Top 10 Most Anticipated Rock and Metal Albums of Sept 2018

September 2018 is around the corner. Get ready for the new releases in rock and metal.

The Top Ten Most Anticipated Rock and Metal Albums of Sept 2018

1 Wasteland - Riverside

In my opinion Riverside is one of the best prog rock/prog metal bands formed in the 21st century. Wasteland is their 7th studio album. I liked their previous stuff so I hope for another good album. - Metal_Treasure

2 Living The Dream - Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators

The names of Slash and Myles Kennedy alone would get the attention of the rock fans. It's a Slash album with Myles Kennedy on the vox.

I've heard one song from the upcoming album - Driving Rain. It's a very good radio rock song. Nothing surprising - very good vocals and guitars. - Metal_Treasure

3 The Wake - Voivod

An album by a classic band many would be interested in. It's their 14th studio album - Metal_Treasure

4 Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty - Metal Allegiance

Metal Allegiance is a supergroup and this is their 2nd album. Their 2015 debut was pretty good. - Metal_Treasure

5 Kulkija - Korpiklaani

There are many fans of folk metal - I'm not much into folk metal but in my lists I don't put only things I personally like. - Metal_Treasure

6 A New Kind Of Horror - Anaal Nathrakh

One of the heaviest metal bands ever - I'm curious what they offer this time - Metal_Treasure

7 Head Cage - Pig Destroyer

I honestly added this album for cjWriter1997 because I know he likes the PigS DestroyerS. - Metal_Treasure

8 The Living Dead - Grave Digger

I was never a fan of this power metal band but I heard this album got very positive reviews in Germany - the home country of the band - and I got interested.
So I gave a listen to 3 songs (only 3 were available) and it was what I expected - nothing special, just standard power metal. Same music templates (music cliche) over and over again. Those 3 songs were not bad, just...generic.
Germans are known for making the best power metal and expectations are very high which partly explains my disappointment. Although I didn't expect much from this particular band.
However, I think most of the power metal fans would like the album. - Metal_Treasure

9 Overtures Of Blasphemy - Deicide

This band probably doesn't have many fans among the users of this site but the site isn't only for users so... - Metal_Treasure

10 Book Of Bad Decisions - Clutch

Clutch is a classic band and I think the fans of stoner/ psychedelic rock would be interested in this album. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Idol - Horrendous

Comes out September 28th. Seems like it is going to be a cool technical death metal record. Their song The Idolator has a really good Death-like intro, rest of the song pretty good too. - cjWriter1997

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