Top 10 Most Anticipated Rock and Metal Albums of Sept 2018

September 2018 is around the corner. Get ready for the new releases in rock and metal.

The Top Ten

1 Wasteland - Riverside

In my opinion Riverside is one of the best prog rock/prog metal bands formed in the 21st century. Wasteland is their 7th studio album. I liked their previous stuff so I hope for another good album. - Metal_Treasure

2 Living The Dream - Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

The names of Slash and Myles Kennedy alone would get the attention of the rock fans. It's a Slash album with Myles Kennedy on the vox.

I've heard one song from the upcoming album - Driving Rain. It's a very good radio rock song. Nothing surprising - very good vocals and guitars. - Metal_Treasure

3 The Wake - Voivod

An album by a classic band many would be interested in. It's their 14th studio album - Metal_Treasure

4 Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty - Metal Allegiance

Metal Allegiance is a supergroup and this is their 2nd album. Their 2015 debut was pretty good. - Metal_Treasure

5 Kulkija - Korpiklaani

There are many fans of folk metal - I'm not much into folk metal but in my lists I don't put only things I personally like. - Metal_Treasure

6 A New Kind Of Horror - Anaal Nathrakh

One of the heaviest metal bands ever - I'm curious what they offer this time - Metal_Treasure

7 Head Cage - Pig Destroyer

I honestly added this album for cjWriter1997 because I know he likes the PigS DestroyerS. - Metal_Treasure

8 The Living Dead - Grave Digger

I was never a fan of this power metal band but I heard this album got very positive reviews in Germany - the home country of the band - and I got interested.
So I gave a listen to 3 songs (only 3 were available) and it was what I expected - nothing special, just standard power metal. Same music templates (music cliche) over and over again. Those 3 songs were not bad, just...generic.
Germans are known for making the best power metal and expectations are very high which partly explains my disappointment. Although I didn't expect much from this particular band.
However, I think most of the power metal fans would like the album. - Metal_Treasure

9 Overtures Of Blasphemy - Deicide

This band probably doesn't have many fans among the users of this site but the site isn't only for users so... - Metal_Treasure

10 Book Of Bad Decisions - Clutch

Clutch is a classic band and I think the fans of stoner/ psychedelic rock would be interested in this album. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Idol - Horrendous

Comes out September 28th. Seems like it is going to be a cool technical death metal record. Their song The Idolator has a really good Death-like intro, rest of the song pretty good too. - cjWriter1997

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