the Gallows and I liked it (this is the type of music I currently like - proggy with harsh vocals) - Metal_Treasure

5 TBA - Nile
6 TBA - Tool

This better be legit. Stop toying with my heart Tool and give me the new album already! - cjWriter1997

Finally, Maynard James Keenan decided to stop being a lazy cuck.

Drummer Danny Carey assured journalists it would "definitely" be out this year, hopefully by mid-2018. We'll see :)
Their previous album (10,000 Days) came out in 2006. Was long ago... - Metal_Treasure

7 TBA - Amon Amarth
8 TBA - Children of Bodom

They are hoping to release it in late 2018. - Metal_Treasure

9 What Happens Next - Joe Satriani

I already heard 2 songs: awesome! - Metal_Treasure

10 TBA - Megadeth

This album will feature a new drummer - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 TBA - Rammstein

My prediction: the album will be certified platinum in Germany before its official release, on preorders alone. When the most popular band of an entire country releases new music after 9 years, this is something huge.
Even all of their live albums and best ofs topped the charts. Imagine what a full blown new studio album will do. - Martin_Canine

12 Year of the Tiger - Myles Kennedy

Release Date: March 9 - Metal_Treasure

13 TBA - Behemoth
14 Trident Wolf Eclipse - Watain
15 TBA - Alice In Chains
16 Reverence - Parkway Drive
17 TBA - Slayer

Update: they announced they break up in 2018... - Metal_Treasure

My heart will really will... - Ananya

Kerry King assured metalheads there would be a new album in 2018. I believe it's true because Slayer have a wealth of material left from the sessions for their last record, Repentless.
"There are six or eight songs that are recorded - some with vocals, some with leads, but all with keeper guitar, drums and bass," said King.
"So when those songs get finished lyrically, if the lyrics don't change the songs, they'll be ready to be on the next record. So we already have more than half a record complete, if those songs make it. This is actually the most prepared we've ever been for the next record in our history; there's no reason to not do more work, because it's already more than halfway done. Just write four or five new songs, and give the others some attention, and we'll be good to go." - Metal_Treasure

18 TBA - Halestorm
19 Mania - Fall Out Boy
20 Rivalen Und Rebellen - Frei. Wild
21 Vale - Black Veil Brides

THEY SUCK! - Mikbiter15

22 Die Unendlichkeit - Tocotronic
23 Sign of the Dragonhead - Leaves' Eyes
24 Puncturing the Grotesque - Autopsy
25 TBA - Ghost
26 TBA - Disentomb
27 Grimmest Hits - Black Label Society
28 TBA - Killswitch Engage
29 Avatar Country - Avatar
30 Hadeon - Pestilence

Release Date: March 9 - Metal_Treasure

31 Ember - Breaking Benjamin

With the hard hitting sound of Red Cold River, and the absolutely beautiful layering of Feed the Wolf, I think this album could very well be a contender for number one on this list.

32 All I See is War - Sevendust
33 A Dying Machine - Tremonti
34 Sonder - TesseracT
35 When Legends Rise - Godsmack
36 Eve - The Afterimage
37 Disobey - Bad Wolves
38 TBA - Beyond Creation
39 TBA - Dark Angel
40 The Shadow Theory - Kamelot
41 TBA - Queensr├┐che
42 Apocalypse - Primal Fear
43 TBA - Voivod
44 TBA - Venom
45 TBA - Sodom
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